Dark Lyrics


1. Dead City Dreaming

Buildings of dark crumbling stone
A presence of malice and horrors unknown
Vast endless stairways and halls
From black yawning portals insanity calls

[Pre Chorus]
In ruins aeons old,
beneath the sea,
the Ancients long to be free

They lie dead and dreaming
at this fallen site,
waiting for their soon coming reign
When their slaves start dreaming,
and the stars are right,
they'll awake again and reclaim
the Earth

Nightmares cause mind-numbing fear
to poets and artists all over the world
Strange visions are haunting their sleep:
A city of madness that lurks in the deep

[Pre Chorus]


[Solo Dahl]

Timeless terrors rise
awaits for all humanity


The Great Old Ones shall reign again

2. Into The Light

When the morning has broken
can you see the great open sky,
or are you afraid to enter life?

From your world's obligations
I have struggled to get away,
and now I'm finally free

[Pre Chorus]
From the land of order I'm hiding
In the hand of shelter I roam
There's a light beyond the mountains,
and there's where I go

When the Maker rock the boat
the unbelievers dive together
Tonight we celebrate our never-ending flight
And together side by side we run into the light

I'm a needle in your eye
I'm the one you can never be
You're a dutiful drudge lost in time

There is no use denying
labour and guilt will always rule
your predictable realm

[Pre Chorus]

[Solo Dahl]

There are preachers among the fools
spinning tales of laws and rules
It's a language spoken in vain
I will never learn to take the blame

3. The Narrow Mind

Anywhere where the word is told
speculations steal the show
It’s a never ending ignorance

Any rumour they believe
Any secret they reveal
They are blinded by their arrogance

[Pre Chorus]
Vultures of lies stain my dignity
with their eternal insanity

I stand before the narrow mind
A victim of opinions
All has the right to judge my life
Here in the fools’ dominion

An invention in the wind
or a guess of what could be
is enough to draw an inference

What is wrong and what is right,
what is black and what is white
Will they ever learn the difference?

[Pre Chorus]

[Solo Dahl, Nyberg]


4. Wall Of Stars

In the forest of silver and haze
where the children of yesterday play
We sail away on a river of dreams
bound to carry the night side by side

No tomorrow, no clouds in the sky
Just the echo of time passing by
We hold the moment and glide with the wind
to wherever the stars may decide

[Pre Chorus]
Eyes of thousands are shining in the night
for the power of sound in the neon lights
Smoke and thunder, excitement and delight
The show has begun and the waves on the sea never end

We all come alive in the land of memories
where our destinies unite in harmony
Shadows of the night, young and old, stranger or not
There's a room for everyone who come to the wall of stars

[Solo Dahl]

See the beauty embracing the beast
to the magic of song in the breeze
In the eye of the storm they are lost
gazing over the field where spirits fly

[Pre Chorus]

I recall another day
I recall another place
No matter how far you go
you'll always be heading home
Immortal words in the wind
sung by the stars will guide your way

5. Battlefield

Now I stand here alone
watching over shadows
on this field of death
I slowly raise my head

I can't escape or deny
the pain I carry inside
But I will rise again
before the night descends

[Pre Chorus]
Armed to prevail and eager to slay
I can't rest until I get my revenge

Raise your banners
Raise your banners high
Into battle - Into war we'll ride

Rumbling under the sky
the brave are waiting to fight
Laughing at your gods
I'll crush your filthy hearts

Let the wind of war whine
as the chaos arise
What will be, will be
This is my destiny

[Pre Chorus]
You'll taste my blade in one final breath
I can't rest until you're wiped off this earth


[Solo Dahl]

Warriors! Sight your preys
Victory lies ahead
Warriors! Sight your preys
Victory lies ahead

Raise your banners
Raise your sword and shield
Die with honour on the battlefield

6. The Quest Remains

I see a face in the mirror
with weary eyes and far from a smile
Who is he? Where is he going?
Is he a man or is he a child?

[Pre Chorus]
What's the point trying to be a star
when you can't figure out who you are?
It's a shame fighting for a dream
that you can't live in reality

The road to nowhere will never end
The mask you wear is your only friend
You may survive on the desert plains
but always find that the quest remains

Are you a saint or a sinner?
Do you belong in Heaven or Hell?
Are you a loser or a winner?
I guess only time will tell

[Pre Chorus]
There's no use counting tears in the rain
or denying the sorrow and pain
It's too late when you realise
that the mirror is your very eyes


[Solo Dahl]


7. Dawn Dancer

Beyond the doors of the living
where imagination fades
The eyes of ancient ages
are gazing over a crimson shade

[Pre Chorus]
The future unfolds with the rising sun
Unspoken words where nothing yet's been done
Where the book of life paints the sky

Dawn dancer share your mind
Tell me the story of tomorrow
Dawn dancer let me know
the one way I must follow
Dawn dancer turn the page
Where do I go and what is my fate?
Dawn dancer tell me all
Now, before it is too late

A warning from the unknown
A prophecy for the wise
The coming lies before you,
but can you see your own demise?

[Pre Chorus]
A distant sight visualize our doom
Destiny calls and the future looms
Where the book of life paint the sky


[Solo Dahl]

I'm ready for the end
Let us find it together
I'm ready for knowledge
I've been waiting forever


8. Roads Of Loneliness

Behold the eternal loner
escaping his troubled mind
A stranger caught in the wheel of time

The lost traveller is fighting
to hold back the passing days
but there're no breaks on the train of life

[Pre Chorus]
Can I forgive? Can I forget? I don't know
Maybe the wind of death will solve it all

Somewhere I went astray
in labyrinths of my soul
I try to find my way
walking along endless
roads of loneliness

The eyes of the solitary
are nailed to the empty view
of everlasting uncertainty

How long do I have to struggle
when no battle's to be won?
It's all a perpetual insanity

[Pre Chorus]

[Solo Dahl]


9. Temple Of Immortal Shame

Jaws of devastation
breathing fire in my face
Words of oppression bite me with disgust

Eyes of condemnation
piercing my forsaken soul
Another sacrifice has to be done

[Pre Chorus]
In the altar's shadow
I confess my heresy
I'm a perfect sinner,
unbound and free

All my demons come alive
inside the temple of immortal shame
Lord, have mercy on me now!
I have no other choice but to lie
straight in the face of Death

[Solo Dahl]

Claws of frozen hatred
wrapping tight around my neck
as I'm allowed to answer the foul beast

Can I cheat to be spared
from the hand of slavery
or will my true intentions be revealed?

[Pre Chorus]

Life, only for the brave
Whips and chains, only for the slaves
I am no slave!


10. The Halls Of Valhalla

Night falls on the battlefield
where the blood of heroes lie
Still dying with sword in hand
I await the northern lights
Borne on the wings of fate they'll come
to grant my final ride

To the land of the glorious dead, up high
where I shall be given eternal life
With the bravest warriors I'll unite
On the plain of consecration I'll fight
In the home of the slain
there is only room for the chosen ones
Let me die bold and brave
to deserve my place in the Halls of Valhalla

All my life I have been yearning
for this battle to come
Night and day I have been fighting
for my prize to be won

Death calls in the chilling wind
How I yearn to bid farewell
to the Earth and mortality
and the sky I know too well
Borne on the wings of fate they'll come
to grant my final ride


Odin! Expose your kingdom in the sky
Embrace my soul, now as I die
Nothing remains between me and the stars
So now I'm claiming my reward

Asgard awaits, Asgard awaits
Let me come home
Don't forget me, don't forsake me
Let me come home
Home to my father where I was meant to be



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