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1. Deja-Voodoo

My eye caught the shore
Shook me to the core
Now it's clear that
Eve seen all of this before

My world is no more turning
Everything's on hold
There's an inner yearning
This memory feels so bold - like gold

Déjà-vu (déjà-vu) Déjà-Voodoo
The echoes of time coming breakthrough
Déjà-vu (is it true) Déjà-Voodoo
Destiny's rendezvous

Wanna know so much more
Like what is in store
There are so many signs
that I can't ignore

Is it any wonder
Or just in my brain
Release the spell that I'm under
All repeats again - insane

2. Director's Cut

Driving through an endless night
My eyes reflect the neon light
Hollywood - heaven and hell

Where the stars are no longer bright
Still it's on - an inner fight
Analyse my way of life

Write this episode
Mental overload
Break free
Break free

The camera's rolling
Reel to reel
Action's calling
Won't conceal
Acting in slow motion
Shooting in high speed
Welcome to my scene
Director's cut

End of script not yet in sight
A storyline to rewrite
Add a twist or another sequel

Different set - late insight
One more scene must play it right
On the spot a change of cast

3. Suspended

We have travelled such a long long way
Had a lot of games to play
And live for
For women wine and song

Unforeseen you had a change of course
It hit me hard with brutal force
I'm wondering
When all the rights went wrong

Thunder and lightning
Poor lies were striking

So you've crossed the line the last time
You are suspended
Thinking of the time you were mine
You are suspended now
Oh oh oh - oh oh oh
You are suspended
Oh oh oh- oh oh oh
You are suspended - you are suspended

Masqueraded being someone else
But I've sees your true face
You fell into disgrace

4. Never A Guarantee

You stand before me
You look like heaven sent
Your passion will touch me
You make me so content

I know there's danger, I feel that for sure
I don't see a stranger, I feel familiar and secure

We are laughing - we are crying
It's all about you and me
We are living - we are dying
There's never a guarantee

You light my fire
You knock me of my feet
You take me higher
You turn up the heat

I feel I'm dreaming, I must let it flow
I am believing, I'll never let you go

We are laughing - we are crying
It's all about you and me
We are living - we are dying
There's never a guarantee
We are laughing - we are crying
Welcome to reality
We are living - we are dying
Never never a guarantee

5. Reaching Out

Stand in line can't wait to get in
Waiting for the mighty sound
Lights out - spot on - crowd is screaming
Let's get rocked down to the ground

Never mind the strain
And when the stars will set you free
You're riding to the end of a rainbow
And to a foreign land
And over mountains over seas
And the spirit of freedom lives on

We're living to rock
And we are rocking to live
Feeding my heart and my soul
To keep it alive
Is all the best I can give
Reaching out for rock and roll

Back to normal course of my life
Still touched by the thrill last night
Supercharged by overdrive
Hit the stage into the light

6. Home Again

See your eyes before me
Looking dark and sad
Tears are rolling down your cheeks
Showing pain you've never had

A soul cries out for guidance
An unforgiving sound
You ask for it - you beg for it
But nothing comes around

I touch your face - feel your grace
But the mirror leaves a shattered trace

Here I am
Feeling lost and lonely
Washed up in the rain
Here I am
Try to find myself
And get back home again

You always did it your way
Were you strong enough
But everyone sees your insecurity
You are not so tough

I'm grateful for your help
That someone understands
Now I've learned to place myself
Within your open hands

7. To Freedom And Progress

Since creation and on through the years
Men's salvation has seen many tears
Forced to hide and taunted for a thought
Constantly afraid we could be caught
Just for a thought

Praised His banner with our swords held high
For His honour were prepared to die
Hailed His glory sanctified His name
Re-wrote the story by shifting the blame

Just let it go forget control
And give some downtime to your soul
Togetherness that spirit cannot die
Just take a rest and you'll be blessed
Hail to freedom and progress
Life holds so much more than meets the eye

We're not alone

Rivals killed immortalised and gone
Poor excuses for the deeds they'd done
Forced submission paved the only way
Flawed transition a new way to pray

8. Time And Tide

You got your life
You got your faith
Doing fine - follow a given path

You got your strong ambition
You got your love
No doubt - you never gave a thought

Got the power to let it all loose
Trust and your time will come

Time and Tide
Taking your chances
Far and wide - one day
Time and Tide
Your life enhances
Far and wide - your way

It happened in your world today
Knocked on your door
The unexpected - came along your way

You looked and realized
All things that could be
Said and done - you were mesmerized

9. Without A Net

Here I am again - lost in my own naked world
Dull I feel the misty morning light
High wire - way up there's a winding rope
Brave I fight against my fear of height

Keep your balance
Don't give up your state of mind
Face the challenge or you'll crash and burn

Take your luck and dare it
Go on - swear it - come on
Time to risk your bet
Dare it - go on
Walk on - come on
No more strings attached
Step by step above the ground
Dare it - go on
Walk on - come on
Without a net

As I stand tall - set my foot onto the wire
Bold I walk into the great unknown
Hold me - so I won't be slipping off
Would I stumble if you just pretend

Raise the curtains
Get into the ring to win
Climb the platform to stand your ground
Keep your balance
Don't give up your state of mind
Face the challenge or you'll crash and burn

10. Full Disclosure

11. Fool's Parade

12. Dr. Hell No

Pressure - I'm under pressure
Like 24/7 - out on the run
Closer - I'm getting closer
Feels like - hard won

Lover - please don't you tease me
Need some time to get back on my feet
Poser - get out of my way
Ran high - white heat

Why don't you call Dr. Hell No
Call Dr. Hell No
Why don't you call Dr. Hell No
Call Dr. Hell
Call Dr. Hell No

Never - not gonna lose it
I'll never give up my independence
Over - it's over and out
Past life - new chance

13. To Be With You Once More

Born into a mystery, fragile and forlorn
Everything's new to me, no worries no scorn

Just a helpless dependant, kept so safe and warm
By the arms of a parent, protected from harm

How I hated those schooldays and how they could burn
Your wisdom brought new ways, life's lessons to learn

And if I felt troubled you'd reach out your band
Even if they were doubled they'd simply be banned

You're the path that I follow
You're the soul I adore
I would beg steal or borrow
To be with you once more

Youth brought excitement, so free and so wild
But you knew what that meant
Through the eyes of this child

So you followed my journey, out into the world
Felt proud that you knew me as my life unfurled

But now in the twilight, it's all come to an end
And I've lost that bright light on which I depend

The one I relied on has now slipped away
And knowing that you're gone still haunts me today

Steven Mageney: vocals
Tony "T.C." Castell: guitars
Scott Leach: guitars
Cris "Iron" Stone: bass
Marcel Sardella: drums

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