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1. The Wretched Living

At first we were torn apart
By the totalitarian
Omnipresent regime
Forced to hide
Forced to wait
For a time to safely escape
We watched our families, being executed

Butchered and then buried, inches away
Our unexpected fortunes
Belittled by what would happen today

Alas, we were separated
But we later found each other
In the Promised Land

No sanctum

The unholy malignancy devoured them both so slowly
Our loved ones tortuously faded right before our eyes
With our hands linked tight

We somehow managed to endure

What began as a budding friendship
Began to blossom
A second wind prompted us
To begin again

And towards a new life we were thrust
To simple abode which we shared
But as the years trickled by
We were simply forgotten

Those whom we, sacrificed
So much for, had abandoned us

The curse of the wretched living

Our bodies began to whither
But at least we had each other
The painful memories
From our past
Made what would come
That much harder

A pact was born
A plan was set
Would eighteen floors
Be high enough

When the morning came
I helped her out from her chair
And held her hand
Taking in the late October air
We made our way
Up onto the railing
We embraced, one last time
And together we leapt to die

Bound in
Rigor Mortis
For all
At least until they pried us apart

2. Sire Of Sin

Raised as a king
Silver spoon gaped mouth
Orgiastic prophecies proclaimed
That I, Davidito would be the heir apparent

Sired through God's whore
Cultivated by Father's harem
Eagerly fellated
Innocent young hands
Sowing, unholy seeds

A ritualistic communion

Revered and idolized
I was immortalized
The sacred scriptures condemned

The Children of God

My threshold depleted
Their ideals beyond sadistic
I then attempted to disassociate
Myself from The Family

I was discovered
Beckoned and beseeched
To once again
Don their crown
Wrathful obsessions
Retribution for the damned
Murder on the horizon
My patience was pristine

"Maybe fate will smile on me
God of war
God of revenge
Maybe they will grant me happy hunting
We shall see"

Finally a glint of reprieve
An inkling of hope
Inches closer to Mama
Inches closer to closure

Lips sealed tight
Torture may provoke
(A) Relevant confession
My device unveiled
A few swift jerks
Testing its potency
Her throat slashed
The frightened perplexed
Guiltless eyes faded out

Disillusioned in the backseat
Cold steel up against my temple
I close my eyes with such relief
And I squeeze to end the story
Of Davidito

"In some way some of us are gonna be around to see those fuckers burn."


3. Fear His Displeasure

Dragged in a simple white van
She couldn't believe
This was happening

When she opened her
Mouth to scream
The soundless
Emissions bound her
Within his scheme
Dragged down into
The chasm below
She was deposited
Into the cell
That would now
Become her home

Darkness filled
Night and day
Circadian rhythm
Eventually began to wither away

Scratching, screaming and banging to be heard
Waiting for the man to return
Her meager daily rations
Caused her to disappear
Nothing left but her mounting fear

After a few years his confidence grew
Untethered she was brought above

Forced to work
As his secret slave
Tedious tasks
Kept her busy each day

Better not think to
Try and shout
He'd grab her by the throat
And quickly shush her out
The sad little man
So broken inside
Needed a little girl to groom to be his bride

Late at night he'd slitter towards her
She would hear him coming
And simply shiver

Complete control let him bring her outside
Into the world to hide in plain sight
Until the day she ran away
One mistake and she took the bait
The distraction that made him step aside
Finally gave her the chance to run
The weak little man had escaped as well
With his head on the tracks he was riding to Hell

She was then drawn
Back to where she
Bloomed from a child
To a woman

4. The Laws Of The Flesh

She moved slowly in order not to wake him
I reassured her this was the right decision

She tenderly slipped her hand
Underneath his sleeping head
But when she withdrew his weapon
He began to stir

Which caused her to recede

I lied down on the floor next to him

Nodded approvingly
For her to end this nightmare

The gun went off and chunks of skull splattered
Onto my face and all over her night gown
A frenzy broke out overhead

The media overran our tiny town
Wondering what would drive a youth to kill
He was a horrible man
He beat me bloody and tore us down
Tormented us with his presence
Controlling us every single moment

This had been going on for far too long
We tried to escape but he soon found us
And dragged us back to where we belonged

These are the laws of the flesh

The consequences of our crime
Brought to light our suffering
Our tiny home was a war zone
Where pain flourished

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