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1. 21 Guns (Intro)

2. Pride Of Australia

Gathering below the blazing sunlight
Way out of the enemies sight
Assembled riders behind the ridge
Waiting for the battle call

Soon to ride against the foe
Armed with blessings and bayonets
Flashing like swords in the light of sun
Waiting for the orders to come


Pushing them horses into a trot
Spreading out over the field
Still unseen by the enemies eye
Riding for glory or riding to die

Quicken the pace -- into a gallop
Riding -- ignoring the fear
Of cause we were scared -- but we couldn't drop
Wishing to hell we weren't here

Shaking ground - as the canons begin to roar
Detonating - as we ride straight into war
Falling - horses go insane
Dying - soldiers scream in pain

Rapid fire begins to take its toll
Riders horses -- deadly wounded they fall
Ground shaking -- roaring horses thunder
We will ride to victory -- never going under!

Plowing through the enemy
Overrunning man and gun
They surrender or they die
The battle must be won
Down in Berersheba
A legend was made
Paid with blood
Of the light horse brigade

3. Dominate

I want to fire guns I am the one you dread
I will keep on firing until you are fucking dead
Warmaster bringer of pain
Locked and loaded killing is the game
You will wish you'll be dead I will bring war to you
Aiming and firing that is all I will do
A fully armed nightmare panzerbeast
A one man army on your flesh I will feast

You will disintegrate
I will dominate

I got the killer instinct kingsize balls
I am living attitude can walk right through the walls
Pussies leave when I'm in game
No balls at all fucking lame

Yes you got it right you will go down tonight
Go back home to your mom son
Back in that heap of shit you came from

If you think you can beat me son you better think again
If you want to have a chance better bring all your friends
I cannot be defeated and I really hate to say
You and your friends will go down this is not your family's day

Cause I'm the worst you've seen bad and mean
Flak gun wizard killing machine
Perfect assassin god of war
Never to stop mean and raw
Gatling ticking bombs detonate
Bringer of death ambassador of hate
Flak gun firing blood splatters around
You in the defense your master you've found

4. Dreadnought

Plowing through the oceans water at night
Spreading fear me the king of the sea
Turning my turrets searching for prey
Unleashing firestorms turning night to day

I dread no one only my kind
Searching the oceans for victims to find
A floating fortress no one equals me
The Dreadnought king of the sea

Forged by man constructed to kill and to rule the sea
Warbeast armed to kill and no one can kill me

Enemy spotted aimed and tracked
The captain commands and I react
Turning turrets now they are facing death
The worst day they ever had
Firing spitting my deadly load
See them burn see them explode

You are trying to answer my fire but you can't hurt me
I am the god I am the king of the sea
I am the Dreadnought proud for everyone to see
A piece of shallow prey that is what you are for me
The king of the sea...

I left em all drowned in the sea
Not even a challenge to me
Floating away my head held high
For me the ocean for god the sky...

5. Down Below

51° north, 7° east
Within 2.5 hours we'll reach the aim at least
We started late in the afternoon from home
In order to put into effect the task assumed
Flying straight into the twilight high up in the air
Within the utter darkness we will be there
Carrying a load that will bring nothing but disease
By pressing only one button the bombs get released

We're approaching guided by motor noise
Left behind England and an inner voice
Tells us that maybe it's the last time that we see
Our land and our homes laying down there so silently
My heart is torn apart for no answer I can find
But Coventry and London still burn in my mind
I cannot comprehend but also never forget
What lunatic flight takes place in my head

Down below the rushing planes
Sleeps an unsuspecting land in peace
And while the miles get more and more
The unrest within increases like never before

Then finally straight ahead of us appeared
A silhouette shown by the moon so weird
In this clear night the target so easily to find
But not just them also we were in good sight
Upon command the deadly burden was thrown off
Into the houses crushed that explosive stuff
(just tiny) twinkling lights down there tell us from
What in reality is a gigantic firestorm

Sieh hinunter dort wo sie wie Fackeln brennen
Schreiend durch die glühende Phosphorhölle rennen
Kellerwände tanzen schaurig im Splitterbombentakt
Asche Staub und Trümmer regnets zornig herab

6. One Of Your Sons Is Coming Home

Standing alone down by the riverside
A coin of gold don't loose it hold on tight
Pain and suffering forever left behind
Beyond the stream a better world you'll find
You feel that death is taking ground
Your thread to life unbound

A sea of shining lights the ships come to port
A coin of shining gold pay and step on board
A gasp of wind then the ships leave the shore
Heading for the storm returning nevermore

As you sail through winds and stormy weather
You know that nothing lasts forever
Now listen...
One of your sons is coming home
Open up the door don't let him stand out in the darkness all alone
He has walked a long and stony road
Cross the streams of life where the winds of eternity blow
Now coming home...

The storm is easing up the clouds step aside
Out of the darkness a ray of shining light
You reached the promised land at the end of your way
And if it's the will of fate we will meet again some day

As you sail through winds and stormy weather
You know that nothing lasts forever

In darkest nights all alone
The candles flame will guide you home
Nothing to hear nothing to see
But you are watching over me
I hope you are there to see us smile
I hope you are there to see us cry
And when words fail to describe
This is my way to say goodbye

7. Hellstorm Infantry

Bombed out fields crying soldiers way outside
Dug in deep in the mud wait and hide
Infernal firestorm death our destiny
Forged in fire hellstorm infantry

Impact closing in see soldiers die
Burned ripped to pieces buried alive
Soil and blood death our destiny
Forged in pain hellstorm infantry

Hear the shout order to move one last prayer
If there ever was a god I will take you there
The enemy shows no mercy nor do I
Moving out time to kill time to die

Through the barbed wire as instincts take control
Hear machine guns rattling the war takes his toll
Bullets cut the air comrades fall
Moving on all for one one for all

Falling by my side brothers sons
Only for a few yards of mud we won
They will never see their home again
Buried on this field as a soldier unknown

Hear them cry in pain butchering with my bayonet
Making war that is what I do
Killing for honour fatherland
Killing sons and brothers like me and you

Killing is what I do...

Groundpounders we are born of dirt forged in the fire
Going back to the soil again...

Total exhaust fire ceases looking round
Enemy is dead my body shaking sitting down
Sooner or later everybody dies
The greatest gift to see a new morning rise

8. Tales From The Trenches

With the night comes the silence no cannons roar
But still far from peaceful this is war
Cries of all the wounded screaming for hours until they die
Crouched down in this trench of mud always asking why

And we believed in all those lies dying in fields with shining sunlight
Dying for our beloved fatherland
Constant death blinds my eyes kills my mind
It is hell on earth that we find

Pain pain so much pain clouds are crying endless rain
I think that it will never stop again
Pictures burned in my mind never to forget
This is all that is left from the life I had

I can remember back seems like an age ago
The weapons call
We were young we did not know
What was waiting for us all

Suddenly out of nowhere the attack begins
Flashing detonations roaring sound
Hear the hissing of the gas grenades
Donning the gasmask blood and dying all around

Enemy like living dead out of the night
I pull the trigger
Killing all that come in sight
Without remorse

Killing firing living dying

In the end cannot win
Sing the song that dead men sing
Dying in the mud in the rain
End of life end of pain

Mercy came to me as a sudden death best gift you can ever have
No fields of gold no sunlight cold and night
No one to hold my dying hand no one to care
Only me and my old friend death he is always there

9. God With Us

God with us standing one by one
Last letter home is done
God with us sing the victory songs
For honour god and fatherland

As time stands still who will remain who is the one to pass
Did you resist while others fell or while they drowned in gas
A generation fading like sand in an hour glass
Young men in trenches gunfire shakes the ground

Did you want to die here were you one of them
Was your wish to leave here to see your family again
Did you ever had a doubt or had you been deceived
Like millions of your comrades who never saw their homes again

God with us here in no mans land erase the best of youth
God with us play the death march for the route down below

Not one to stop not one to hold
In this hell men won't grow old

God with us strong in faith we stand
Handwritten on a yellowed group portrait
Young men with carbines in their hands
Still together carved in stone they lie

A generation damned to suffer working busy on a new world order
One by one almost brothers no hope... and no mother

God with us heroes will be made
But no hero will survive
God with us don't let us be downhearted
Please let death come quick

God with us

Do you hear the silence now
Where once thousand cannons spoke
On the fields where the poppies grow
A mother bemoans her son

10. Last Letter

Dear honey thanks for your nice words
They really were a gleam of hope in these dark cold days
Where the sun in the sky has disappeared
And the fog of perdition seems to occupy the land

We are still here in the trench waiting for our war
Nothing seems as glorious as we heard before
Even the autumn feels so different
Here the leaves may fall no more

Well at all it seems like time is standing still
The only thing we really count are the comrades that did not return
Maybe they are the luckiest of us all
As they have left it all behind

But with my god on my side nothing will happen to me
No more failures and no more faults cause I am programmed to be
But with my god on my side nothing will happen to me
No more failures and no more faults cause I am programmed to be

Never be concerned bout me I will make it somehow
But if it is my destiny that time has come to end for me
Then I will beg you not to cry as there are yet so many moms
That grieve for their beloved

If only their tears could wash away all this nonsense and this hate
How many men will keep their lives how many blood is saved
Hasn't mankind reached real far that it slays itself that it makes war

I always whisper your name
When I am alone and scared
I guess it brings me luck
And all the harm falls off from me
Maybe tomorrow is the day
Where the hope returns again

With you on my side
Nothing can happen to me
No more failures and no more faults
Cause I am programmed to be

11. Hundert Mann und ein Befehl

Irgendwo im fremden Land
Ziehen wir durch Stein und Sand
Fern von Zuhaus und vogelfrei
Hundert Mann und ich bin dabei

Hundert Mann und ein Befehl
Und ein Weg den keiner will
Tagein tagaus
Wer weiß wohin
Verbranntes Land
Und was ist der Sinn?

Ganz allein in dunkler Nacht
Hab ich oft daran gedacht
Dass weit von hier der Vollmond scheint
Und weit von mir ein Mädchen weint

Und die Welt ist doch so schön
Könnt ich Dich noch einmal sehn
Nun trennt uns schon ein langes Jahr
Weil ein Befehl unser Schicksal war

Wahllos schlägt das Schicksal zu
Heute ich und morgen Du
Ich hör von fern die Krähen schrein
Im Morgenrot warum muss das sein?

Irgendwo im fremden Land
Ziehen wir durch Stein und Sand
Fern von Zuhaus und vogelfrei
Hundert Mann und ich bin dabei

12. The End

Waiting entombed in the dark catacombs
Waiting for years for my time to come
The land still bleeding not recovered yet
From fire the killing and endless death
I will rise again my mission not yet done
The seed is growing the harvest will come
The hate still smolders in the humans hearts
The coming decay will turn bloody and dark
Hidden in the shadows fueled by hate
A spark will do to detonate
Like phoenix from the ashes I will rise
Kill burn and terrorize

Die Brücke des Wahnsinns ein schmaler Grat
Der Weg des Krieges ein blutiger Pfad
Vernichtungsmaschinen einsatzbereit
Der Tag meiner Auferstehung nicht mehr weit
Feuer und Asche über Stadt und Land
Leid Siechtum Weltenbrand
Die Geißel der Menschheit seit Ewigkeit
Der Tag meiner Auferstehung nicht mehr weit
Verborgen im Schatten genährt von Hass
Ein Funke genügt das Feuer entfacht
Wie Phönix aus der Asche steige ich empor
Stärker und mächtiger als jemals zuvor

Er ist entfesselt der totale Krieg
Die Regentschaft des Wahnsinns Tod oder Sieg
Am Leid der Menschheit labe ich mich
Ich werde immer sein jetzt und ewiglich

I'm unleashed the total war
Reign of insanity and I hunger for more
Millions dead and I will always be
Mankind never learns war will be eternally
Now tanks roll again air raids begin
The bombs and the bullets in war there is no sin
The total holocaust genocide is the order
Madness reigns million civilians slaughtered
Spreading the war lighting the fire
Hate is the fuel as flames grow higher

13. Last Post (Outro)

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