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1. Beyond The Gates...

At last my little one
Welcome to the land of
Silence and fear
Can you hear those distant drums?
Follow me to this march of the deads...

2. March Of The Deads

Land of the dreams
And my fears are growing
Into my heart like the clouds in the
Take me so far to the lake of Sarnath
Where the flames of war light an
Ancient throne

It's so late, to find the gate
I've lost my key, into the dark of the
Under the moonlight, I saw the sign
My eyes will burn until the end of the

Brother's echoes,
Allies of the night
Bring him, crown him
Master of the lies
Evil spirits, play the march of deads
Till the lord of Heavens, breaks
The chains of slave

3. The Gloriest Night

Oh! This gloriest night
When our nations rise
From the dust of shinig past
Soldiers of the fable
Keep our flag and faith
In the castles of our heart

Show to the liars
Our price for their sin
Give 'em a lesson of blood
Teach them with fire
Until they kneel
We have the power to fight

Troopers on the borders
Following the orders
From our history and past.
Riding to the glory
We must never worry for our families
Or lives

4. Kingdom Of The Kings

Into the fog
I see the shadow of the King.
Comes with sword
In hand to fight the beast.
Red skies and poison shines
Follow his arms
Knights of secret fable
Rise one by one

Kingdom of the Kings
With the seven star Queen
Kingdom of the Kings
Your gates sealed
By the winds

Now in the stone forest
The battle just began
Army of burning Rose
Holds the secret and the Keys.
Hearts and Armour
Meet the flag of destiny
Thirsty earth drink the blood
Of mystery.

5. Run To The Highway

Out in the Streets you can see
She brings the jewel of the gift
And you'll never believe all those things
You'll see when you're screaming
For help, she takes the next.

Run to the Highway
Escape from your love. [2x]

Now I cry for you man
Cause you are in her bloody bed
And she'll never exist.
She is just another fable
And no none could see her face.

6. Unborn

Across the ocean
Up on the waves of Hell
Welcome angel of death
Unborn waiting to conquer
The earth.
Witches and demons
Down by the ruined bridge.
Behind the gates of fire
The Unborn lives

Oh, big master, I beg you again
Give me the power to fight for revenge.
By Lucifer's coming
No mercy, no help, crime and violence
And falling heads.
Unborn waiting to conquer the earth.

Unborn - Unborn
Oh make me strong
To fight the world
And when I die for you
Show me the truth.

7. Flag Of Hate

Over the mountains and the fields
A star brings us the warning
Riders will come thru the storm
Carrying the flag of Hate.
Angels of fire, Priests of blood
Open the book of secrets
Between the ages and the time
The sleeping one will rise.

Oh! Flag of Hate
What price must we pay
We die for a sin day after day.

Slaves of darkness, Kings of the Earth
Pray to the temple of Evil.
Chaos, Destruction, death and pain
Made by the human being.
Angels of mercy, Priests of truth
I've heard you voice of wisdom
All of the secrets must remain away
From human eyes.

8. Princess Of Hell

Listen down from the sea,
Thru the whispers of trees
Magic calls of Princess
Warriors from Hell
Come - come to me...
Spirits from a haunted dream.
Give me your power and take my life

Down from the sea
Far beyond of the Altar
Running free
In the path of darkness
This morning of blood
Screams and madness
From the temple of wrath
I wait oh Princess
Give me and take from me.
Give me your power and take my life

9. Ballad Of Sorrow

Touch me now from your frozen
Jail down there
Show me how I can wait
For the end
Two abandoned souls together
Conquering the sky
Can you hear their silent cry
One sweet summer night

Tell me why what I touch
It's always cold
And the nights there's no place
For me to hide.
And my heart forever search
Those two shining eyes
As the time still remain in this damned

When I go forever
Shall I meet you far beyond
The gates of star
You and I together howling for the

Tasos Vretakis ‒ Bass
Kostas Vogiatzogloy ‒ Drums
Pantelis Rodostoglou ‒ Guitars
Panagiotis Konstantinidis ‒ Vocals

Thanks to twistedforever for sending these lyrics.

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