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1. Equinox


2. Towers Of Doleful Triumph

Oh my doleful betrothed, enbowered in baleful marvels thou art
Thou chariotest the soft of evil as whilome you did
A host of shadows sings for mee
The lamentuous quire of dead leaves in blushful woods
From ivy-mantled towers I hark
The thunder'fit urging from the horizon's dim verge
The drawbridge it slowly lowers
And a legion of armoured spectres rides towards the walls of fog...

Sire dell' Imbrunito Regno
Del dorato tuo manto la vista m'enfiamma'l cuor
Scuro e'l color del verbo tuo
Quando m'encanti con storie d'antico splendor

From thy blade and dudgeon drop gouts of blood, the blood of thy vernal foe
To dumb forgetfulness a prey, death swallows Aurora's vows of hope
On carpet of sapless foliage thou stalk whilst Zephirus swells your cloak
A Supernal Kingdom built of dreams, such wilt thou be to mee...

3. A Lyre In The Old Vesper's Calm

So dark are these paths no human eye should see
Guarded by statues in velvet moss clad
Grow savage blackthorns'ere yonder secret cave
For hid shalt remain the dun Elfin Grot
...Yet for mee to know...

Subterranean rains falling from rocky clouds
Far anvils echo in the snow-covered temple
Beyond the lake mist, on the opposite shore
Silhouettes are dancing an elemental dance
...The Nine Worthies stand there...

In the Bleeding One lurked the ruin of a royalty once forlorn
But in a future of centuries old They will leave the catacombs of earth

4. Nocturnal Gold Part I: In Ageless Slumber

Your features pale and calm by the dim light of my lume;
Your eyelids behind whose shelter, eyes behold not earthly dooms.

You dream in a shroud of mists…

Fall in ageless slumber, fall in ageless spheres!

And as I sit here, near you, I wonder what dream-paths you trample;
What spectral realms you see, with eyes closed to this world and mee.

5. Nocturnal Gold Part II: The Name Of Inquietude

I was riding...I, a King
And from the fog my own ghost did appear
Aboon mee a strange formation of clouds gathered over the giant Cromlech
Why does the mountains stand so great, so silent
How can the night dethrone the day
Lo, Eminent Darkness cometh and her dress of eclipse shows unseen constellations...

A circle in the sky then open wide
And the Astral Traveller revealed to mee...

Let mee clutch thee Serpent of Stars
Be my meridian eke whenas thy torch's fire fadeth
Thou marshall'st mee towards the realm where I will be Infinite
I'll dream in a shroud of mists

I summon Goetic Imperial Hordes
Clenching the hilt in my iron gloves
Silence shall mute all their laughters and screams
For death is silence and silence will be!

6. The Nettle Path Of Grief

In a portrait of evil and beauty, sneers she, Empress of ravens and owls
By a firmament flourished of darkness she's adorned with nettle and thorns

Throned'neath the fiery deluge, the tears you once wept
Then turned to tongues of flames under Samael's spell
Thou givest to the proscribed that disdainful glance
Wich damns the crowd gathered around the scaffold
With branches as frame Artemis navigates the night
While the horizon thou scan nigh the Duke of Rains
Laid onto meads of decrepitude are crying the Legions of Pride

"Non Serviam!"

"Rough wind, that moanest loud grief too sad for song;
Wild wind, when sullen cloud knells all the night long;
Sad storm , whose tears are vain, bare woods whose branches strain;
Deep caves and dreary main, wail for the world's wrong!"

7. Thou Mayst In Mee Behold

Scriptured in the features of your face, and in the hues so delicate
Which painteth thee with the colour of antique gold
Throughout dim and narrow lanes, aery surges of cold
Bring to mee my Ancestor's voice, whispering mysterious words

Tears of white wax many candles shed in solemn quiet
As I admire the Romanic stone glowing like ardent embers
Beautiful stained-glass windows represent legends of yore
Thruh the rosette I behold the crescent moon in the enchanting violet of dusk

Shalt I question the ancestral stars
And the earthly spirit of the mounts
Thruh the forest and its tangled boughs
Hear the distant echoes of the past...

8. The Treasures Arcane

Of quenchless radiance twinkle the jewels set onto thy crown
Each one's a wilt on the unique diadem of tyranny
Cherish the untrodden lands of almightiness in thine heart
Drenched in the exquisite nectar of miracles it forever will pulse...

Hid far from unworthy profane eyes the Sacred Chalice waits
Guarded by the Golden Dragon, the protector of virtue
Only the valiant can tame the claw and the vehement flame
Olny the puissant can drink from the Cup which grants immortality

The one terrible chime...
The blackest bell have toled, a sign that thruh the ages
Draped in awe the kingdoms of the world
Abhorred words sound to my ears like luscious rhimes
Pernicious revelations pour from the pulpit of the Antichrist

So, let vent the Cosmical Force in impetuous waves across universal tides
The storms shall gather from the four corners of the earth
And with one enormous roar announce the Conqueror's rise
The one who keeps the Treasures Arcane

9. ...And The Cold Came O'er The Feud

Mighty though in sadness comes impetuous thy wind
The sweetest and the darkest who Satan's secrets deems
Thine breath o'er the forests, it gilds the landscape whole
Oh, overture of winter, your strain hath mee in thrall

10. 'Neath Selenic Majesty

A vast and vacant vale
Ornated with haze-veiled sylvan lakes
Wherein aught dive straight
Woe-begone shadows and nocturnal fays
Oh pure primeval gale
O'er grand piny mountains thou wait
'Neath the night's queen face
I wonder at the infinite space...

Caught in marble cold, crowned with an aureole of livid flame
Veiled by fragile silks, naked she stands in the garden of grief
Distant thunders break whilst she weeps for the hustling flurry
And as the wind arrives I cling to her eloquent cold skin and sigh...

The moon became my heart, pulsing the silver blood of thine
A new eyeless sight thou givest mee to admire a world sans light
Nightwards I sweep by the purest catharsis, the divinity of silence
A rapture so cold...obscure in melancholic sublimity

11. Forlorn Elven Realms


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