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1. Mountain Heights & City Lights

Now all's left, the coldest days,
The snow surrounds me, in this place,
I know I'll never see that side of you again,
I'm forever trying to find myself but I've been gone,
This past year so long.

If all I know, I can barely see then I swear,
You compliment me well.
You say, we'll mean the world some day
Well I fell, from my shoulders down.

From this high I can see the clouds rain over me as I am now,
If all know.
The city stays awake for days until the sun eventually drowns,
I am cast down.
The start we had all underneath as if we stepped so carelessly,
Now question keeps me up for days my doubt holds my heart to the ground.
I feel you closer than before...

I can still feel your arms around me, holding me here,
I can still feel the snow surround me, you can't wait here,
So sleep where you stand I can't stand to sleep knowing your safe,
Just as long as you hold my breath, now all's left, the coldest days.

2. A World Away

So, as I awake I brush the leaves from off my face,
But they all turn to dust and grey, my eyes will never see you.
Know not where I am, or how its come to this,
I hang my head but not in shame.
My bones are brittle watch them break like branches underneath your feet,
I know I'm not safe in your hands I know I'm not safe.

My words are cold now, now that you left here,
And all your tales are told through the cracks in your soul,
And I know I'm not safe at all.
The seasons all change into one, and my concept of time has gone,
I follow the sound of your footsteps to lead me away from here.

Now the seasons all change into one (as I awake I know that I)
And the cold air seeps into my lungs (I find it hard to breathe)
Ill find my way, away from here.
I can't erase, how I felt that day, time won't change a thing.

It looked so beautiful from here, till I spoke,
The feel of your skin against my lips is burning,
Every word burns to ash on my tongue,
And all my faith in you has gone...
So let go.

3. Tired Eyes

Now hope seems so far away,
Am I the coward you became?
I am hollow and it shows,
And I swear that I'm not coming home.

Distance fills the space between,
Our fingers used to fit so perfect,
But I have cuts on my hands,
And I don't want to remember you as you are now to me.

I can only hope, and swear that I'm not coming home.

The feel, of the water reminds me,
Your tears don't taste of salt.
Your bitter soul.
The fear in your eyes is blinding,
It cuts through the cracks in your soul.

I waited, just in case you walked by,
I could have caught your eye, that evening.
The snow, the snow fell hard that day,
But I couldn't care if I tried, I wont forget that.

I won't, forget...

I swear that its so, I pray that I don't make it home,
I swear that I wont make it home, I won't forget that.

4. Nevermore

The confidence that you portray,
It turns to grey it pulls me down,
The picture perfect painting fades,
My doubt holds my heart to the ground.

It doesn't matter what I say.
I found a letter that night, I wrote it in my sleep,
I can still feel you here beside me, it read
Dear if you're reading this,
Dear if you're reading.

You stand over me as I sleep,
Your hands cover my eyes so that I cannot see your eyes,
You'll be there when I wake up the snow it surrounds me.
I can't wake up and you're here,

Your hands cover my mouth so that I cannot breathe,
Your breath is the cold that I feel in the air,
You're the seasons the reason that I've lost all feeling this year.

I wish that I'd wished you away.

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