Dark Lyrics


1. Unearthed

Hearts of black mixed with dust
Burial becomes a required must
Mankind lowered into tombs of waste
Human presence taken and erased
Spirit released (from the) bondage of earth
Exit the grave
Awake ... unearthed
Believing TRUTH thought once absurd
Gripping death certainly deterred
Demolished strongholds lay in waste
Your weakening body submits to CHRIST
Unearthed ... from the grave
Unearthed ... with acceptance of CHRIST

2. Decrepit

Fated to ceaseless misery
Lair thief destroyer
You poison life with pain
Leading sheep to the slaughter
Weariness for the souls you have taken
You now face eternal torment
Your corpse will rot
Your weakness makes me laugh
Wages of your lost war
CHRIST has conquered you satan
Your evil power is useless
Maggots will feed upon your skull
When CHRIST destroys your rotting soul

3. Cultivate Decay

When a prophet says something
in the name of the LORD
And that thing does not come to pass
That thing has been spoken presumptuously
And is not of the LORD - do not be afraid
You ask what shall I believe
Nothing seems real to me
Too many promoting a way
Finding no truth in what they say
Mindless babble mixed with lies
Passed on to generations
Brainwashed into compromise
Blatant ignorance elusive decay
Addition or subtraction
Formulation of a tainted belief
No leading of the SPIRIT
Only your impending individuality
Blind leading the blind
Power of deception leading your mind
Compensation of words
What you think and say is absurd
Pulling away from evil ties
The LORD of LORDS has made his sacrifice
Manifesting through HIS death on a tree
TRUTH found in HIS reality

4. Ignorant Self

I know nothing but CHRIST and HIM crucified
Ignorance misleads fetters and deceives men
A deceived heart turns from GOD
And the eyes and ears are shut
Having the understanding darkened
Alienated from GOD through ignorance
Because of the blindness of the heart
Yet HE stands at the door and knocks... Receive HIM
Unconscious deterioration of man
The worshippers of themselves reject GOD
And know not that they are miserable poor blind and naked
Satan has blinded the minds of those who don't believe
They worship themselves as their gods
The only way to ETERNAL LIFE
Is an individual relationship with GOD through HIS SON
For those who are perishing
The message of the CROSS is foolishness
But those who have received CHRIST
If you believe HIM and receive HIS word
He'll treat you as HIS disciple
Then you will know the truth
And the truth will set you free
I know nothing but CHRIST and HIM crucified

5. Your Carcass

Watch and PRAY
Enter not
Into temptation
Spirits willing
Flesh is weak
Bury your carcass
Be renewed in CHRIST
To be carnally minded is death
To be spiritually minded is life and peace
Then sin that dwells
Inside of me
Makes me do
What I hate
A constant war
Inside of me
Between the flesh
And the SPIRIT
O wretched man that I am
Who shall deliver me from this carcass
of death - JESUS
For the law of the SPIRIT of the life in CHRIST
Has made me FREE from the law of sin and death
CHRIST did conquer
Sin on the cross
That you might know HIM
And bury your carcass
For GOD so loved you
That he gave his only son
That whosoever believes
In me would not perish
But have everlasting life

6. Asphyxiated

Existence denied perpetuated
Battle in your mind asphyxiated
At the foot of the CROSS
All your burdens were lost
You felt such relief within
Slowly rotting - into a useless crusade of sin
You have fallen away
Scrounging to make your own way
Life seems fun when you're on the run
But soon you'll see your judgment day
Many will say - did we not toil in your NAME
Depart from me - workers of lawlessness
Depart from me - I never knew you
Facades of sin last for a season
Rearing their hideous head
Morally decapitating
Spiritually castrating
Mental arrangements turned to dust
Feeding this impulsive breeding lust
Knowing what is right causes the fight
Daily intervention ( is the ) difference
Between day and night
Many will say - did we not toil in your NAME
Depart from me - workers of lawlessness
Depart from me - I never knew you

7. Malignant Masters

In these days of increased learning
Liberal scholars lead the pack
Converting and diluting
Is their cancerous attack
Malignant... malignant
Holding positions of power
Infesting colleges and schools
Self appointed wise men who are truly only fools
With diplomas and degrees
And higher learning as their mask
Divine truths are slowly smothered
They've accomplished their vile task
But there still exists a remnant
Who are faithful to their call
A shining light in the darkness
Refusing those who will fall
They perpetrate the myth of spiritual neutrality
Denial of our fallen nature
Only feeds man's carnality
The simplicity that is in CHRIST
Cuts through their futile lies
By exposing them for what they are
We will welcome their demise
Malignant... malignant

8. Defaced

Hacking at a corpse of truth
The ancient scribes defaced
Mouths that reek of racial hatred
Scream words of false translation
Boring into skulls of innocents
Attempting to eliminate the unpure
Defaced - GOD'S sword of truth
Defaced - wake up you fools
Spewing violence of other races
There is no scriptural basis
Beware which spirit has filled you
Ignorance is no excuse
Brutal acts based on treason
Defaced - GOD'S sword of truth
Defaced - wake up you fools

9. Comatose

Embodied into this world
Satan's curse upon your head
The age of discernment seals
Your fates final end
Living in the unconscious realm
Not hearing CHRIST knock
Too dead to reality
Talking but not walking the walk
Comatose your infested body lies awake
Comatose souls deprived of spiritual food
Comatose this unconscious decision slowly
Contaminates you
Minds and souls set apart
Wickedness searing from the start
Identities drawn but you never look beyond
Your filthy blackened heart

10. Imminent Wrath

Fall prostrate now before the NAZARENE
CREATOR of all both seen and unseen
The clock has struck midnight
Your life hangs in the balance
The hammer drops no reprieve
Hell will welcome your talents
That has caused this fate
Of eternal torment
You shook your fist at the ANOINTED
Your daily blasphemy
Obsession of evil intent
Released upon the earth
Malignancy inside your soul
You lack the SECOND BIRTH
No excuse for you now
Only your ignorant self to blame
The truth you sought was self evident
But instead you choose to mame
If only you could return
To warn others of their fate
Let them heed prophetic warnings
Until they reach the judgment gate

11. No Exceptions

Hanging on the CROSS the price was paid
Blood shed for remission of sins
You don't care well that's too bad
There will be a price to pay
HE'S the living GOD
Raised from the dead
Crucify your life
Satan is defeated
CHRIST in victory rose from the dead
Satan puffs himself up to appear mighty
He knows his future is in the flames
Your whole life was just day one of eternity
JESUS wants to greet you in his loving embrace
There are no exceptions
If you haven't chosen CHRIST you chose satan
There is no middle ground
Your eternity depends on your choice
HE'S the living GOD
Raised from the dead
Crucify your life

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