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1. The Change

Midnight bright full moon shines the street is cold and quiet
An open window a naked room a creature's lonely cry

All your prayers they're useless now a man will turn to beast
Tonight until the morning comes he's ruled by evil greed

The ruler of the night the devil in disguise
He'll trap you all the way the victim of the change

In his cell the beast is kept but no chains can hold him back
Inside his blood is boiling hot his order is attack

If he hits you no use to run he fetches you to your doom
In lonely streets in dungeon's depth beware or you're a moonchild too

2. Nightout

Well, it's friday noon, the bell is tolled
And life's spilling out on the streets
The drudging's done, the weekend's to come
My heart takes up a faster beat

Watch out here comes the thunder
Kicking out the jams
Join us we won't give under
'Til the new day breaks

Nightout we gonna hit the town
Nightout make a mess around
Nightout dive into fun
Hope that you'll be around

When you're lost and alone well just come along
Help us turn the seats upside down
Forget what you've got on your mind and live't up
Tomorrow'll come soon enough

Livin' high 'n' easy's long as we've got time
Lovin' wild 'n' free enjoy being alive

3. Make Me Believe

The Gods have sent an angel to find it is my task
She's radiant like the sun comes with a blast
And my doubts are still increasing
Whether I haven't found her yet
Cos there's light when you're appearing in my world

Don't tell me open secrets 'bout your descent and creed
Just take me to your homeland lay a claim on me

Make me make me make me believe it's you
Make me make me make me believe it's you

Your eyes are filled with promise to save my haunted soul
And if you don't mind save my body too
Cos I need to feel divinity in a rocking world of doubt
So come along and make my rational lights go out

I pray you to convince me take me to cloud nine
Or wrap me into ecstasy come on girl don't waste time

4. New Tomorrow

We synchronize our steps and habits
We're tied to mental chains
Why not tear them down?
We condemn pleasure and we banish laughter
In a world of cold rocks
I need human warmth!

Show me the action
Life's main attraction
The only question:
Will we and if, how will we live?

On and on and on we dig our way
We search for the treasure
On and on and on we try and turn
The key to all pleasure
On and on and on in light of day
We'll shake off the shadow
On and on and on we look ahead
Sights set on a new tomorrow

The freeze is fright'ning but I won't lose hope
That these empty eyes will vanish
They are so cold

Youth is a fire and I pray to God
That a little glow forever
Remains in my heart

5. Never Tell No Lie

Your smile is sparkling evil your eyes promise betrayal
Your beauty's like a signal to false testimony
You bird of prey don't make no prisoners
No bodyaches to cure
Inside the sleeve of sweet red wine your aim is still obscure

A spider dressed as butterfly all men are gone on you
A blink'f your eye to testify, you'll take anywho
Involve them in the sweetest charms
Bite in your poisoned teeth
You take their money take their heart you don't give no relief

You rape them tap them make them lose their head
You make them promise love until they're dead

Never never tell no lie
Never, never ever tell no lie

You step into the danger zone her net is woven tight
You're in the smell of her perfume she's whispering sweet lies
Oh Lord don't tempt me you may think
But soon your willpower breaks
Cos she and her death instinct enveloped you in a haze

You start to tremble fall into her arms
Her dirty laughter hushes away her charms

Never tell me ever
Never tell me ever
Never ever tell me lies

6. Saracen


7. Danger

Running away from the spotlights
The vision of dreams becomes real
Shadows chase : I'm in the final race
I've been framed I ain't guilty
But now I'm serious case
Pray for me the world's my enemy

Night hide my figures or I will be damned

A sudden light in the darkness
I'm trapped if I can't fly
Betrayal the wood's on fire
The hunter's ready to strike now
Their guns are pointed at me
I'm running the odds against me

Send me a safeguard Lord take me away

Danger the fire's around me
Danger I'm in for the last race
Danger life's blood evades me
Save my soul on the edge

8. Galley Without Aim

There is not in the harbour the chaingang's got the guard
In the steamin' hot disaster slavery is fighting hard

And the rifles scream: no mercy die now or be free
In the haze some took a galley in search of liberty

Criminals desperate resign
Innocent plea for their lives
Animals wounded they cry
They've got no chance on the galley without aim

On the ocean storm is wailing some have gone over board
And the captain he is praying: "bless our souls please my Lord"

In the morning silent mourning of the ship that knows all plain
On the bottom it tells the story of the galley without aim

Shadows fall on the harbour's scenery
A silent call of a galley moving smooth
A dead old ship a sign names it "Liberty"
And still remains the memory of the
Galley without aim

9. Struck By Thunder

Hear the wind howl it seems so far away
But it's just cheating to you
Cos it's roaring and waiting for the day to overthrow all rules

Lightning flashing clouds veil sun and sky
The stormbell will be tolled
Now find shelter and pray for none is safe
So ancient stories told

Look out the storm is coming
The sleeping beast's aroused
And if you don't give under find cover
Then you'll be struck by thunder

Black days dark nights a shadow in our hearts
But hope must not be lost
Cos if our minds succumb we will never last
All darkness is bad host
So fight that power it's deadly if it reigns
Devours light and soul
Curse that master to die or win's our chance
Destroy that foul dark lord

The storm it is released

10. Seven Days Of Wonder

Once there'll be a time without any life
And in our space there'll be kinda light
A new day will dawn like the first morn
A planet will rise out of misty disguise

Oceans blue meadows too a lonely plain a settled aim
The prince arrives as human life to labour hard to rule on earth

Praise thy God for the day
Humble be what you pray
You're just flesh thru my will
In seven days I will regain my realm

Birth was given to earth the burden of life
To please and rejoice the eternal heights
But not very long the word was read wrong
For favour they fought just named a new lord

Hatred for love envy for help
War on the world relyin' on his word
Instead of a life of laughter and joy man chose pain
Words spoken'n vain

So the devil he has done his work
Seven day's creation man will burn
Stars and angels just wonder
Why is man keen on destroin'

And then one day and all may fade away:

Crack Jaw is:

Stephan Kiegerl - vocals
Holger Eckstein - lead guitar
Jurgen Schulz-Anker - guitar
Gerrit Eisenmenger - bass
Markus Klinke - drums

Thanks to blackraven for sending these lyrics.

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