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1. Stillborn

A calm rushes over me as I picture my corpse ill-fated with the faults I can’t escape. A sigh of relief used to signify the blight that infects the last few fragments of my skull. Sometimes I swear I think that I’ll be fine. I’ve made up my mind. Death is my birthright.
I am a noose waiting to be tied. Still I try to elude the truth and embrace my disguise because this way of life takes it’s toll on mine and I don’t want to be alive. Bury me breathing so I can watch myself decay. We are stillborns by definition but our pulse-infected
wrists will disagree. We burden ourselves with intent and ambition when we’ve accepted that all hope is lost. So dance past my lips and disperse, leaving no trace of human condition. Our bodies blind the world with a sense of selflessness that only a trained eye can see.
You blame me for your blindness. Open your eyes.

2. Thread

Your words grow cold and incoherent and I’m searching for a fever that could lift me to the border of dementia. My eyes are tired from surveying everything we used to share and I would sew them shut if I had any strength inside. I remember every promise, I’ve carved them
into my spine. I raise my hands to the sky and beg that this won’t go unnoticed. Though I know some fires are not meant to burn. We are bred to flicker and fade, not to retreat into the earth. Not to grow without remorse. We douse ourselves with the moisture that we’ve
drawn from the soil. We breed and unleash. We’re our own natural disaster. String me along like the thread that binds your ribcage. Tie my limbs to the anchor, and be sure that I’m left alone to sink. I will shine brighter than the sun. I will forever be your torch. Cast
me away and in time I will set fire to the fibres that connect us. My palms grow calloused from the cold. I need your touch to cauterize. Sustained by the flame of another, the embers begin to reignite. There’s a hole in the herd that will never be filled. The anguish
will fall through your fingers as mankind manifests itself through misfortune. I am alone, and the world carries on. I am alone. The world carries on and we don’t deserve a second thought.

3. Resonate

I’m shaking and so are my hands and I can’t tell if it’s the cold or if I’m finally feeling regret. A martyr in my own mind and a pariah given the capacity of my own guilt. Do I fight the fact that I am a nervous wreck or do I face the forthcoming collision head on? I
don’t know how to abandon my blind heart… and I’m convinced that you deserve this. My organs are dark and minuscule in comparison to yours. I’m no longer pining to cure my disease, I’m just dying to advance the process. Trim your wings and deceive me, cinch your halo
around my neck because death houses such beauty if we can enjoy what will grow in it’s absence. We are thin and wasted at both ends and we’ve accepted our position. I was never worthy of following your footsteps. So be sure to leave no evidence that you’ve existed. We
dare not turn and face the figures treating us to our descent. If we knew their origin then we’d surely be disgusted. This is the kind of illness that leaves us rotting from the inside out… and we wear this on our sleeves. Content with our casualty. I would do this all
over again. I’m the catalyst of our collapse, haunted by conviction and a partner to the pain. Forgive me for who I’ve become these past few years. Forgive me for allowing my love to disappear. Trim your wings and deceive me, cinch your halo around my neck, and just
leave me alone with my thoughts. Eaten alive until there’s nothing left to mourn. I will resonate through the minds of others as a corpse and nothing more.

4. Stranger

Your ghost holds me close as I’m ravaged by the solitary that surrounds my former home. Use me until you’ve spent the rest of my remains, then try to validate your actions. Cursing every empty vein that used to be inhabited by your impression. Paralyze me to ensure I
have no chance of knowing the feeling of affection. It’s no secret that I’ve shed the common decency that appoints the world with the burden of devotion to our kin. I gave you everything I had and the world has left me exhausted. Make me feel something, anything that
might change my mind. As worthless as I am, I know that I still serve a purpose. To leech off the light and absolve my insignificance. Lay me to rest inside of a glass casket so you can remember me with a smile on my face. Adorning me in my own failures so you can bless
them as you stand above my bones. I wish I were a better man. I am a coward masked in courage and just admitting it will not save me this time. Free me from my tired mind and let me learn the difference between a single tear and the runoff of an ocean. Weak and weary
from my predatory nature. Bless me with abandonment in my greatest time of need. Let me carry on knowing I can never truly face my reflection. It’s much easier to caress the broken glass. Though if I accidentally catch a glimpse of myself in the shards, I will put faith
in the shrapnel to correct my vision. I am a stranger when I stare into the eyes of those I love. Look away in disgust, protect yourself from the sound of my deception.

5. Burn

I’ve grown accustom to losing sleep.
Sweep me off my feet, dig your nails into my wounds and pull.
A lucid dream, where my chest will collapse from the weight of a fictitious ghost.
Tear through me, sacrifice me to your sea.
With broken arms I’m left to carry my shell with no help from the current.

Lifeless, I am dragging me down.
Hollow, I’m left to fend for myself.

Forget everything that you’ve come to know.
We are not meant for much but to carry our own misery.
Is there a God cursing every step that I take?
Or have I been forced to commit myself to the dirt?
We’re chasing the light in the darkest of graves,
But the fortunate ones know to wait until mourning.

Be still. Serenity blesses us in waves and with eyes like mountains, we’re drawn to the brow.
Leave this life behind and take the next step in the right direction.
Stare at the sky, and offer yourself to circumstance.

Be the burn. Burn me alive.
Be the burn. Burn me alive.

6. Tragedy

Take comfort in the cadence of the bond we share
A visionary born and raised to see with an unbiased sense of sight
We pause just for a second to properly embrace the radiance
We are the anointed dipped in filth
Taught to cower in fear of being identified
But tragedy will find us

I’m held captive by my spoiled soul
I won’t allow it to affect my stride
The procession will proceed as we’re gifted with our own idea of peace

So find yourself in me
I promise I will keep you as we harvest the passion that remains
Make my skin your sanctuary

I make a pact with the earth to draw life from the living
Make my skin your sanctuary
Leap to the beat of my blood
So place your hand in mine, drag your feet across the tops of trees
Breathe easy knowing that the branches will support you
And the weight of your complication

In the midst of the ruin that surrounds us
We communicate but only in tongues
Our lips will welcome the caress of the crucifixion
And we stain the wood with defeat

I am not a mortal, I am a metaphor for moving forward

7. Withdrawal

I bask in familiar flesh with no shelter to call my own. A sacrifice for my sickness, I’ll dig a grave for those I love. I release the teeth from my jaw, knowing that I will miss the pain when you take shelter in the mouth of another. You live in the back of my throat,
spawning sentences in unison with mine. Stay safe in my breath, you will never be lost. If our attraction is only skin deep, how deep is deep enough? I’ve made a habit out of grinding my bones into a sharper point when I hear your name… and I’ve named each cut you’ve
cursed me with. Though I wish I had the courage to ask for more. Your spirit suffocates me. You won’t find asylum inside. I never asked for your blood in my veins. So haunt me not and disappear. I am a victim, despite what you’ve heard. Forced to dwell inside of endless
withdrawal. We can never coexist, so I will offer up my heart. Don’t look back and try to find me, I was always doomed to watch you from the dark. Stay safe in my breath, you will never be lost. If our attraction is only skin deep, how deep is deep enough?

8. Choke

Congregate what little ounce of decency is left and gather enough courage to invoke contractions in your vocal chords. Admission of guilt through confrontation. I’ve had to chisel every lie out of your mouth and after all this time I’ve grown immune to your embrace.
Spare me and my virgin ears from a stale conception. Admit that I’m the victim and cradle consequence. Line your insides with a sense of wrongly obtained righteousness. Spread your poison as thin as you possibly can to ensure you violate every inch of common ground. Call
me a cancer, keep convinced that you’re not sick yourself. You will be exposed as soon as the worlds eyes can fully adjust to the dark. I was the cure to your corrosion, but now I want to watch your skin rust and slowly grow discoloured… and when your throat buckles
under the weight of the accumulation of perjury, I want to watch the life seep out of your tear duct as your death rattle hits my eardrum and thaws what’s left of my cold heart. I hope you choke to death. The compass has been cracked… I hope you fucking choke to death.

9. Collapse

Back-pedaling into the black
But I can still make out the figures
That will threaten my well-being
The wind will rise and fall
But never sway from side to side

Progression halted
Encapsulating the fluid weave of death
Like a garden that contains all of its arrested offspring
We’re afraid to force our legs to break free from the earth
And take the first step towards our insecurity

Sleep away your selfishness
Slip into collapse
A still-like state of disregard
From which you can’t fall back
You never fully moved me
I’ve been embedded in the dust
And my mind has been ravaged by war

Pray for farewell as if I was yours to lose
I would love to love you, if you were someone else
So forgive me for being unresponsive
I’m sure it’s hard to train your ears
To hear me crying out for help
With my lips sewn shut by the stitches of my own indecision

So I’ll speak in whispers to permit my throat relief
I bite my tongue
Fill my mouth with blood
And swallow enough to kill me
Before I’m forced to lose more sleep
So I’ll speak in whispers to permit my throat relief
I bite my tongue
Fill my mouth with blood
And swallow enough to kill me

I would love to love you
If you were someone else
Am I fit to walk alone again
Or will you save me from myself?
Breathe life into me
Be all that I can see
Or carry on without me
And just know I wished you well

10. Drown

Immerse yourself in the water that flows freely from my hands. You’ll find no substance, just the rain that we use to simply bathe and disregard. I bless my arteries with blades, and I welcome the sight of the back of my eyelids. In our most peaceful and remote state,
we’re allowed to choose what we want to feel. Mortality is the greatest gift given to the living, but a curse to those who feel that they’re truly alive. Sentenced to trespass, I should spin towards the north… but your gravity has left me alone and I’m left to roam as an
apparition. Abandoned, I am a phantom limb in search of a frame to spread my plague. If the light leaves you blind, just shut your eyes and embrace the undertow. Let the waves puncture your lungs. In my dreams we drown together. Everything goes black but I can see you
just fine. Condolences flourish and fall upon my feet and help pollinate the dirt that sits in the pit of your stomach. I need to shed the idea of a lasting impression. Make peace with my spirit breach. Everything goes black and I still see you in my dreams. Lower your
head to sleep and let me do the same. I’m confident that we will meet again, every time you wade in a body of water. I am the light that leaves you blind, but I watched you retreat and cover your eyes. In your rivers I reside. In dreams we drown together. Everything goes
black but you will see me just fine.

11. Solace

We shiver in the pause between words. Abandonment still fresh upon the tips of our tongues. The whispers we’ve chosen to live and die in will infect deaf ears with the discordance of deceit. Why do we scream when there is nothing left to say? Silently acknowledging the
solace in loss. I am content with throwing everything away because I lost myself when I found you. Carry me back to your bed, my conscience is my coffin and I swear sometimes I’d rather be dead. Make sure that I still feel, I don’t care how much it hurts. I’ll always be
numb on my side of the earth. In the dark I watched the light hit your skin, hoping that my eyes might never adjust. Soft sounds save me from the confines of sleep because hearing your voice once was never enough. I think I’ve finally identified the Difference. I think I
live in both my hell and my home. I will forever be a slave to your distance, don’t let me in, don’t let me go. Carry me back to your bed, my conscience is my coffin and I swear sometimes I’d rather be dead. Make sure that I still feel, I don’t care how much it hurts.
I’ll always be numb on my side of the earth. Don’t let me in, don’t let me go. (In this moment) I’d rather die than live without you. I’d rather die.

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