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album: "The Difference Between Hell And Home" (2013)

1. Lost
2. Ghost
3. Debris
4. Outlier
5. Witness
6. Decay
7. Compass
8. Wither
9. Cursed
10. Slave
11. Soil

1. Lost

As far back as I can remember
The failure was always there
It was the only real companion that I have ever had
Not meant to live like this

Consciousness is nothing more than a vicious cycle
And I am being bled dry by my conviction
I've spent my life trying to find my confidence
And found absolutely nothing

Life is a lost cause
Too weak to carry on
I wish I'd never met who I once was
Not meant to live like this

Pursuing the love in all that I have lost
But I have left myself neglected
Deserted from the start
Longing for a chance to wander
A chance to chase my aspiration

When you're devoid of feeling
You just do as you're told
Hatred is exhausting
But it's all I'll ever know

2. Ghost

Born of two; raised by four
I guess I took it all for granted
And only three remain

Even though you're wounded
I know that you're still here
I don't blame you
You just can't face the change

We spend our golden years as living ghosts
Caught in a constant state of purgatory
We are only burdened by our memories
Until the day they cease to exist
And we follow shortly after

Although I wonder if at any time
Our minds fell upon the same plane
I know they did
I just wish I had a chance to go back and appreciate it
But we'll always have the winter
And the snow that got you trapped behind the glass
You may be only a shell of the man that you used to be
But I love you just the same
And I will until the day you're gone

I just never know if I'm communicating with you or the disease
And even though I curse the idea of an afterlife
I still hope you're taken care of
You deserve to be at peace
Please don't forget my face
I won't forget to remember you

3. Debris

Everything ends
At least that's what we hope for
Plagued by our past
And we're doomed to repeat ourselves

Afraid of the thoughts that dance in revolutions
And circle the mind like a snake
Binding me
I'm just trying to feel something

Cold and stale
Searching for warmth inside of every promise wasted
You wrap yourself around me
But I can only sense your presence
You're nothing but a carcass

I've never felt more alone than I did on those nights
I spent watching you sleep
You're the furthest thing from me
And you've been there from the start

An empty shell
You're vacant and it scares me to death
One by one
I watched them leave me behind like living debris
Fortunately, I know that I'm not worth it
In my purest form, I was never good enough for anyone
Why did I think that this time it'd be different?

I came bearing only the beat of my heart
And the best of my intentions

I tried my hardest but I couldn't make you feel a fucking thing

4. Outlier

I live with the awareness of my own seclusion
Existence fueled by separation
A war I will not win
Embracing only alienation
To suffer is to abandon the only home I've ever had

I don't belong here
The present state of existence acts as a refuge for the weak
To shield our eyes is to blind mankind

Refusal to secede
Inhabiting a world of filth which others have condemned
We won't live our lives for them
Human hatred is my second nature
This is the root of my isolation
I am what I am
And I am an outcast

Don't look for me in the clouds
When I am beneath you nowhere to be found
Submerged in apathy
It's just becoming hard to care
And I am nothing

I have grown sick of the sound of my own heartbeat
And while the whole world breathes in unison
My lungs are my shield
To reject the world around me

I am what I am
And I am an outcast

5. Witness

Expose me for all that I am
The man behind the masquerade
I am my own false witness

Fact resides solely in the depths of my mind
And will I ever really let it come to surface?
You only see what I want you to see
And you believe all that you're told

Serenity is a beautiful hoax, a liar
I have the whole world convinced of my contentment
No truth in this
I've lost count of all the times I've made it home alive...
And wished I hadn't

Expose me for all that I am
The man behind the masquerade
I am my own false witness
I'm left to conquer the mountains in my mind
And I am my maker

Life is what's killing me
I hate the fact that I'm just fine
Forever seeking anything to take responsibility
Life is what's killing me
I hate the fact that I'm alive
Forever searching for my scapegoat because
I refuse to face reality

At least I can say I tried to cherish
Every single day when I woke up and didn't want to die
I'd work my hands to the bone
Trying to stay suspended in those specific seconds
But I know I'm just counting down the minutes
Until I'm miserable again

6. Decay

The grave welcomes you with open arms
Last light escapes, last breath remains
Circling the body
Brushing past the skin and bone
It cradles you, your holy manger

Born into ruin, we feel withdraw
Death is your procreator, your predecessor
From your decay grows a beautiful garden
The stalks caress your failure
And the petals bring you closer to eternity

Pray for your rebirth
Pray for your chance to bloom
The heart starts and stops
The mind disconnects
As flowers, we grace the earth with our presence
The tide rises and turns
And we simply expire

Our lungs fill with the essence of the universe
Until we feel the gentle kiss of dawn draw the water from our lungs
And we can breathe easy
Like night and day

We have never met aching for one another
We aim for congregation
You are my prey
You are the martyr
The blight takes its toll and our bodies grow black
Wilted, we fade away rotted from the root
We exchange our stem for legs
We blossom into our bodies
And the process has been reset

Welcome to your new home

7. Compass

The weight came and went and took my will to live
Spoiled by defeat, forced to drown in what's left of me
That's when breathing became routine
And I could feel myself fading

No direction, I am a compass
Constantly spinning
Constantly searching for the end
Never reaching our destination
But the goal was never when
Or where
Or who...
It was only you

I appeared in your arms as if I had been born there
You promised you'd never let me go
But I don't know what I believe anymore
Affection allowed me to let the light in
The fear made me whole again
Help me rebuild my broken bones
Help me regain my sanity
But with caution always present
Our pasts manifest themselves
And we act as if this is what we deserve
But I refuse to fail again

I'd force my ghost to write your name in the flowers on my grave
I watched the world give up on me

I used to spend my nights praying for air in my bloodstream
Now I long to feel your breath pass throughout my arteries
The goal was never when
Or where
Or who...
It was only you

I appeared in your arms as if I had been born there
You promised you'd never let me go
But I don't know what I believe anymore
Fill me with your faith and let me leave

I'm scratching at my skin to take my mind
Off the absence we've created
The lines blur together like the veins in my arms
And I wish I wasn't so alone
You are the difference between hell and home

8. Wither

I am more than familiar with feeling empty
The conduit, I allow myself to drain
My mind is the trench in which I will be buried
Watch me wither away

Put me our of my misery
I can only find solace in sleep
A sub-conscious sanctuary
I am longing to be set free
Yet I am the one who holds the key
I am the one who holds the key

A lifetime spent trying to place the blame
On anyone or anything
This is not who I am
I am not who I used to be
Set me free

9. Cursed

We ache to be transparent
We run from the "open" arms;
The facade of something greater than ourselves
And we're left to coexist with infestation

Our history is cursed
Through the past, present, and future
If they're created in his image
Then his image is disgusting...
And even he can't wipe you clean

How can someone see so far ahead
While they're spending every day on their knees?
Is the view from above really worth the judgement passed?
The fear, the lies, and the manipulation?
A doctrine bathed in ignorance
And written in the blood of the enslaved

And I have never lost my faith
I just never had any to begin with
I would sooner die for my sins
Than pray for my forgiveness
Sew my palms together
And crucify the thoughts in my mind

Awaiting Armageddon
Neglecting to exercise the demons in your head
You're "born again,"
But you're better off dead
Conversion or a casualty
Renounce and save yourself

Is the view from Heaven really worth all of the judgement passed?
The pestilence that you've inflicted
And the souls of all the loved ones we've lost?
We are the sheep that rose against the shepherd
We are the ones you led astray
Embrace the light in your heart
Not the one in the sky

Saints and sinners rejoice
We will all rot together

10. Slave

If I allow the light to leave my eyes
I will never see again
The thoughts disintegrate into cognitive pollution
Abandoning my body, renouncing my existence
Show me the meaning of happiness

Trapped inside this nightmare
But I haven't slept for days
I am a slave
A slave to what I cannot see
Are we being strung along or are we just strung out?

The quest to be clairvoyant:
You are your own black hole
How much longer do I really have
When I wish every breath would be my last?

Your words like rope
Tied around my throat
Remove the earth beneath me
Watch my spirit sink

11. Soil

Tragedy is all we have in common
And at times we allow it to swallow us whole
Drawing the marrow from our misfortunes
To ignite the fire that's inside
Inhale the smoke from the burn that leaves you breathless
Breathing life into the lifeless
Dragging them into the sun and exposing them as apparitions

But is there dignity in living as an entity?
"You could have made history and we are already forgetting about you."
Humanity is poison
And we are lost without a cure
So stop your heart and start the healing process

I am not fit to walk among you
But I don't want to end my life
And just know that if I knew of any common ground
I'd leave here now
And I would find a home that I could die in
Just to say I tried to rest in peace

Erase me from your memory
The ones we love will let us down
And the rats will feed off of our failure
Eventually, this is something we must accept

The world moves on without us
We leave only footprints that fade away in time
Walk with fire and save yourself from vagrancy
We leave our spirits to retrace our steps

You are your memorial
Find your mark and make it
The soil is the last thing we ingest
We watch our ashes scatter
You are your own memorial
Find your mark and make it

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