Dark Lyrics


1. An Endless Dream State

2. Dysania

I cannot withstand
This wretched vulgar place
A monument to my distaste
Compressing my lungs cursed by dysania
Tones of torment I now create
Barricaded by boundless hurt
Fragments of me bound & burnt
Cynical plans flooding my thoughts
Images of this place buried in the dirt

You know we've been here far
Too long to say goodbye
I swear I heard your spirit sigh
Counting the times we wish we never had
I'm taking my life back

This very air is thin and wreaks of fury
With the surmise of my theory
Adrift in blackness home to obscurity
But liberated for eternal discovery
So in the end we'll take our memories
Throw them into the wind
Forget life's cold and heartless melodies
Smile for the last time
With this in mind and close our eyes

3. Colours

4. The Book Of Tragedy

5. Discoloured

This is no ordinary story you can't just read between the lines,
You'll never turn a page in hope to find the slightest peace of mind.
Discoloured pictures line these hollow corridors,
Where in salvation blurs my thoughts become the rise and fall of things to come
Though the tables turned I feel your still with me somehow
My heart is fire for the words you left with me
Burning to see a brighter future as clouds move in the lights grow dim,
I search the soul within
Light rain envelopes me cold to the touch bitter to taste,
They still have their king but I have lost my ace

I've colored the pictures in between the lines
I thought this story was ours to write
Despite the fall, we'll find our way
Still it feels so cold without your flame

It's not that I'm disappointed you've become more than everything
And the world will know your name tonight
I don't care if it's no important I just wanted you to see
Because I'm right, the whole world will scream your name tonight
All this blistered skin screams is piercing notes blurred empty love
They still have their king but I have lost my ace

6. Disconnected For Infinity

Moving through the trees a voice is calling me
Out to meet it face to face
Guile as the softest breeze it
Whispers to me "Did you forsake yourself?
Do you recall your name?"
Pressing on me
To realize what has come to be
Disconnected for infinity
One last time I'll make you remember
Will you bind the ties that were severed?
I'll tear down the sky
In hope to bring you to me
I don't care if it kills everything.
I wouldn't leap but for a reaching hand
But all I see is a moon and a lonely man
I'm a poor man when it comes to
The wealth of love
A slave to the recession of you
I look to the midnight clouds and find myself
Lost in the stars the lone wolf howling at the moon
One last time I'll make you remember.

7. Live.Learn.Love

Picking up the pieces of a shattered dream
Ain't as easy as it seems
But how much longer can I spend on my knees
Open your eyes to the world of the living
Close the curtain on the world of the dead
Rise above fear and regret

I know I'm not perfect nor do I try to be
But something things at work within us
My angel let's take this back to the start
Cause even though we're apart
Something still stirs in our hearts for today

Live with hope glistening
Learn the vibrant beat in this song
I love to sing to this broken choir
Finally seeing more than plain black and white
If I touch the stars in my sleep at night
Night after night
I'll dedicate my life to making it happen
And when I struggle with myself day after day
I'll clench my fist for what will greet me next

Now it's time that I forget. I'm no longer scared of death
Live. Learn. Love.

8. Hollow Thoughts Of An Aimless Man

My shadow has consumed me and now all light passes through
In one ear and out the other salvation dissipates when I think of you
Standing at the point of no return I came to find myself
Hesitating and looking back on a life guided by a hearse
Beating through this empty chest the sweet nothingness
Looking at this faceless name destined to a premature death
Solitude is where I live pathetic is how I've come to be.
Feeling its strength upon my breath until my skin turns black and blue

Sometimes I wonder why I feel so close to death
Stretched thin and hanging by a thread
Waiting on the edge of something I can't escape,
Could it be that I'm the reason all this pain is now the final breath I take

I've been led astray by no one other than myself
This labyrinth inside my head is like a personal hell
Finally I've come to an end after sifting through the shit
Only to find the last piece of the puzzle doesn't even fucking fit

This dream has taken its toll on me.

9. Obscured Visions

Wandering through timeless delusion
As bones pave my way through the filth
Where once stood kindred souls that now rot in the hatred around me
This is bitter to endure, dreary and horrid
Death itself is little worse, monstrous fate condemned us all
Obscured visions paint a picture of a rotting world
Unnaturally dark & still

Time cannot erase our inner worth,
Will this be our last day on earth

Their souls may burn in hell but there's time to save ourselves
Just save ourselves their souls can burn in hell
My wounds rip open again but they're way past bleeding
My veins have long since dried, my ears still hear them screaming
Butchered in the blood they shed

Time cannot erase our inner worth,
Will this be our last day on earth
What madness is this? Shaped figures of the damned
The fall of the testament of man

10. Catalyst

Your agony is bliss to me with every failure I breathe new life
I'll live to see your dying day, feel the guilt the misery
You are repulsive, your deeds are sickening
To me your name is so fucking repulsive

Lost and astray a mirage of deceit,
Pacing tormented roads of memories

Your words are venom in my veins
But they're worth nothing more than clay
I will deconstruct the foundations of what you meant to me
Soon you will burn in treachery no one will hear your empty cries
Your lungs will bleed out, you will slowly die
I'll watch the light fade from your fucking eyes
I am numb with bitter hate when I see clouded eyes on my angels face
Ripped wings from her back lies and deceit plaguing her dim lit past
Even if it leads me to hell, I swear I'll drag you down with me
Down with me.

11. Monolith

Another day slips by unnoticed when time means everything
We watch it all waste away again fading, fading into nothing
Suddenly I felt a fire like the surface of a sun
Another day brings forth the hatred, burnt in a battered mind
Thought I could push through this hopelessness
Breaking into pieces
Wake up to the fool that I've become
The suffocating weight of age, tearing limb from lifeless frames.
My fragile human cage

I can't seem to find myself,
I'm lost chasing something

Conviction choking me,
Compelling me to change I can't seem to find myself,
I'm lost chasing something
I can't seem to find myself;
I'm lost in a dream
Another day just out of reach
Thought time meant everything
To have seen what I've seen
Is to fathom the end of all things I wish I could believe in me again.

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