Dark Lyrics


1. Divulge

Our lives are not formed by a pre-determined disposition
But by the manifestation of conscious awareness
Move your thoughts into reality, there's more than what we perceive
Match your hearts frequency
To life's omnipresent energy
I've never felt so free
With my energy

2. Know Peace

I wish to set a fire in your mind, to strike you like lightening through the heart.
I want to break down the walls that keep you blind and rebuild them
With truth, love and light.

Feel the pace is quickening, a spirit storm of the consciously waking
Still the mist is thickening, undiscerning souls at bay with the deafening

We were born from the mud,
As entities of love,
Soul mind and body entwined

Enshrine and revive that hunger to reach the sun
For then the cowards will run
For the dark with their serpent tongues

Spent my nights distant from nature
Now in my head I have to face this creature
I'll close my eyes and appreciate this place of pleasure
A battle for bliss, A gravitational pull
Into the wilderness

Peace, Heiwa, Frieden, Salaam. Peace, Hotep, Sossego

"The weak cannot forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."
So be a wise man, or be a dead man
Be ignorant but in the end you know you're still fucking wrong.

My journey led me to dismantle the soul gate.
Now disconnected from this cycle of relentless hate.
I kneel before the river of life that flows out space and time.
And wash myself clean of all the filth that plagued my life.

Enshrine and revive, be the tree above the status quo
Hate filled seeds won't let you grow
Make it love and everything will flow

I have been graced with eyes that pierce the blackness
And I will change to make myself an example
The world will know peace and it will start with me
And it will start with us.

3. Segitiga Spirit Ground

Now as my death brings an end to the hurt,
And my body is one with the earth.
My soul transcends above this universe
I know the truth about what I'm worth

A voice descended from the constellations
And echoed through the trees
The moon and the stars calling us to meet
Where the sun sets fire, to the sea

If you take away my light,
Then I'll decide to live in shadow
To face all the ages of this world alone

With eyes unclouded witness my rebirth
I grew tired of all the propaganda
And found myself in this sick utopia

We create

Only hate for the oppressors
We are the slaves and they're the masters
Hear me now we are the answer

If you take away my light,
Then I'll decide to live in shadow
To face all the ages of this world alone

We create our ideal place or state.

4. A Lunar Trance

My eyes adjust to the dark, I see them clearer now
The cancers hooded and cloaked before the sea
Of universal fear, a womb forged, I dove for eternal swim.
"Submerge to abyss,
Drown and die in the rising tides.
Repossession into light, decipher the fire and return to night"
I won't be institutionalised, For a journey forms inside
We are the substance they are trying to hide
Behind another subcontracted lie
Engineered version of mankind,
Subjects Forced to procreate work and die
The fruitless sublime design
They've made the skies grey, To lock our minds away
In this planetary cage, A fathomless truth awaits
My feet ache, Can't fucking walk straight, Can't shake this headache
I thank you for this pain now I can focus my rage
The only tyrant i accept is the silent voice within
That voice within
"I've been to the ends of the soulless black.
Felt the chill climb up my back"
Death, consumes us all. spawning the phrase for the corrupt to fear
"Fear, our soaked pours of fermented pain"
I hear children dying, I'm here naked and crying for their lives
Minds poisoned locked away from light
Evil comes for each and every child.

5. Heart Logic

As long as those bright eyes gleam up at me
Ill smash through all adversity
To the voices that scream along with me
Your true people here deliberately
You are my everything so fuck the petty diversity,
My heart won't submit to tergiversation the apparent state of duality
A logic born from a focused rage of clarity that bloomed inside of me
I'll never preach from the book of tragedy
What I am now is what I have been
For I am a spawn of infinite awareness
What I will be is what i do now
We gave our minds and our bodies
And this is what we've got in return
Its so surreal watching dreams and reality merge,
And we're still so far from the end of the story
But all the world's fame and money
Could not compare to what we've gained already
Know this, know this, you're my only reason to live
In life we find pure gems in non-physical stasis
Show me your heart, open your mind
Relinquish the senses and see me.
Lost myself in the smoke and the haze,
Stuck looking at the world through a toxic gaze
Dependent on a love sick phrase
Dictated my deranged fucked up ways
No more breath for own sympathy
As there's millions without anything
This broken choir that's deafening
Can shift the minds of humanity
Now forget the mind and the body,
look deeper inward, I'm sure you will learn
that you could heal all the pain in the heart of the world.
and we're still so far from the end of the story,
so fuck all of the fame and money
and just enjoy what life brings in our journey

Thanks to rhysmark35 for sending tracks ## 2, 3 lyrics.

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