Dark Lyrics


1. Flama Tenebrarum

Black candles burn
In the halls of blood
You are doom of returning to hell

The inverted cross
Of the unholy king
Is starting to rise burning

The flames of hell
Burn the angels
They fall down
At his feet

The pentagram
Light us the way
To blasphemy

The whitest snow
Full of blood
Is at my feet

The virgin’s blood
So pure

2. Victoria Cruenta

I’m a slave of my pain
I’m the abomination
I’m the wanderer
I’m the reaper

I have risen from the dead
Thousands of years I have fought
Enslaved in darkness I lie
Blood of Christ on my hands

Torches light the realm
Of pain and pride
Horror to the mortals
Creatures of destruction

Long ago I have dreamt
Of a new dark age
Now it’s happen
This is the time

Forces of darkness they rise
From the abyssic hell
Now it’s happen

The dark clouds have come
The angels are being raped
Soon day will be night
Children of darkness kill

3. Jesus Cunt Lickers

Screaming for god
Those meaningless lives
Hoping to find a place
To rest their fucking ass

Burn their bodies
Cut their fingers
Fucking hypocrites
It’s time for them to die

Innocents? Don’t make me laugh
You were the ones that fucked this shit
Ignorants! Don’t make me puke
You are just a piece of shit

Jesus cunt lickers just fuck off
Eat sperm bastard sons

Holy blood
Dying salvation
Just fucking die

4. Crown Denied

Cut off your head with an axe
A long time I wanted this to happen
All I wanted was for you to die
This is the best moment of my life

Your life had no meaning
You were so miserable
Together we defeated you
You and your pathetic lambs
They believed in your lies
That made them meaningless

Now that you are gone
It made us free
Free from your lies
And your stupidity

5. Throne Of The Proud

I watch the lakes of beautiful melancholy
Glorious is the day of their birth
Ancient trees of noble strength
Honoured by thy force
Old caves of sacrifice
Forever they’ll be worshipped

Castle of torture be our reign
For your walls have our blood

Your strength made followers
That will kill in your name

Triumphant is your heart
Once more standing proud
Your dark is the essence of my soul

A lot didn’t resist you
Of your pagan existence
You made us proud
And forever we will kill for you

6. Holy Masturbation

Listen to me you stupid freak
You must die for your sins
Ages ago you came here
And for what? To be loved

So much time we endured
We must be fuckin’ saints
So much time we endured

We must be just
Some freaking whores
We must be just a piece of shit

Come on you bastard
Get on your knees
Look at the pentagram
Shinning so bright
Forever enslaved forever might
Put your tongue out
And lick the goat horn

7. Ave Domini

Forever “his” name is truth
Rising to the stars he prevails
Crushing their minds with fear
“His” honour is sin

I am one of “his” sons,
Satan lord take my soul
I give you this sacrifice,
Satan lord take my soul
In my heart the flame burns,
Satan lord take my soul
Ave Domini Satanas

Bring us pain great spirit
Strangely we await
Going towards eternity
He dwells within the flame

To the stars we rise
To face the lie
I will be with him
Right at “his” side

I have given my soul
To Satan lord
I will suffer the pain
For this is the game

8. All Hail... (Master Satan)

In the deeps of hell
He dwells in the flame
Laughing at the feeble souls
Of christian filth

All Hail Master Satan

Jesus cunt wide open
Pleased with his cross
Virgin Mary’s ass open
Fucked by Satan’s horn

Hate towards life
The coming of war
The hypocrites have fallen
Into the fiery abyss

In cold limpid skin
His wounds are art
Blood drops of pleasure
In the fiery abyss

Nocturnus Horrendus ‒ Vocals, Guitars & Bass
Ignis Nox ‒ Keyboards, Programming

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