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1. Zombiefuck

tasty and crunchy oatmeal flakes on the table
corpse flakes for the whole daisy family
fabulous zombiefuck

for the first meal it's important to eat
some finger, a piece of brain, chew on a thigh bone
but more important to eat the zombiefuck in Scooby Doom's plate

you didn't think it was possible to talk about a firt meal
on a death metal record ?
everything is possible

ah i almost forgot ... remember to brush your teeth after every meal
it's not nice to have a finger in between your teeth

2. Left Hand Petting

in front of the TV
i,m looking for my favorite show
left hand petting
i never miss an episode

my dog is on the couch with me and chews my neighbor
i can't hear the TV well

there's the show
it always starts at this time
a fixed appointment for a family evening

as you see this album talks about family
about the true values of life : cannibalism

left hand petting
a show that never existed
a title of this album

3. Beverly Hills Corpse

oh my Cadillac
i eat asphalt from my hands with the corpse in the trunk
sunglasses, trendy shirt, latest model chain saw

i see cut up corpses on colored roller blades
running on the sidewalk

eating creamy ice cream
they greet me smiling
not knowing that they're only
other right hands for my collection

Beverly hills corpse
a beautiful place for a relaxing vacation

4. High Skull Musical

gorgeous and smiling young people
dreaming about becoming famous
trying on in front of the mirror new colored socks

the curtain opens
and skeletons of puppets act guided by invisible strings

art inside a can on a supermarket shelf
for sale at discounted price

buy also a can opener
you'll discover these and that your socks' color faded

high skull musical
a simple box of colored socks
that won't let ideas die

5. Fucked with the Head in the Oven

always a big mess in this kitchen
right legs with right arms
right noses with round saws
a can of raspberry jam full of orange ants

but what is this toilet paper doing on the table ?
the last model left it there
and now it's time for breakfast

her skull is the main dish on our table
take a spoon and a portion
or otherwise put you head in our oven
and you can be a part of our table

6. No Woman No Grind (Bomb Marley)

no woman no grind
i remember when we listened to Carcass
looking at mutilated corpses in the pathologist's room

we still have good hearing
and we can't forget
how beautiful it was
to paint with that models' blood

sew up the wounds
and don't spill all this blood
otherwise you'll get my carpet dirty
and it won't be a good thing for you

my feet are the only means to play the drum kick
therefor i have to play grind
hoping that my carpet will stay clean

7. Pure Holocaust

load the spoons and shot when i say so
the powerful sound of the cafeteria's bell is ringing

the kitchen full of a million potatoes
all to be peeled and cooked
with knifes and black pots

the holocaust has just begun
and the march of fat cooks
sweating seven shirts
want to deprive us of our puree

we'll all eat well when the next bell tolls for lunch
forks will be in a cloud of steam with such a huge wooden spoon

8. Decoupage with Body Parts

decoupage with body parts
a hobby for grandma daisy
they will serve other meat puzzles
and rolling compressors to break bones

leftovers of hand boxes for the new talent
painted flowers amidst ligaments of muscles
and arterial streets

decoupage with body parts
we're going to the obituary for the big monthly shopping
female doctor cockrot has saved for us the best parts

decoupage with body parts
do you want to participate in our art show ?

9. The Revenge Of The Soap

the tooth brush thinks it has killed the soap bar
but it has too many bristles over it's head
and forgot that one can slip on soap

suddenly many soap bubbles come out of the sink
that wasn't the end of the soap bar

the battle went on for a few more minutes
then they realized that fighting wasn't so important
and each one went back to Finnish their own tasks

the tooth brush went back to brushing teeth
the soap bar continued to get used
and the world keep going as usual

10. Splatter Deluxe

splatted deluxe
see whatever you'd like to see inside of the cylinder
splatter deluxe
it's just the name of the show

if you think you'll see a cake - you'll certainly see a cake
if you think you'll see a chair - you'll certainly see a chair

splatter deluxe
choose what you'd like to see
splatter deluxe
there are no questions
there are no answers
if you think you'll see illusions
certainly you'll see illusions

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