Dark Lyrics


1. Scooby Doom

his album will tell us more about our hero.
This one is about Scooby Doom
that's not the famous dog,
it's Mr. Daisy's pet.

It's a dachshund that sleeps all the time waiting for grandma
to leave some cake unattended.

Scooby Dooby Doom
That's the chorus
Sing along with us.

It's a good friend to take a walk with,
and a good sleuth-houd for rabbits and femurs.
The collection is almost done.

Scooby Dooby Doom
Never feel blue.

2. War Of The Toilet Gear

The toothbrush aims at controlling the sink.
The soap is on the other side
but it will soon wear out.

A war of fantasy
that makes no casualties when the song is over,
we won't miss our target.

Mr. Daisy is monitoring the battlefield
but he's on the toilet bowl right now.
The newspaper he's reading bets on the one who has already won
Proclamation of supremacy.

There never were any weapons of mass destruction.

I was forgetting some gore
Broken baby arms
Charred corpses
Cheap bowel sale
No more imagination there.

Guess what this one is about!

3. Sachertorture

There's a brand new cake on the housewive's table
Don't ask us about its ingredients
Mr. Daisy's grandma always makes some for her grandson
but he's busy portraying his models.

Mr. Daisy will taste this delicacy later
Something is moving in the dough
Hey but that's a finger!

Granny always adds some goodies
for her favourite grandchild
for families of any kind

4. I Cum Glue

I cum glue
A collage of papier-machine
I cum glue
to stick colored cardboard sheets together.

Children can play with vowels
Teachers with consonants
Mommy with the apostrophe.

I cum glue
An excuse to misspell a song title
I cum glue
Cannibal Corpse will have fun.

The colored sheets are joined in various shapes.
Fantasy makes glue drip out of the nose.

Pick the letters
and put them together
Endless amusement
colored cardboard sheets.

5. The Shower Must Go On

That shower is broken down all the time.
Water is running down the drain.
When is that plumber coming?

I can hear my neighbour Homer
He's having his shower right now
just hear him singing loud!

His pipes are filled with fish
So he can have some nachos
under the shower.

We're getting flooded here instead.
I'm gonna wait a bit longer
then I'll go get some nachos too.

6. Corpsex III (The Secret Ingredient)

We've now come to the end of the trilogy.
We can now reveals
that the secret ingredient
is just one:

This dessert is so tasty
Raspberry jam
is the secret.

7. They Won’t Stay Dead

Alright, we can deal with some gore now
Somebody might want to hear
a few more gruesome tales.

Keep in mind that Mr. Daisy
stocks up from refrigerator number 29.
Dr. Cockrot always has fresh meat there.

Look at those fingers
They could do for fiches
For a backgammon game

Guts spread all over CD booklets
pictures of dead guys and mean titles
Why not a nice field of flowers for an artwork instead?
or a lady eating cookies?
There would be some content at least.

8. Once Upon The Motocross

It sounds just like that other song...
But wait: it's motocross!!!!!
Make up your own lyrics for this song,
talk to yourselves about anything you want,
after all you won't even read the lyrics on this booklet.

....oh, so you are still reading?!
Once Upon The Motocross,
that sport where you ride a bike
and mud smears the crowd.

How do you fancy making some interactive lyrics,
you decide what they're about,
and we play the instruments for you to sing over.
Once Upon The Cross,
we're here just to amuse you,
and to amuse ourselves.

9. Seis Seis Seis (Ricky Martin Version)

[Brujeria cover]

10. Stop That Pigeon

Pigeons are useful for spicing your balcony,
and making nice brown drawings,
and playing the background for an orchestra.

They can spin around,
they can turn their heads,
and wake us up in the morning with that sweet sound.

Our friend uses them as plungers,
and brushes for his paintings,
so he can distract the soap bar.
He supports the toothbrush.

The pigeon theatre is in town,
what a nice sight,
but all must stop now:
The soap bar has been hit!
The pigeon is fleeing.
Stop that pigeon!
How will this war end?

11. Winnie The Poo

Just remove the h
and you get the smelliest teddy-bear
that children ever had.
Your kid's cot will no longer be the same.
How many mums will strive
to have that h back to its place?

The CD is almost over,
and as you saw on the black cover
the toothbrush beats the soap.
But don't be afraid.
Mr. Daisy will be back with more stories to tell.
Promise there will be more corpses next time,
and Winnie the Poo will get its h back.

If you can't speak Italian you won't get a world if the last song.
So go back to the lyrics for song 8 and read the last two lines again.
You can do that fir the it her lyrics as well.

12. Gorissimo

Bravo, bravissimo.
Gore, Gorissimo.
Tu fai pizza, io fa spaghetto.
Fai un giro, fai un altro.
Fai la giravolta, fai la pizza cotta.
Fai la faccia rotta, gonfia la tua torta.
Bravo, bravissimo.
Gore, Gorissimo.

Andrea "CoRpSe" Cipolla - guitars
Marco De Ritis - bass
Stuart Franzoni - drums
Marco Riccardi - guitars
Jack "Sasa" Limone - vocals

Thanks to ryan84924 for sending these lyrics.

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