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1. Left To Die

Wash my hands do as you will take Jesus Christ to hang on the hill no mercy was spared on that day packed his cross paved the way nailed to a cross for all to see one in each hand and one in his feet a crown of thorns placed on his head stabbed in his side and was left to die the blood flowed and has since that day saving us all but only by grace in romans ten you will see how easy it is to be set free all this he done for you gave his life for you to choose through the blood there is power, cleansing, heating, eternal life three days had passed what did they see the stone rolled away not a big mystery Jesus Christ alive and well defeating death and conquering hell said he would go to prepare us a place for those follow and obey Christ will return his arms open wide together his church to reign by his side

2. Regret

Stone cold in the grave six feet under in your little cave death you thought was the only answer then life forgot and hell begun lost alone in the place grasping for something trying to keep face your head is above the water only to give your suffocating dying to live wanted to die but always denied never believe in being set free you decided which way you would go now death begins finally you're there and life is gone the tour was short and now it's done you had the chance to turn it around now your wasted away under ground remorse and regret of wasted times spent when out of control a puppet to the master of your soul to blind to see in hell you dwell dying to live

3. Diversions

Hypocritical diversions your life's a pit of death sowing seeds of abomination blinded to the I Am's light keep going in your ways you'll split hell wide open while your pride and your lies dissipate in darkness hear the cry to repent your sins will find you out diversions knowing the truth received the seed yet you reveal carnality preach his word speak Satan's lies slowly becoming fossilized keep going in your ways you'll split hell wide open while your pride and your lies dissipate in darkness hear the cry to repent your sins will fin you out diversions hypocritical diversions total death is in sight south of heaven is where you'll go if you don't release your soul keep going in your way you'll split hell wide open show your pride and arise dissipate in darkness

4. Deceived

No eye has seen no ear has heard no mind conceived what God has prepared for those who believe a man with out God does not accept can't understand because he is spiritually dead here is the wise here is the scholar live for today nothing else matters heaven is now death is tomorrow wake up you foolish man a time is coming when all shall see the splendor and glory awaiting you and me where will you be when facing God when all you knowledge won't mean a lot and now you see you should have believed but it's too late to enter heaven's gates the gnashing of teeth where the worm dieth not you made your home where you reside now where is the wise now where is the scholar he lived for that day now everything matter reality of false teaching foolishness in his wisdom cost him his life do no deceive yourself

5. In Doubt

I can not understand why this is happening to me I can't understand all going through pains I can't understand I just want to be free my soul is confused by these troubles of life dear God why is this happening to me I question my life and the way that I live am I no good enough for you why must I go through these things are your holy words not true for your thoughts are not my thoughts neither are your ways my ways I am the truth and the life cast your cares on me if I watch over the birds and care when they fall how much more will I relieve your strife just like Job in the days of old great troubles have come my way but just like him you will deliver me and make the path way straight so if I lean on you in times of doubt and know that you are there walking with me when I need you the most you ease my despair

6. Black Death

Black as death soul not at rest demons feast ignorance total despair tremble in fear driven down to a blank stare there's no choice but to hear his voice a feats of mind and soul think your in control a weak heart he'll rip apart no mercy no care forever screams of horror and pain you'll now feel reality is now hell

7. So Called Unity

They all talk of unity from the problems we face everyday why should we encourage what's just talk any way your impulsive jealousy where's the so called unity you mentally untrusting and definitely not inspiring resume your place among this mess the wisest of the rest the knowledge you'll never possess compensated for single mindedness bored with life you turn to test battle ground for pettiness pick at flies to justify tempers raised you wonder why? Why? It's totally unacceptable come support God's scene it's just another target harassed to the extreme

8. Faith

Faith is the hope in things not seen you have to believe in God first to receive through faith we understand the word of God the truth to reject his words would mean death to you this is the confidence we have in him to ask anything according to his will spiritual assurance answers to prayers never to allow more than we can bare prepared you for battles and personal attacks guides you on your way and never turns his back just be a believer a promise from God the overseer by believing receiving heaven shall be home no more temptation to try to lead you wrong your faith in God was the key that set your soul free eternally all things believe whatsoever you ask in prayer believing you shall receive all things believing shall receive

9. The Will

Holy and faithful my brothers in Christ peace to you be praying and asking to be filled with wisdom and understanding and knowledge of his will his will! Live a life worthy of the Lord bearing good fruit growing in his word gaining power and might rejoice for the forgiveness of sins his will! Rejoice in which was suffered for you in regards to Christ's afflictions the love for his church God's chosen people give thanks the blood was shed for you HIS WILL HIS WILL HIS WILL BE DONE

10. Dwell In

If sin builds the temple the temple is to dwell in the pit of hell walking the line till your out of time out of control guiding your soul to hell fighting with the inner man for freedom in your soul a death grip from hell was sent but has to let go it's time believe it's time to receive time to take a stand if Christ builds the temple the temple is to dwell in his perfect will clearing your life from sin of mankind never out of control or Satan guiding your soul peace with the inner man freedom in your soul God sent his son to show you the way to go it's time to believe it's time to receive time to take a stand

11. One Living God

Buddha mere dust in the earth Muhammad can't provide the new birth Zeus is but a fairy tale dead un-repented followers will burn in the reality of hell one living God mighty blood to cleanse your soul tear the false gods to shreds destruction brought on by the power of the word no other sacrifice can save your soul

12. Elimination

Solitude is wisdom infinite immortality pride can't be a factor I don't believe in destiny we always choose our leaders a true democracy but money is their idol I can't believe this blasphemy damnation of the nation fall from God elimination damnation of a nation far from God elimination your life's a tragedy your soul a fallacy and when this life is through there's no reward for you in your conversations God is left out seems we never worry what life is about what about in God we trust has that nation gone to waste we lowered the standard and turned our back making a mockery of this place we need to stand together and fight in spiritual warfare and bring God back to the united states

13. Get Behind Me

Christ bore all sin and pain gave his life; a sacrifice alive from dead defeated the grave power is ours through his name death has no power over me death where is your sting this flesh shall rot; but my soul lives on death has been swallowed up in victory evil has been defeated we are covered by his blood corpses to this world GET BEHIND ME SATAN!

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