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1. Provoking The Prophet

You make me want to break your face
Just pull the spine right through your mouth
I must degrade your god and his holy grace
To say you're sorry is to late
(You must know how I hate)

So now the war is on

It's sad to see that you believe
I spit on faith and on your kong
I must degrade your god
And his rotten lies
Provoking is the only way

Peeling your skin with my hands
So dead but yet so sweet

Rip it out
The heart of your son
Taste the blood and justify
Understand all the misery
You're in charge of our misery

2. Newcomers Of Sin

The holy way to end your life
Ride me now, the serpent colours fits your eyes

Merciless, everyone's in arms tonight
Forgiveness fails, close your eyes so close your eyes

Open the door for the next generation
Let it out for the grand manipulation
Agony, react with anxiety so taste the publicity

Suicide ring, it burns within
It's spinning around with jaws inside
Pain is lust, a deeper kind of trust
The newcomers of sin will burn and rule your king
And we will laugh forevermore
When you suffer the suicide king

3. My Sickness

As others, run around with strength
I manage only to be there
A closet with one window
We can not touch we can not speak no more

Forgive me that I leave you here
I did not choose this sickness
I'm lost with no control
I've struggled and I want some more some more

What will you do when I'm gone?
I can't control you anymore
I sit without my powers
And gently try to live

I count the days and seconds too
I can't stay longer here with you
If I could live for one more day
Just you and I for one more day

We'd spend it in a better way
Like frozen teardrops in the spring
I'm slowly dying from inside
A terrifying feeling
My lips can't speak my words no more

4. Question The Light

I have waited, I have learned
Through my blood I saw my way
This is now or never, hear my call
You found me on my dying day
Let's be holy, let's be right
Raise my devils hold me tight
I am down below
And here I live my yesterdays

The morbid ways I live my life
I let you in to die tonight
This is all forever, kill you all
Come on play this wicked game
Let's be wet and let's be tight
Drink my darkness, do me right
You are down below
We drown your sky in blood tonight

Join me here forever
Chain my heart
Join me here forever
Take my hand and lead me

Tell me the truth
Question the light
Live with it
Understand it
Bring me the secrets of the night

5. Suffer As One

I can't live with the pain
In the end it's all the same
But you can't stand the truth
I never asked you to stay

I am pushing you down
Your lips against the floor
I'm freak and I like to make you suffer like I do
I can't stop the flames
But you will thank me when I'm done
Bringing life to your lust

Don't you bother, spare me your thoughts
I sneak into your mind
I want to taste your fear inside
To figure out your kind
Filtrating my hate through your tears

So just be quiet, don't say a word
It's to late, my precious bird
We will burn like the sun
And suffer as one

6. Teaching The Sick, Feeding The Dead

I run the fast way home through the dark and dusty fields
I feel your breath licking my neck
My skin turns inside out
I feel alive, I am for real
You hunt me down, you couldn't be more right
Ah, in my nightmares I'm yours
I belive it
If you want me I'm yours
In my nightmares I'm yours
I believe it

I need the chains to hold me down and hold me tight
I need it bad and I know youe need it to
I like it cold, it's so free
So show me hell, what pain is all about

I am teaching the sick
I'll be feeding the dead

Fade out, in the end
A farewell a year too late
I'm running from my inner self
Cause I can't stand all the things
I can't stand all the lies

Crawling to my backyard
The hole to be my home
My grave to be a thousand nights
The hole to be my home

7. Procession


8. Madhouse

Just like the dead I stare blind
This house is alive
I can't believe my eyes
The dead are friends of mine

Blood, it feels my throat
My god, it's drowning me
Insane, this can't be happening
I promise not to tell

This madhouse inspires me
It frightens me
I've seen the total madness it creates
I'm on my knees, I crawl
Afraid I'm losing it, Again
Here are the ghosts again

I choke, my colours fade
I'm at the hospital
They hunt with needles today
I suffer as the play

Fast, it runs so fast
My heart is leaving me
Inside my world is shaking
I promise not to tell

9. Cardiac

Diabolical sun above me
With the effects of dying eyes
Oh lord I am innocent
Guide, take me back to life
Take me back to lies

If I lift my head before you and breathe
I am waterless in hell
And my lungs are on fire

10. I'm The New Messiah

I'm the new messiah
I will bless you all
I need you here with me, you see,
I am your destiny
The weak and poor and those who failed
We are demons, so praise the lord
The weak and poor and those who failed
We are demons, so praise the lord

In a storm of snow, the liars will fall
But keep me warm and let me be, your god, eternity

I'm the one the world couldn't live without
You will have no other gods beside me
As I lay my hands upon your face
Walk into my land and my truth unhol, unholy

Who are Jesus Christ, and the great jehova?
I guess they couldn't come, so you'll just have to play with me

Let your soul be free and then pay to me
Bring me wine and food and I'll let you live
We could live together in harmony
Just do what I say and then smile at me

Won't you smile?

11. Virus Nation

January first
A new year of forbidden life
Smoke, death and dirt
I am the virus of this earth

Hang the monkey upside-down
Pop the eye, get me some
Will you bleed for me?
If I sing for you?

The liberation of your mind, will fall
The liberation, is all

Bleed for me
The virus nation
Set it free

Lay me down in a bed of dust
Lights, sirens and screams
I am virus of your brain

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