Dark Lyrics


1. Dream Path

2. The Lethargic Age

A thousand souls are waiting, for a day that never comes
A thousand eyes still closed, cause they're afraid to see the world
Two thousand hands are bound, with golden chains they bought themselves
Two thousand legs can't walk, cause they never learned to move

Got it!

A thousand hearts are bleeding, despite the nails of unknown pain
A thousand heads are bowed, pray for mercy, pray for gold
Two thousand feet are stumbling, on the roads that lead nowhere
Two thousand ears are deaf, from the noise of luxury

Don't you know you keep the nature
Chained in dungeons black as coal
Don't you know you adore
An eagle with broken wings

Roses that never bloom
Wheels that never spin
Bells that never ring
Hands too far to reach

3. Internal Conflicts

I will crush my skull, when I feel like doing it
I will break my bones, when I feel like doing it

I will cut my veins, when I feel like doing it
I will shred my skin, when I feel like doing it


Self destruct

I will smash my teeth, when I feel like doing it
I will slash my face, when I feel like doing it

But I never

But I never will touch you

4. Caveat (To The Comming)

Children, fragile minds beware
This world is about to cut your hair
This world is about to bleach your skin
This world is about to lock you in

Gentle, fragile minds beware
This world will appear, cold and bare
This world wants to eat all of your dreams
But there is more than what it seems

you don't
You won't...change what

You could
Change what
You should

Children, fragile minds beware
Sun is about to disappear
Concrete is danger over here
Now leave that place, mayhem and fear

5. Serpent Moves

I'm moving, I'm changing

I might
Find myself
Out in
The desert's land
Raise the moon
Call the dead
Touch the sky
Curse the sand

I might
Leave myself
Out in
The desert's land
Like the serpent
Glides from its skin
With gentle moves
On floors of sin

6. Status: Still Thinking

Don't wanna know your brother's name
Don't wanna know your sister's face
Don't wanna know your mother's age
Don't wanna know your father's wage

Don't wanna know your former friends
Don't wanna know your secret thoughts
Don't wanna know the drug you're on
Just wanna know why

Don't wanna know the master plan
Don't wanna know the hours spent
Don't wanna know who wins the war
Don't wanna know whatever no more

Don't wanna see the sun today
Don't wanna see the masses pray
Don't wanna see the children play
Just wanna see

Why do I hate you?


Don't wanna hear no tragedy
Don't wanna hear the things you see
Don't wanna hear no wedding bells
Don't wanna hear no dying dance

Don't wanna feel a warming breeze
Don't wanna feel you touching me
Don't wanna feel like I'm on trial
I wanna feel I know

7. Theme For Silence


8. Paralyzed, Mesmerized

I will smile, while you still cry
I'll be in the light, while you still hide
I'll be far away, while you still sleep
And I'll always remember this believe

The end of the road
The end of a love
The end of the game
The end of the fame
The end of summer
The end of freedom
Leaving you behind like

Paralyzed, mesmerized

I will understand, while you still ignore
I'll use wings, while you still walk
I'll tell the truth, while you still have to lie
And I wonder, why you stand behind just like

9. Grin (Nails Hurt)

Oppression, weighs a ton
Depression, stains in black
Regression, the way things run
Aggression, my last resort

Love never crossed my way
Care, not even for myself
Peace means to reload a gun
Rest, I won't before I die

Nails in my brain, all that's left...just

Grin 'til I lose
Until I lose...myself

Adrenalin, a legal drug
Anger corrodes my heart
Boredom, nitroglycerine
Violence, primal fear

Nails in my brain, nails hurt

Religion, violent innocence, guilt, panic
Exposed to all - A false reality
Look all through society...
More locks than keys

10. Host

Again and again
It winds slick/lix-like to have a fire site
Perilous thorn in my brain

Parasite nimble with convulsed streams of plasma
Nestles, sure of entry, in my brain

It breeds
It sweats
It burns
It lives

Piece by piece, it knows me, and I know it
Just when it comes and when it goes
It stays by me, in secret, all alone

Whenever I do what it drives me to
It takes a little piece of me and burns it
As a tribute to its god

As its temple and its victim
My blood runs on marble floors
Just like some insane circulation
Back into my corroded heart

By then I realize
There's just one door
One door, unlocked
I open the door, and

All songs by Coroner.
Produced by Coroner.
Engineered by Gerhard Wofle.
Recorded at Greenwood Studios, Switzerland, Feb-Apr 1993.
Mixed by Tom Morris at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, FL.

Thanks to sta-me for sending these lyrics.

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