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1. Intro


2. Heeding Your Heroes (Spill Blood)

Wake up soldier and prepare your fight
Take up your weapon to defend your dreams

But your dreams are weapons in hands of others
Ideals incite anger but confound the mind

A normal day of war
Or day of life... what are you living?
Heeding your heroes
What would you do?
Spill blood, kill those like you
But your seated hero, is he true or false?

Raise yourself soldier, it is only a flesh-wround
A small obstacle can't stop your dreams

Every day a war, every day of life
Look, your friends are falling
No longer shines that sun food of dreams
While you fight don't close your eyes
or your sun will arrive at....


3. Your God Also Cries

When I feel your breathe that brushes my bare skin
Re-kindling my flames
Your velvet touch fills the room with my moaning
"Come to me, now"
Biting my lips i follow you in a passionate dance
My white knight
Why do your hands tighten on my neck?
It may break
"Don't be afraid"

I fire and pray that the eye of some pitying God
Will guide my hand and my prayer be confused with the detonation

I fire and I kill him, the monster dies
Disappears forever in the dusk of the room and my memory

Looking at the inert body you fall into remorse
A demon falls suffering as the angels die
And your God also cries when a demon dies

There's a line where everyone walks the tightrope of life
It's not killing that annihilates he who kills

Your road is easy to follow your invitation tempts me
Take me away

The abyss of temptation is open wide before me
"Don't hesitate"
Drops of perspiration like white pearls slip down my body
Demons cry
Your seductive outline in the shadow of the room, what am I doing?
"Forget it"

4. Immortal

I see my image reflected in you
Why don't you talk to me?
I understand the emptiness in your mind
What are you, my brother?

Reflection of man's fear
For the coming of darkness

There is a dream to realize....
Created by a race which believe
That the light will shine...

I want to feel what you feel
I'm afraid I'll see only a shell
You hold me and a tear runs down your face
You're trembling but I can't understand

5. Reminiscence

In my sleep convulsive shocks assault my body
I stop and see fragments of a life that doesn't seem mine
In my chest heartbeats rebound like peals of far-away bells
I've tried to forget as if the world might begin today...
...But tomorrow cannot begin over again

Silent ghost surround me and whisper...
All the visions that my mind draws
Desolation and pain
Too tearful eyes that fix on nothing
A cold wind, my flow of tears

My scream echos
In the quiet valley
Among the silent shadows
In my inside

Everything I remember
Every face, every look
Unforgotten suffering

Disquieting muses, dancing Divinity invites calls me
Continuous images mixed with psychotic cutting confuse me
Ancient seductive sounds reach me shaking my senses
I've tried to forget as if the world might begin today...
...But tomorrow cannot begin over again...

My outline design
In the pouring rain
My bloody hands
My pale face

Millions of voices
Every face, every look
Unforgotten suffering

6. Trembling Voice

Look around you everything seems calm
Look more deeply be aware of the pain

Powerful hands play every day
With the strings of puppets
Images and words deviate
The empty mind from reason

People follow everyday blindness

Like a sign from within
Trembling voice
Feel the fear but survive the abyss
Different doesn't mean worse
Trembling voice

Behind every corner, behind every door
Evil could be hidden Sometimes we feel its presence, maybe it's too strong
So you choose to go ahead

Like a sign from within
Trembling voice
Feel the fear but survive the abyss
You must follow the only road
Trembling voice

7. Cold Winter Of Fallen Stars

Running in the rivers of immense loneliness
The water, its voice, its dance, only friends
The breath that lives mists my look
Pale moon where are you?
Shining snow is melting in my hands
And pours her tears on the searing stone

No trying to escape now it's too late
Hold me tightly my spirit could die

Dimension where I'm going is unknown

With the ice in my veins I'm searching for my identity
In what image can I discover my sensations
In the sky of a cold winter of fallen stars
(I cry, I die)

There are no longer those familiar faces with whom I exchange glances
But maybe it's my face that doesn't know itself...

The sad lights of the weeping winter
Breathing the colours of an ending

Imagine the end and bare trees
Like pale skeletons that speak no more
The icy season has made bare
That which you really are, you didn't know
The voices of children I'll hear no more
They are sweet echos like ancestral sounds

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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