Dark Lyrics


1. Murder

Your eyes are not yours
They're robbed
From so called trash-people
Aren't you ashamed of their deaths
I'll confront you
With a horrible reality

Open your eyes
See their graves
Aren't you ashamed
Aren't you a-fucking-shamed

Doctor says that it will take two weeks
Unlimited supply

Your eyes are worthless
But what do you care?
You'll get some new ones
From some one who's useless anyway
It's no more distorted
The view on your life
But soon it will fail
And you will pay with your life

2. Ephemera

Born... out of the womb
I've been torn
Killed by my own breeder

But my spirit lives on
To see the horrors
They've planned with me

Ripping out of my little chest
Undeveloped slimy entrails
Making place for what seems to be
White snow that kills humanity


I'm both the body and the bag right now
I see us passing the border of betrayal

Used... all my life
Has been refused
What life?

3. Godmode

Watch the powers combine on me
As all weapons become my property
One click - You're destroyed
Unbeatable? ...Moribund!

I'm a one man army
I'm almighty
Everything around me
Laid to ash

The mighty feeling
Of being supreme
The overlord
At war

Those screaming victims
To me they scream no more
The apocalypse

I destroy all
I ejaculate

4. A Clean Whistle / American Meat

Why deny the future
Of mankind
Lays in our hands
You waste it

Playing the global hero
Only for your own
Self-interest welfare
None more you care

Why deny the future
Of mankind
Rest on your back
Your sole goal

Who'd think
To challenge now

Interfere only when your
Assets in danger
Acting as judge
Crush all our trust
Sword of Damocles
Above our heads

For all the wars
You must have fought
Taste defeat
American meat

Mighty trust crusher

5. Moribund

Scourged by ignorance
In a strench of perdition
Grub to live in oblivion
Captured in the rotting black

In the black of dirtiness
Feet starts to putrefy
Everyone limps
Everyone is congealed
Boots full of mud
Limbs are numb

To save their lives
They need amputation

No doctors around
They use grubs
O clean their wounds
To avoid infection
Shoes full of grubs
Eating the rotted flesh

Now the terror is complete

Recovering in a strench full of excrements
To die in the lavatory of the battlefield
Insane... The horrible odour of dead bodies
Human cesspool... living in the rotting black
You can imaginate

6. Truckload Of Hatred

Organised religion is fake
The excuse of weak minds
Guilty of slaughtering
Millions and millions
On the innocent ones

It's fucking hypocrite

But still there's blood
On their name
They ain't got shame
They go on
With their sick
Religious rituals
Their only relief
Of all their fears

I respect all religions
Without blood on their hands
But if I look at the past
Burning heretics
In the name of god
Even now they kill for god
The non-believer is a traitor
So sick of the view all day
Hate growls my mind
Into my mind

All that hate

7. Red Rum

Smell the stench
It's something that won't wash off
Look at me, touch me
I need you to feel the guilt

And did it bring you wealth
For all the money I got
Doesn't relate to any extend
The sacrifice, my lost

Now you spent it on some delirious drugs
Which brings you lower again
You're useless, a pesticide
A sickness that won't heal
If I still had the choice
On deciding upon your life
A thousand needles in a one way out

Look at me, touch me
I need you to feel the guilt
Smell the stench
It's something that won't wash off

For me the victim an open casket funeral
For the accused, he's innocent
Not to blame

Raised upon this wicked world
His mother was a whore
Earning crack, cracked she was
Killed when he was four

Father dear, dear he was
An angel brought up in hell

Sister cried: Daddy hurts
Hurt indeed she was

Now I call the witness, me
To the stand
And try to tell the truth
For the truth is now revealed
The jury loudly chants
The crowd they enter to

For all they want
Is blood on their hands
Blood in, blood out

8. Stahlhelm

You're still alive
You have no right
To judge upon them now

Your Nazi youth compost ideologies
Were used before
Resulting six million dead

You wanna die with
The gun on your head
Why don't you kill yourself
Before we face another world war
You don't even know what your hate
Exactly goes for

Feeble screams beware
Of something we all think of

The trick is to oppress that thought
Before we all go join them

Look around you
You'll see the same thing too

9. The Truth

The truth is now revealed
And breaking through all lies
The final words written down
Ha truths none can deny

Enslavement, oppression
Inquisition, fascism
Racism, abuse of power

The roman emperor
Used people as his pawns
Just the same way as leader do now
Man in three-piece suits
You select the people
Just like Hitler did
You distinguish
The slave from the master

The truth
Control-state creating hate
The truth
Ignorant towards their fate
The truth
Leaders killing our trust
The truth
Pointing at you
I feel disgust

Possessed by money
No regards for human values
Greed and power

The servants of the leaders
You are the lowest scum on earth
It won't be long
As we look down on you
Our hordes become stronger
We'll just await the day
When all your might
Will be overthrown

10. Dominion Fails

Aghast of the neglection
Contempt of the older generation
Righteousness is never maintained
Leaving us with the shit of million years to come

Systematic annihilation
Hostile forged hate
The spilling of the earth
Most of the guilty ones left us
Conform me by destroying all reality

Detracting about other races
Do you think that's what faith does?
I don't even wanna listen to your shit
Everything I've already heard
Blurs my vision of a pure mind
Blood has floated
Leave it all to the common thinking people

And don't try to harass me
I abducted faith
I won't listen to your shit
Your story is just an apology
Don't invite me to your feast
'Cause that's disgraceful waste
Don't make amends to me
You potential murderers

Faith doesn't stand for racism
But faith always makes war
Dominion fails

11. Brave Melvin From The Southern Point

Sometimes I close my eyes
Sometimes I open my eyes
But the view remains the same
Surrounding me is prejudice
And Melvin... that's my name

Grave disorder
White mans greed
Oppressing millions
To plant the seeds
Seeds were planted
But in the wrong way
Melvin, that's my name
And I'am black is that OK?

Brave Melvin
From the Southern point

And now we're in the nineties
And do things have changed
Changes are so many
But prejudice stays the same
The seeds are planted
But in the wrong way
Melvin is my name
I'm black is that OK?

Brave Melvin
From the southern point

Heading for the future
The pace of life increased
For making lots of money
The business man agrees
Modern day enslavement
And we all sing along
Selling souls and culture
Again we are wrong

12. Sin

Lusts of the flesh
Pleasures of the flesh so divine
It creates pain
I become slave of the lusty greed
Tempt me with your treasures
Chastise me for my desires

Frost bound squeamishness
Restrain me from
Committing my venial sin

Strange mysterious
Hunger you must feed
Divine experience
Hunger you must feed

Useless trying to release
This urge all have inside
Take a look behind the door
The hidden sins now come to life

13. The Darkest Black

All hordes prepare for this final war
The everlasting infinity
It's in the black of our hearts

Unite all hordes
Prepare to hail
Praise all the callers of storms
And chant to the darkest black

The only sound
Tormenting here
Are the storms of black fucking metal
Master hymns

The fire is gaining power
Hail to the darkest black

Thanks to Gavin Spearhead for sending these lyrics.

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