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split: "Beautyfilth / Tempter (CONSOLATION / NEMBRIONIC HAMMERDEATH)" (1993)

1. We Mourn
2. Christianity Exposed
3. Crusaders
4. Beautyfilth
5. No Hope No Fear
6. Locked
7. Part-Time God
8. Snowfall

1. We Mourn

Everytime I wake up you're gone away
Evertime I wake up life's going away
What you first were you don't even are
You spit on all of us you'll fade away
Wou've seen the light which brought you life
I recall the day whne all were one

With this never end, will this evelast
Even in this circle war has won
Won't you even change your name

Everytime I wake up you're gone away
Evertime I wake up life's going away
I hope that one day when all think as me
We'll ignore you, you need us, then you'll die

Hey listen
For all of you

"Can you imagine enhoying yourself
Without the sphere, it's ridiculous"
Can you imagine playing your dream
But still clasping some "weak" dreams

Each side of laughter, there's still the pain
You critisize but we stay the same
Just show some respect and take your shit back
Just remember you ever were once just like us

2. Christianity Exposed

Promises based on lies
Leads me to doubt myself
Fucking bastards pardon me
But if I could I will
Destroy, molest you
Lead you to your downfall

Woman, slave of man, mankind
Man has the right
To teach upon his wife
Raped in marriage
Allowed, divine
It's all written
In there, their own bible

Rape in marriage
Allowed, divine
Virgin Maty, Jesus Christ?
Nothing but creation of the mind
Results of fear

What wrong interpretation?
Just like that one of yours
It's only a pretty alternative
Don't wanna be like you
A slave surrendered by
A one track mind
Look for once at yourself
Like sheep you're led
To the fucking end

3. Crusaders

Live or pareish in the name of Christ
Crusaders of God, awaiting for him to arise
He never intended to cause you any harm
False interpretations, cause for alawam

Forever enslaved to the will of the tempter
They will not give in
Burn, torture and rape
The pagans who still live in sin

4. Beautyfilth

Right between your legs
I see the blood spilling
Rotting imaculate
Right into your eyes
I See your hatred
Running red to them

Fear is what shuts you up
Your carefree life is disturbed
By the explosion of a ripe fruit
Parental interference is the case
Of your ignorance
Whilst shame doesn't help you anymore

That you and more will be the lesson
For authorotive parent
To see their faults
And think more clear
Before breeding
Before they know it
Their will causes death


So your daddy forbid you
To ask about dirty things
Your advice from friends
To use a plug?
It got stuck and rotting
You're screaming helplessly

5. No Hope No Fear

6. Locked

If every person should act the same
Life would be a boring item
At first time it might be no problem
But life takes away all of my consciousness
You wish the best until things start to change
Just like they always will do
I've found a dor that's fucking locked
And I cannot find the key

It drives me mad, it's fucking insane

Pure hate from my mind to yours
Wouldn't it be better to die
And check out the afterlife
I'd like to beliefe in myself
Beacuse it lookds like there's nothing
What's my destiny
I'm questioning life
Why do we live?

7. Part-Time God

The sword cuts a wound in the earth
Breeding confusion
Cuts progressive growth
There's a storm approaching
Destined to ruin
Certified to demolish

Masters magic our decline
To clearer the sign
Extending lives
Leads to extinction
Part-time god
Our crucifixion

I see them die
But what for they do not know
Give me some faith 'cause I'm all lust
Get me some help, Wrath God

8. Snowfall

Massive attack of white flakes
Astonished by the time it takes
With fear I stare at teh scene
Traces where man has been

In every word in every tale
Can be made up taht it all ends up
In self-destruction

The thought of two never being one
Freezes your senses with fear
All of us and them do know
But all express differently

Man behave as the only beast
Amongst animal with hate kill
And selfish consumption

Proud of what?

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