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1. Eirgmos Aidios


2. Ere The Dark Sovereign

Conceived in Abyssal Regions
Enormous bestial figures populate the landscape
Breeding in pitch darkness
Genus endemic to the catacombs of the underworld
utterly void of sensation
asexual process of autoreplication
spawns voracious organisms of heterogeneous forms
isogenic edentulous creatures secrete
gaseous exotoxins, vaporizing and absorbing
through glandular osmosis
sustaining a sinuous structure beyond evolutionary perfection
roaming as gaunt shadows
osteoids develop mimetic ambient configurations
concealed amongst the cavernous substructure
feeding in throngs
variants subsist on discarded remnants of
the seldom edible waste of demonic skin
primeval phantoms of the nether world feast upon
rougue underlings, those of little command
unrivaled by lesser abominations
nevertheless, the darkening engergy looms
forshadowing numerous broods
still, many shall hence forth remain unvanquished

3. Baptismal Incineration Upon Simonists

In this hidden world of damnation
The crevasse of sacrilege in which the simonists remain
observe this perversion of baptism
mockery of a sacred blessing
with sacraments of infernal pain
stretching over this desolate field
millions lay buried in darkness
sinners thrust head first into the fissures of infinite induction
quivering, shaking,protruding limbs searing
blessed of the fire and oil
overwhelming torture, drawn beyond the unknown
Baptismal incineration upon simonists
reconcilement of impenitence
pastors of holy faith placed in high ranks
praised in gods name
prophets inserting fear of false prophecies
manipulation of holy power bestowed
to fulfill a covetous desire
high priests and bishops doomed to decay
as inmates of this evil land for all eternity

4. Catharsis Of Human Impurity

Torn between realities
Denounced from the heavens
cast down unto the minions
Amongst entities of pendulous condition
Virulently inspecting
assimilating the body through abstract refinements
unwillingly subjected, vivisected
afflicted beyond the boundaries of suffering
grotesque manipulation of physical form
stochastically modifying
carnally absolved of humanity, a spiritual cleansing
this vessels design is restructured
continually deformed
contorted to anomalous states
bodily manifestation of sin
rid of the imperfections of earthly flesh
torment hath not a flaw
Catharsis of human impurity
afflicted beyond the boundaries of suffering
manipulation of physical form stochastically modifying
carnally absolved of humanity, a spiritual cleansing
Such is the will of the ungodly
amongst the monastery exists no salvation
no faith preserved nor absolute atonement
forevermore shall these souls reside
for here remain those exiled from gods divine grace

5. Embodied In Elms Of Eternal Misery

Unto the depths of the seventh circle
lie pathless woods of dismal beings
of blackened leaves and misshapen trees
diseased in poisonous thorns
infested with creatures that feed on the innards
morbidly bleeding, profusely excreting
lamenting in pain and suffering intensely
behold the trees bear the faces of tortured souls
imprisoned for eternity
embodied in elms of eternal misery
denied bodily form and sentenced to captivity
embodied in elms of eternal misery
atrocious self sacrifice occludes the pristine light of paradise
deprived of bodies
souls ripped from them and thrown below to the underworld
to claim their forsaken embodiment of wood and gore
branching arms reach forth, broken and torn
spewing blood from various open sores
ravaged by beasts
feeding on their anatomy
punishing self ridden greed
embodied in elms of eternal misery
denied bodily form and sentenced to captivity
embodied in elms of eternal misery

6. Realms Of The Ungodly

Scores of enfeebled souls through the abyss descend
angels of the lord skin the color of ash
scourged from heaven,
Perpetually plummeting into the blackness of the deepest chasms
never again to return to light
in droves they grovel
obsequiously kneeling at the throne
subjugated by temptation
enticed by boundless supremacy
ignominious pupils of divinity adorned with
crowns in adoration of sacrilege most high
endowed with immeasurable power
the choir of anguish begin recitation of decrees
unholy proclamations strike the air
summoning the onset of their sovereignty over
the kingdom of eternal darkness
realms of the ungodly
the dominion from which no human soul has ever won salvation
held forth
saturating the forgotten recesses of every passage
piercing sound beyond sound
pervading the very blinking of an eye to the
infinitesimal turning of the slowest spheres
it begins, the second death of souls

7. Forged Within Lecherous Offerings

Swept amongst ruinous cyclones
thrust into the hurtling smog of indecency
a whirling gust of molestation
lust and betrayal
wings are born upon these shadowed souls
their chants and sorrows can be heard
uttering lamentations
moans and blasphemies divined
forged within lecherous offerings
these souls traverse upon the sky tearing through the astral stratum restless with fury
drawing immensity from the abounding souls
impenetrable devastating intensity
mangles constantly the obscured mass
the external form engulfed entirely
in the veil of tribulation
stretching an endless formation
ominously coiling
a spiraling cloud of resounding anguish
destructive cyclonic force of infernal rage
crippling creatures of sordid deeds
these carnal sinners are tormented
by reason of desire

8. The Divine Order Of Babylon

A new era dawns in the hour of ruin
the collapse of empires
The eclipse of civilization
A bitter wind sweeps the spectral remains of
a barren world
from the ashen debris emerges a shapeless entity
the anointed one
cloaked in garments unearthly, a nebulous aura
the symbolic figure
amorphous in semblance, demigod in flesh
an arrogant being of magnificent countenance
temples of false council erected in praise
seeding the contrivance of this upheaval
the esoteric conception of
the divine order of Babylon
serving the monarchy through magistrates
pawns of the priestcraft
appointed as conduits to the almighty
implementing admonitory rituals
viciously inculcating the apocryphal parable
suffusing the paradigm
manipulating belief through fear
the shepherd and flock are one

9. Manipulated For Servitude

Ruined souls of unspeakable sin
long exempt from every punishment
as they transcend mortality, these misbegotten
souls begin mutation
metaphysically transformed
entering monomorphic state
Grafted compressed and corrupted
unified in suffering
manipulated for servitude
melded within pillars shaped from mortal clay
amongst ageless clusters of great towers
eternal despair blind the wretched within
the very walls of their treachery
crudely affixed are the countless insignificant
creatures within these colossal structures
for in the absence of god the fallen shall bear the immeasurable weight of transgression
no dark prophecy could fortress the dismal fate
suspended in a permanent state of affliction
dark visions of ancient evil manifest within
the distorted mind of these stagnated souls
time is meaningless
torment is everlasting
suffering begets itself eternally, eternally

10. Submerged Unto Phlegethon

Walk forth into the rivers of red
through blood that boils the soul
he who hath sinned shall lay in the bed
of this scorching sanguineous stream
set into a blaze of burning misery
submerged in the searing blood they cause to flow
for they themselves were once enforcers of human cruelty
the sacrifice of mortal life remains unforgiven enkindled fingers, frail and blackened
reach forth beseechingly
black plumes rise, smoke envelopes for the merciless wraith to endure
screams erupt like choirs in an off key hymn
a deafening cacophony of sonorous din
Perceived in the distance, carried in the wind
frenzied, embittered hands smother these
desperately grasping the threshold to the shores
Hysteria takes hold
nameless crowds become enmeshed
wallowing in the crimson swamp
the waters pulsate violently
churning and frothing fiery liquid
savage beasts await pesertion
circling along the banks
ferociously piercing all who should seek
release from their perennial agony
once more, plunged beneath the boiling surface
into the chaos below
burn, fallen images of tyranny, scourges of god
kings of bloodshed and despoilment

Mario Pena ‒ Bass
Forrest Stedt ‒ Drums
Paul Avila ‒ Guitars
Steve Crow ‒ Guitars
Angel Ochoa ‒ Vocals

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