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1. Just A Beginning

Pullin’ life out of the gutter
Chewin’ memories of you,
You that couldn’t get dizzy
By drinking my last blood drop

Now I’m gonna find myself,
While I try to see the path
Others worshipped God
You killed me, but I worshipped you

Burn my fears, I can’t love
You feed my fears, I can’t love
Again alone, ’till I’m down and wasted

You’ll see and you’ll regret,
Screaming out my name
You’ll just want me, a new beginning
With me

I collide with the smoke
that tears the curse apart
While my breath is lost
Don’t let me fly so low
Just to kill the shadow

Just to make a new beginning with me

2. Euphoria

From a poison pod we rise up
Like snakes we slither
And time is on our side

In a cell we're living like maggots
Collect the unfailing rage
Exhausted life, charging battery of death
They can fuck with us cannot stop the time

Every day we tear the chains, but they renew
Breathe the poison, expiring life
A long way of thorns we walk
Life is going faster in our suffering

With our muse we built and traveled the universe
Sickness, our thoughts built the planets
After old ideas everything breaks down and disappears
Like a virus with no end

And again the maggots are growing up
Tossed from the pain
They're suffering of already provided lane
One of them broke down the membrane
Screams and echo make the peace begin

3. Last Man Under The Sun

Under all the stones, yeah, ain't no Sun gonna shine
My dreams have been devoured, came crumbling down so fast – should've known better
Castles built in air, torn apart by winds of confine
I'm left to feel that everything is flawed by design

Rising, falling, everlasting cadence of life
I know, cause I've seen it a million times
It's time to break or strike a punch, ooh yeah,
ain't no life on the run..

Hanging by a thread of snakeskin of mine
I'll shed this coat of lies, leave it all to unwind
Clutching at the straws, all alone against my pride
I've never learned to fear, but I'm trying all the time

Rising, falling, everlasting cadence of life
Grab the rudder and steer through the fog
But right now I feel like the last man,
The last man under the Sun

Under all the stones, yeah, ain't no Sun gonna shine
My dreams have been devoured, came crumbling down so fast
I didn't want to wake, but the winds blew the dust at my eyes
They woke up the last man under the Sun..

I didn't want to believe, that now it's gone, my flood tide
I lived a dream
Looking through the flames, I'm done

Rising, falling, everlasting cadence of life
To be the master, to pull through the night
A new dawn will bring a hope, I don't wanna be the last man
Under the Sun...

4. D.A.N.U.B.E.

Old enough for the shovel
But not yet for a grave
I’ll remain ’till you say goodbye
To your perfect slave
Retreating in front of
My own obsession
To the perfection of a slave

Drowned and nailed me
Under bound ego

I’m still not giving up
A scar-riddled age
Teens and twenties
That went in a rage
Will you understand
Your perfect slave
You see me dying slowly
But you don’t care

Drowned and nailed me
Under bound ego

Like a stone, broken down in pieces
It’s just a shattered picture
And some pieces put together
Is all that’s left

5. Junkyard Dog

Hey hey, I see you nearin'
Ain't no drug enough to calm me down
Hatin', a fight you are fearin'
Betrayer's breath I smell from a mile
I am the one who won't take it
Cut the bullshit, it's time to straighten out
I'll make sure you regret it
You'll taste the motherfucking ground

You never walked the line
I think you better pray
For every single lie
I will enjoy your pain

Hey, it's me, remember the old days?
Ain't nobody's gonna save you now
I've been through all the cobwebs
Everything I know will haunt me now
Tearing your skin by a manic gaze
You ain't worth the punch of a man
Sweet revenge, so close but, you know best
Cowards die many times before deat
You wanna try me?
Believe the word I say
I'll make you beg, and you know
You got no nerve man..

Junkyard, the Junkyard dog
Cause that's who we fucking are

6. God Forsaken Prostitute

Furnace of religion
Always melts the ones left alone
Cancer for some change
Will we ever learn

A wisdom unsurpassed
We’re crushed and overpowered
My conscience won’t confound
Icons of their idols fade

Wonder if we’ll ever learn

So feed the feeling of impending doom
Suck the power from addictive drug
Foreboding feeling of the ending
Float along the god-forsaken flood

Tears of wounded virgins
Splash against the dead cold hearts
Still Alone
We are broken-armed again, I guess
So why the hell we even try

Litres of courage and no fate
Still, gallons of hate and we’re late again
Again, again and again…

7. Ruff Song

Green poison is running through our veins
Have we gone too far in our pains
Seventh dizzy morning, paralyzed
Wanna hear the story of my life?

And I say
Know me
Feel me
I said, live free

Glasses are falling again,
Glasses are falling again,
Glasses are falling again,
Glasses are falling again, around us

Heart of steel, hammered by my mind
shooting the emotions, time after time
If I let my mask die with a sin
would you cry in sorrow after me?

Know me
Feel me
I said, live free

Faces call me again
Faces call me again
Faces call me again
Faces call me again to the other side

Glasses faling again
Faces calling again to the other side

And that's the story of my life...

8. Sky Is High

Sky is high, and I’m high
You left it all behind
Sucked the honey through the pain

Every day…
Do not ask for my soul
Flattered and shattered

A state of hopeless mind decay
No blink of fate, no flame of hate

Can you feel me inside
Feel me feel the fear

Baby I feel so dead
What went so wrong?
We went from prime to grime
All that is left are scars
Maybe my fear of death
Made me so strong
You came from time to time
And what was mine was yours

Can you feel me inside
Feel me, feel the fear

9. Hide Behind

A mass suicide by the fireplace
There is no one brave to rebel
Dead man talking straight to me
And I’ll have to move on,

And meet some beasts
Which were not expected
Or predicted, no

The smallest forests bury
The darkest ghouls
All alone in the park, searching for the light
It starts to rain and thunder

And I fell, far far below

And I am maybe mad
But now it’s all grey
No more macabre spawns
Killing the fog of the burning sin

Far far below
Only a hope, no, far far below
Only a hope

Petrovic Strahinja ‒ Bass
Topic Milos ‒ Drums
Budimir Živković ‒ Guitars
Mijatovic Bojan ‒ Guitars
Strahinja Cerovina ‒ Vocals

Thanks to mijat_b for sending these lyrics.

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