Dark Lyrics


1. Prevision

[Music: Tore Ostby]

2. Building A Force

[Music: Tore Ostby]
[Lyrics: Tore Ostby/Ingar Amlien]

Through the history we've had
Countless fights and wars
Cultures have passed for no reason why

Among the animals we see
A fight for life and death
Only the strongest will survive

I won't take this for a law of mother nature
I don't belive in a world of violence

We're building a force
Making a false feel of safety
We're building a force
Threatening our basis to be

We're using our technology
To make the greatest bomb
Believe there will still be a future

To the extreme, at the worst
It will lead to ruin
Our civilization will end for good

I won't take this for a way of living in peace
I don't believe that the weapons secure

We're building a force...

The sun goes down
Darkness falls
Will we ever
See a new day


We're building the force... [X2]

3. War Of Hate

[Music: Tore Ostby]
[Lyrics: Dag Ostby]

Out from the dark
To the freedom
No more retreat

Marching towards
Fiery Landscape
Leaving behind
Smoky waste land

Killing for your rights
Regaining the sanity
Blinded existens
Stigmatizing your own faith
War of hate

See the evil
Reach up for you
Endless seaching
For a new way

Watch them dying
Slowly men fal
Hear the crying
A helpless call

Killing for your rights...


I'm gazing at the sky
It's time to wonder why
Our olbiteration
An existed cry
So when I'm thinking back
Before the last attack
Why did we end it all
In a fatal fall


Killing for your rights...

4. Bowed Down With Sorrow

[Music: Tore Ostby]
[Lyrics: Tore Ostby]

Tears falling from the sky
Cold winds make the fade leaves fly
Sadness and sorrow is filling the air
Crying for you, 'cause you're no longer here

You have spread your wings
And flown far away
Only present is grief
I'm bowed down with sorrow

Grief, more than i can bear
Hope turning in despair
Bowed down with sorrow, I'm bowed down in vain
Thre's no one here who can ease my pain

You have spread your wings...

Pain and suffer, all I see
Misery is blinding me
Time will come when I will follow
But so long I'll mourn for you


You have spread your wings...

5. Fairy's Dance

[Music: Tore Ostby]
[Lyrics: Tore Ostby]

Deep in the woods you can hear her
Singing songs so enticing
The prettiest tunes that you've ever heard
Taken you'll follow the way
Where the voices are guiding
Far from the path she's waiting for you

Alone by the mere she is dancing
In the wind her long hair's flicking
She's the most beautiful girl you've ever seen
Obsessed by desire you're blinded
When you're standing right before her
She's looking deep into your eyes as she says

Fall in my arms, let me be yours
I'll give you everything you're dreaming of
Come dance with me, say you'll be mine
We'll be in heaven till the end of time

Seduced you will fall in her arms
Tight you hold her next to you
There's nothing in this world that can stop you now
But suddenly you see reflections
Of her body in the water
Rotten and old with a cow's tail, she has fooled you

Realize she is an evil,
Wicked fairy who has trapped you
Caught in her net so helpless and lost
She's casting a spell on you
And you'll be among her big castle
You are turned into a cow, 'cause you did what she said

Fall in my arms...


Still we can hear her
Calling for us
Still she is singing
Her seducing tunes

Fall in my arms...

6. Another World

[Music: Tore Ostby]
[Lyrics: Ingar Amlien]

Feeling scared, don't know why
Everyone are staring
I want to get out of here
Dropping out, wanna shout
In despair I'm fighting
I'm living in a world filled with fear

It's in my mind, won't go away
Just like an obsession
Who are you my guest
Falling down to the abyss
Feels like I'm dreaming
But this is real, I can't escape

Secrets unknown wiil be revealed
I thought that all was lost
secrets unknown will be revealed
Lokking into another world

Intuition telling me:
Look into the future
My hope is growing strong
Horrorstruck, go away
I can't see the daylight
The time is running away from me

Gonna be, be your friend
If you wanna let me
I'm standing by a crossroad
Here I am, take me now
Into your arms I'll fall
I feel secure hiding in you

Secrets unknown will be revealed...

Darkness around you
Despair surrounds
The remaining parts of your mind
Pain growing strogner
Can't take it no longer
It's tearing your soul apart


Secrets unknown will be revealed
I thought that all was lost
Secrets unknown will be revealed
I will survivem I'm gonna live
Looking into another... another...
Another world

7. Elegy

[Music: Tore Ostby]

8. The Last Sunset

[Music: Tore Ostby/Roy S. Khantatat]
[Lyrics: Roy S. Khantatat/Tore Ostby]

Wave after wave is breaking on the shore
Keeping the secrets of destiny
The sun goes down
I'm trembling with wrath and awe
Am I worthy such a sight
Who I worthy such a sight
Who am I to feel joy

In lack of insight
In greed for more
Conclusions slipped my mind
The distant light is slowly fading away

Time after time
The signs have been so clear
Now there's no time for recovery
I feel a chill
I'm clutching at a clue
But the failure is a fact
Who'll save me from the night

You'll remain
You'll turn on
A solitary life
Left behind on my bare rock-face I'll watch
The Last Sunset

You will remain
Always be there
I have passed the point of no return
Long time ago

If there is a god above
Powers who have always known
Give me a reason
Am I all alone to blame
Was I meant to strive in vain
Answer my cry


You will remain
Always be there
I have passed the point of no return
long time ago

Lights fade away
The Last Sunset

9. Live To Survive

[Music: Tore Ostby]
[Lyrics: Dag Ostby]

Time has com, turn around
See another day
You have to find your way
Look behind, see the past
Enormous decay
A gloomy sight in grey

All the years past away
In such misery
Now it's time to be free
People cried, people died
For the anarchy
Their closed eyes could not see

No more oppression
You will fight to be free
Stop the fraud, erode strangers
You live to survive

No regrets are to come
Future is to be
A short straw ends in hell
Utilize what you know
Like a hallowed spell
Decide whare you will dwell

Remember the hard times
No ingratitude
To recede is to lose
No time for probation
No time retreat
Go for the final beat

No more oppression...

End all the fear
Won't face a new disaster
End all the fear
Obtain a place to grow old


End all the fear
A winner and creator
End all the fear
You will live to see the light

No more oppression...

10. Among The Gods

[Music: Tote Ostby]
[Lyrics: Dag Ostby]

A new victim
Another foe
Soldiers pitch for the guns of believers

A battlegound
A fight for god
One more dying and the peace will be near

You face the sky
Before you die
This war will be a fight for the sacred

Too late to cry
Too late ty try
Bear the burden, a staring, hallowed eye

Stop, realize
What's going on
A holy war
Stop, face it now
You cannot win
A holy war
Among the gods

You're marching blindly to the certain death
Don't bow down, rise your head
Conceiling power, hallowed by thy name
I live, you die in shame

Stop, realize...

Is this the freedom
Or an absurd world
Final solution
Severe rules of life

Nothing to die for
No reason to live
Just pay off your bill
A creators will


Produced by Conception and Nils H. Maehlum
Engineered by Nils H. Maehlum
Mixed by Staffan William Olsson and Nils H. Maehlum
Arraged by Tore Ostby
Recorded and mixed at Gjovik Lydstudio
Mastered at Masterhuset As
All music composed by Tore Ostby except:
"The Last Sunset", composed by Tore Ostby/Roy S. Khantatat
Photos by Tom A. Hansen

Conception are:
Roy S. Khantatat - lead and harmory vocals
Tore Ostby - electric and acoustic guitars
Ingar Amliem - bass
Arve Heimdal - drums and percussion

Additional musicians:
Keyboards - Hans Chr. Gjestvang and Staffan William-Olsson
Harmory vocals - Christine Meyer on "Bowed Down With Sorrow"
Shouting vocals - "Guttekoret Korguttene"; Sven Kaare Sunde, Vidar Karlsen and Ingar Amlien

No sampling used on this album

Thanks to frithz for sending these lyrics.

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