Dark Lyrics


1. Ghost Song

Down the streets of the eastern parts of our kingdom
Ghosts haunting all the little isles that my eyes have seen
Ghosts among the masses rushing down Main Street
A little ghost is hiding in the merchant's sack of gold

There are ghosts in the corners of the city
Ghosts infest the provincial town of sad

There are ghosts echoing all around me
They're rattling out the closet as she opens the door
To the past after peeking into the keyhole of the future
Oh, dear haunted ancestry of mine

There are ghosts in my songs and my sweet love's charm
Voices are ghosts in the pale and hazy afternoon

Ghosts sweep the shores out westward
Ghosts in every school yard of the North
Down in the marshlands
Even the petty hole where I was born; it ain't spared

2. Arusia

Arusia, Arusia
Bones and skulls jut out of your forest floor
Arusia, oh Arusia
The foul signs of times seep through the pavement

Far, far away where the peninsular land
Slopes down and assembles brook and town
Behind its smile, inside the bowels of Arusia
I'm led into your swirling web
Your ramparts hid like the threshold to the core
Beneath the striving for the metropolitan likes
Seed that will never be able to take root
Not even penetrate your daytime or night

I remember eruption around the river's mouth
And footsteps on the eastern shore of Albion afar

And now, once again I tumbled and fell down
On the muddy streets of November
Clear vision bruised, heady dream confused
As it slipped from my grasp

Now, the Arusian night has crept upon us
Like a calming blanket over the tired town
Hear the tower bells, conspiringly they toll:
In vernalis temporis - do you know what you miss?

While gazing at the stars with an earnest glare
And my cheeks smeared by the gutter
A cool wind blows like foreign memories
An ancient tale of time unveiling
Yet my heart is filled with the strangest zest
To follow you through the wet and the glinting streets
Oh sister, the end is coming fairly soon
And I will either be forgotten or insult oblivion
With tales and stories about a distant time and space
With tales of a distant time

3. The 44 King

The ramparts are standing so frail tonight
Surrounding the pleasure of our play
This view feels so exposed and haunted
Now, hold me near to your heart

Oh listen, something's rustling at the door
Extended shadows looming tall
This night a cold breeze is greeting me
Now, hold me near to your heart

I'll drop my pants on King's New Square
To the Queen, the colours or any passing bore
Well, I am the king of sun and air
Yeah, I am the king but what-do-we-care?

I fell into your arms, and now I feel so weak
I fell into your arms, and now I'm repeating it
So please hold me near, my friend
Because I'm not feeling that very well
Or am I?

Oh, down into these peculiar heights I'm sinking again
Your soft and blurred voice
Your friendly face fades aside

I can endure the blow of any canonball
While keeping the blind eye shut
Pissing my signature in the snow
God bless the Realm of Decay

The night of thousands of suns ablaze
Scenes of dripping ink and the heavy blade
Hanging over our heads ready to give in
Can't you feel it's coming down, it's coming down for sure

Now the curtain falls!

4. In The Garden Of The Dead

And all the pebbled paths feel crooked and winding
Behind yellow walls of reminding
It feels as if someone is quite near
In the garden of the dead
I feel cold and lost
In the garden of the dead

Tumbled tombs and broken sprouts
Just outside the dear city's gates
Here in the Garden of the Dead
Through its enticing gates we are led
Now, inside this labyrinth we grope
Among the nobles, the poor and the rest
A piercing wind embraces all the sick and lone
Some names remain odd and ever so unknown

Once these fields were alive with infant joy
Now the darkness snows from right above
Like soil falling over your blessed head
Soon to be laid to rest in the eternal bed

Tumbled tombs and broken sprouts
Just outside the dear city's gates
Here, in the Garden of the Dead
Through its gates we are led
The plague extends towards its prey
To every cut-off flower without root
As a tense actor tainted by the writ
Sweet memories of the life we have knit

5. White Cut, Red Blood

Welcome to this splendid gathering
Today you will witness a perfection of scientific charity
With an ice pick staring up at us
Let's cut out each and every irregularity
And make this wretch an ordinary human being again

We will make you a free man
Devoid of demons, devoid of debauchery
You will be grateful for the internal bliss
When we retrieve you from your mental abyss
We will make you a Freeman
If you submit to lobotomy
A white cut, the red blood
Every complaint removed when you feel a little sting

But despite our magnificent and pioneering discoveries
You repent the accolade that was once given to us

Oh, the triviality of a few lost ones
Compared to the imposing magnitude of the beloved incision

Psycho surgery silencing the self
What bizarre megalomania made it come to this?
Was it powerlessness, apprehension, unspoken eugenics?
Or just a specific northern craving
For medically enhanced normality?

Now you hound us with your abominable reproach
And I foresee that this trajectory will be our nemesis
Whirling through paranoiac tunnels
As our achievements creep up on us

6. Lady's Bower

The metropolitan suburbia is a cage
Wings are naïve banners, but keys
I see you in your jail of despair
Yeah, see you in your jail of despair

Suburban bird lost in gentle pain
I see you strangled in your fears
Spread your fantasy and unlock this repressing cell
Denude your heart today

Hear you utter a disguised lament
Frail and sore your prayers extend
But my hand is just a crude bridge
Yeah, my hand is just a crude bridge

The halo is a sling of shiny rope
Laughter a blithe dress of lust
Not a funeral parade beneath the sun

As I whisper my last goodbye

7. Infinite Fire

I see an endless rain over the isle, saddening bars
Drenching the feet with safety and shame
This purple isle of decay pins the timidity
Freedom peeks through the cracks and triggers the run

Silhouetted trees, so eerie and crooked
Whistling sickly in the cool air of the night
Arms of our path lie open and tempting
As we reach the skirts of the dewy web

Come on, run with me, my dear
Through the tracks in the thicket
I see the sparkle in your eyes
The infinite fire is burning
Yeah, run through the dark with me, my dear
When the fire is smothered by the lids
I still see a sun within your heart

The wind carries the screams of burning flesh
Like a momentous warning
As we sweep through the wet meadows
In the shadowy gleam of the pyres
Away from the Promised Land

The ways of our hearts will lead us through
And soon we'll reach the shores of home
Remember how you cried like wanton joy repressed?
But see, relinquishment and dare just side by side
Don't say it's over now

The silver plate looms in the aperture
Hissing ocean glinting beneath her cracked affection
A breath of salt has drawn us near the shore
Where we stand with an infinite fire in our eyes

No, love, don't disappear
We'll make it through
Through the night and the high tide too
Dancing into the vast blazing ocean
In the moonlight glow
Both you and me

8. Mermaid Decapitation

As I look at the river the colours change
Fading from bright dark to bloodred green

A stream of blood passes while our pride expires
Proudly sculpturing a headless culture
An old legend that is borne by the fairy tale land
A literary masterpiece abused by the human hand
Her beauty spoiled by the blade so gory
A decapitated mermaid in all its glory

A fabulous monster searching for harmony
Left without a voice to defend herself
Though her soulless essence surpasses her remains
Even the smallest diamond shines

As the killers slowly mutilate her verdigris skin
Voiceless, headless and left to die

Towards the roaring vortex through lifeless grey mud
Pacing at the thunderous eddy dragging the surroundings down
Drowned for eternity and left as foam above
White skeletons peek through the viscous creatures
That patiently stifle their prey
A guinea pig for a distorted new art form
As a mermaid killer crosses her path
Everything ventured for her soul's immortality
Everything lost to the two-edged sword

9. Butcher's Bench

Soldiers at fortress dania, in you we trust
For generations you haven't let this kingdom down
We will soon have stopped this invading enemy
And this war will once again be part of history

It's so cold here in the middle of nowhere
Just got command to retreat
This bitter cold is taking the lives of my sons
Artillery shells following our trail
I just want to fight, I'm so bitter
I just want to use my sword and kill
Now we are leaving men behind
Fighting a war that is already lost

Oh, fortress Dania
Our protector, our forefathers' grave
Built by the old kings
An honourable place to die
While protecting the precious kingdom
Our soldiers are marching
Protect us from the lords of the south
Protect our precious kingdom, protect our king
Stand and fight

Oh, fortress Dania, we leave you behind
Our forefathers' grave, built by the old kings
Where I was meant to die
While protecting my fatherland

Den skjærende Blæst, den fygende Snee, Mørket, Veiens glathed vare overalt eens.
Endogsaa på Gaderne og de aabne Pladser i Byen og Omegnen,
hvor Hestene overalt staae under aaben Himmel,
bundne til Pæle,
medens Soldaterne ligge ved deres Side,
som de bedst kunde,
maatte Mennesker og Dyr lide under det afskyelige Føre og kæmpe med den heftige Storm,
som Himlen sendte dem,
medens ikke faa af dem i deres Hjerte forbandede Kongernes Taabelighed,
som netop vilde føre Krig i Vinterens Hjerte.

10. The Angel Maker

Suffocating silence, devoted light fades into mist
Soon to come the fiend of horrendous consistence
The king's city swallowed up in incompressible fascination
This beast must be nothing but profanity's creation

The confusion hides in me,
Am I gods' creation or what they can see?
As a victim of the human race, who's to blame?
Them or me?

My realm, my kingdom is filled with toxic hollowness
But my sweet ones shall suffer no more
Darkness imprisoning me, all that I see, absolute horror
Here at 23, your childlike souls I will set free

The confusion hides in me,
Am I gods' creation or what they can see?
As a victim of the human race, who's to blame?
Them or me?

Far but yet so close
You seem lost and deranged
Your rotten spirit
We will cleanse with the hand of just
And it slams for your demise

11. Kingdom Of Dania

No one here really quite knows
The far-off origins of your roots
Enough to hoist the colours
Up high from whence they came
You're towering high and tall
As a broad-shouldered giant of small
Though the ground may be as turbid from above
As the sky seen from below

Blindfolded with tied hands
Forever estranged to chiselled runes
Burial mounds quietly cough
Yet these visions linger

Oh, the Kingdom of Dania
Let's talk of hearts in decay
Nihilism and insomnia
As we roam the land in dismay
Through vales and hills of our land
The Kingdom of Dania

A veil of mist on your fl at chest
And even I seem to be dragged down
Into the dank and dimly lit catacombs
You look so pretty, my dear -encaged in gold
Peeking through fingers of a stranger's hand
It makes me truly sad

Oh, the Kingdom of Dania
Let's talk of hearts in decay
Relationships and insomnia
As we roam the land in dismay
Through vales and hills of our land
The Kingdom of Dania

So awake from your deepened slumber
And unfold a new dream
Cause your past is really nothing
But pale echoing voices and a deep-drawn sigh

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