Dark Lyrics


1. The Drunken Diamond

Away upon waves of red
I depart from your gentle rivers of words
Now sail me off to strange worlds of plenty, tonight
Take me dancing on oceans of death
Sacrifice my soul to the blue fields of freedom

Let me sail away on uncertain streams of ecstasy and fizz

Shatter my body into tiny pieces
See how mountains of foam lift me up and the poles unite
Hear me now unfold like a suffering, but golden butterfly

The wind breathes new life into the never stagnant surface
Building massive towers at my sides
Opaque liquids cause bubbling naivety of the unseen, a heady voyage

Penetrating my mind with a watery rush and swallowing me

Let me sail away on uncertain streams of ecstasy and fizz

Crystals taking shape to puncture tired dreams
And old nightmares that'll reform anew
Hard and beautiful as a diamond's secrets
Illuminating the twilight like clouds
Floating in dissolved gravity beyond the ticking of time
Tickling, stirring and tasted by all possible senses

Thunder rumbles beyond the vault
A crack splits the sky into fluttering clouds
Now the eyes are lured closer to the spiral hole
Where the smashing waves kiss my wooden hull
Let me sail away on uncertain streams of ecstasy and fizz
Awake me when it's time

2. The Mind's Eye

Look into that ancient mirror
All dressed in gold,
Silver and scentless
Flowers in bloom

Tortuous tongues welcome you
From beyond the dusty glass
So seductive
But the words have a hollow ring

Cannot hold on to the phantasm
And the reflection fades away
Turned cold and dark, the blank mirror
Now leaves you to your silent screams

You're stuck in an illusion
The fragile glass is shattered
You're stuck in an illusion
Gazing at the idle, golden drapery
The mind must open its eye
Behold the might of your quintessence
The mind must open its eye

Look at that ancient mirror
Now covered with mold,
Verdigris and lifeless
Excrescences that loom

The broken glass depicts a four-legged creature
But as the remnants decay
And your illusionary self seeks deeper
You feel the harsh burden of heaven

3. In the Womb Of Winter

We see it as a narration but in the womb of winter time stands still
Nothing echoes and nothing moves

With a universal affection
The winter takes it all
Like a spreading disease
Crimson stains conspicuously on the ground
Cloaked in pestilence, it bleeds
Like a spreading disease

A cold winter morning
Crystalline rime on the ground
White diamonds and pearls
And the world opens its eyes

A cold winter morning
Bright drops dwell on the pane
Meet in cold embrace
And the world opens its eyes

Like the sirens' song, the winter reveals itself
As a deadly temptress, fraudulent and haughty
Arraying us in its wintry veil
Leaving us cold and numb
In the womb of winter

A cold winter day
Bare trees go down on their knees
Stroke the soil with their branches
The pale sun is crossing the sky

A cold winter evening
The snow descends from above
And drapes the ground in white
And the world closes its eyes

4. Portrait Of An Attempted Escape

A cold caress awakens me
An omen of nightmares to come
Illumination and darkening amalgamate
Blinded, I resign

Imprisoned behind imperceptible bars
I am in a daze
I reach out for the outside world
But it escapes my embrace

We are all caught in a web of meanings
A web that we have spun ourselves
Humanity walled up in this prison of its own
Portrait of an attempted escape
We strive to read the book of nature
But it's our own story that we tell

Oh, please let this nightmare stop!

I shiver as I suddenly comprehend
The nature of my beliefs
Illusions invoked by tradition
Deception descended on mankind

Imprisoned behind invisible walls
This I cannot face
I reach out for the outside world
But it escapes my embrace

5. Downfall

Whirling through claustrophobic tunnels
Thrown from side to side, relentlessly
I'm surrounded by viscous walls
That reach out for me

I flee with broken wings
Through the darkness of eternity
Shadows of memories repressed long ago
Pierce my thready mind

A flight from myself
A flight in myself

I flee with broken wings
Through realms of forgotten nightmares
Raped by the deepest fractions of my mind
It leaves me bleeding

A flight from myself
A flight in myself

But the fear abates
As my hope fades away
Every feeling subsides
In line with the advance of nothingness

6. My Suicidal Valentine

She aches like she's sinfully untamed in chains
Like a wicked destroyer of our sedated world
Humming deformed bullet songs from her darkened chamber
Dancing like a possessed madman on fire

She looks like a six barrel shotgun
Adorned with furs that blindness caresses
An endless reptile collage of displaced repetition
That speaks a foreign language of unknown exits

Embrace me in your misery

She wants to take you higher
Towards the burning desire
She wants to draw you near
Towards her evil beauty that you fear

She dares to hear the whispers of stagnant motions
Like a wooer to our prostituted bulk of flesh
Her poor riches can't be forced by law
She's unconjured magic that haunts our dwelling

I embrace you in my misery

7. Faustian

In my dreams the world dissolves
And I'm absorbed into the fragments
Leading an army of ghosts
I conquer the strongholds of the sky

In my dreams I speak with a thousand voices
Of dimensions that don't exist
I show to the world what it is
And exceed the limits laid down

I am the source, pure and clear
From which magic pours
I transcend time and space
And embrace every corner of the world

The final spiritual objective:
Ultimate independence of the matter
How could human conceit ever reach this point?
Trapped in a cave with beautiful greyscale paintings on the wall
Wasting dreams on the outlined land, when this could be our haven

In my dreams I dream that I'm awake
And that my world of dreams dissolves
I show to the world what I am
And the limits become obsolete

Storms die at my feet
And light waves give in
Laws of nature are forced to collapse
As my will prevails

8. Circle Of One

What pale ghost crept through the curtain?
Cleaved the doze with its tongueless speech
As the double-horned moonship sailed among the radiant eyes of the dark
A being with a thousand haunting faces riding a rhythm
Towards the eternal landscape of death

The creature of the underworld
Drags me down inside the bowels of the earth
Waiting for me to recognize this strange circle of one

Rainbow in bloom, crude colours unfold
Penetrating the cracks of a long lost soul
That squirms in sheets and tangled nightmares

Anxious eyes seek the glimpse of answer
As the poisoned injection ink the veins
And make streams of blood run cold
I feel my hollow fears are all caught dead

9. Tale Of The Shadow

A journey through the land of the dead and hollow
Towards the radiance where treasure is dug
Down through the valley of the shallow
Escaping silently from the forest's fog

My precious shadow, it might now seem
That time has come to revive your flame
The wilderness' daze has blurred your gleam
But I'll obey the calling and surrender to the game
Expand the narrow horizon with streams of wine
Before the milk will strengthen my sorrows
I seek for what was always mine

The rise and fall of a kingdom's prime
Brief visions of a flag that time has torn

Mountain peaks lend voice to the wind
Angel choir cries, enticingly they sing
As I reach for the dawn in sin
Forgive this obsession and the forging of wings

Humility is blessed with nothing but scorn
To the piercing sound of the hollow horn
True will dares death without tears

The rise and fall of a kingdom's prime
Brief visions of a flag that time has torn
Towards the beautiful view with the immense roar
Prayers under the azure emptiness of time

10. Gehennesis


Total playing time 51:29

Line-up :
Jesper Heinsvig - Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Kristensen - Guitar
Claus T?rnes - Bass
Andreas Posselt - Drums, Vocals
Ken Holst - Guitars
Rune Klausen - Keyboards

Thanks to lord.ammar for sending these lyrics.

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