Dark Lyrics


1. Intro

2. Iron And Wood

I was born to kill
This curse upon me
To always shoot straighter
Than my enemy

Iron and wood
Bonded by grace
Forming beauty, causing pain

It's just a sick joke, the duality of man
Raising up a peaceful flag, and killing with the other hand
Kill me quick

The dead only know
One single thing
That it is better to be alive

Live rounds make dead men
(7.62 mm)

In a world of shit, I am alive
And I'm not afraid
Afraid to die

3. Bedeviled

Death obsessed, insatiable thirst for
Darkness that consumes me
Morbid lust, a ravenous need to be
Covered in the blood of saints
And bathe in the tears of the holy
I'll leave this earth in ruin and shadowed in misery

I came into the world this way
To inflict pain and agony
The meek have tried to convert me
But demons drive me anyway

Desolate and cold
Solitary in my thoughts
I'll let the victims pile up
And watch them as they rot
Decomposing in my mind
Every last one
Until I'm left alone

I won't stop until the last one's dead

4. Church Burner

Don't let the word enslave you
Worthless age-old fantasy

Separate truth from fabrication
Learn to forget all unworthy idols

Wait in line
To drink the blood of saviors
Sun won't shine
Any brighter for you

Desecrate the place where they betray you
Set ablaze your past indiscretions
Let the flames engulf all that's behind you
There's no grace to fall from

No place for your soul, so end the dream for all
Deny the spirit whole, let the embers fall

Jesus Christ, unworthy son
Savior to none
Sea of flames, thy will be done
Heresy begun

5. Vexed Hexed

I am darkest night, I am void of light
I am the sun blotted out, I am without

I am marble constant, firm as a stone
No swaying intent, the fleeting moon: no planet of mine

Plagues in the sky, plagues from the sea
In the palest stone, all can see me

Pillars of rock hold kingdoms high
Crumble and break, for the end is nigh
Snake of the Nile, painless they say
Now let the venom course through my veins

I am void of light
I am void of life

6. Pale As Death, Naked As Sin, And Witched

Found in the woods
No breath of my own
Hung from a branch
Bound to her curse

Pale as death, naked as sin,

Keep her young
With untainted newborn flesh
Give your soul
For her eternal life on earth

No symbols, no talismans, no cross
No amulets, no charms
Can save you from eternal suffering
As a soulless body, completely lifeless being

Your blood will spill and feed the earth
Like a river from your veins
Your blood will spill

7. Lower The Casket

Six-sided eternity covered in dirt

There is no future for me
Rot inside this box
There is no future for us
The casket tightly locked

I am ashes, I am dust, I am a shell of what was
Save your flowers, save your coins, there is no lesser cause

Lower the casket
Don't speak a word
Under the ground
Voices go unheard

Requiem æternam
Et obscurum perpetua

8. Stations Of The Cross

To be condemned to death and forced to carry the cross
Mocked as he fell
Kiss his mother goodbye, it's nothing but a lie
A fable to sell

Stories told to appeal to the servants, slaves, and pawns

To be stripped of his clothes, crucified and die
The lamentation
To be laid in a tomb, and face his foreseen doom
The way of sorrows ends

Stories told to appeal to the servants, slaves, and pawns
To invoke your empathy, this vile death of god

What kind of god would plea for sympathy and leave us all to die alone?
No god of mine, the meek are blind to see, their father's never coming home

What kind of god?
No god of mine

9. Death Stare

I know who I am
I'm kicking your crosses down
I know what I want
To burn this god-damned place to the ground
So light the match

This dark passenger has never left my side
A shadow in the darkness, a monster trapped inside
Festering behind my eyes, feed on my disgust
Wait until the time is right to satisfy this blood lust

I know what you've done
I'll be your cause of dread
I'll come inside your house
And paint your walls red

And if it's justified...

I don't know who I am, I've buried myself

And if it's justified
I don't care
But I want to see your eyes
Want to see them in a death stare

And in the end, you'll reap what you sow

10. Left Hand

No heaven, no hell
No others just three
No body, no shell
No time, nothing

Life is opportunity, so be who you are
Follow not the paths of others, but make your own

Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you

Find your authenticity, and be who you are
Wander in your own way
Possess yourself

Freedom is left behind when we trust empty skies

The truth alone won't set you free, but doubt
The beast inside should not be caged, but let out

They may say we'll burn for this
But remain merciless
And we'll keep exposing this
Truth; our truth

I've heard the stories too, of god parting the sea
But I don't wanna hear it, and don't you pray for me

No heaven, no hell
No time, nothing

11. Archaic

Pierce the skin and drain the blood of everything unholy,
Drive the spear between the eyes and let the demons out,
Let the hand of the divine bless and purify you

Ancient practice of deceit keeps the masses on their

Hail the sun, the closest star, accept the sacrifice
Drink the blood and hold the heart highest in the sky
Clergymen will lead the way, oracles of light
Wicked beings and artifice shunned by robes of white

The guilty will burn, the pure will drown
Purified by fire

12. I - Theist

I hold no gods before me
I hold no gods before myself
I reject the serpent
I reject the shepherd

Magic abounds, pierces through the air
And lights my path
Conjure thyself

There is no one before me
There are no masters to follow

I am the serpent
I am the shepherd
I am one with the earth
I am balance

The oceans carry the largest beasts
But the earth does hold the gods that be
The oceans carry the largest beasts
But the earth does hold the likes of me

Worship yourself
Put none before you
Eat of the fruit
Be beyond all that is

No god
No light
No hope
Be the serpent
I am the serpent

13. Titled Tables

The table is tilted and this game is rigged
And it's a big club that we are not in
It's a ladder with rungs, but they don't reach the ground
And people keep staring upward
Thinking heaven can help bring it down

The pyramid is stacked high as can see
Built by slave owners that want to be free

Nothing but bullshit we've been sold
Disinformation is a lie
They poison the water everyday
Just fucking drink it and die

Nobody cares at all

And nobody seems to notice, and nobody seems to care
That our thoughts are fucking silent and we shouldn't breathe this air

Keep staring upward, eyes open wide
Keep looking forward, swallow the lie

This is just too good to be true
This is just too hard to believe
In the promise that the dream is real when you're not asleep

14. The Abscence Of Light

As a child I was told that I was something more
A follower of glory grace and truth

But I've exposed the lie and watched the band of fools
Congregate and manipulate the destitute in droves

I've come to learn that there is nothing here for me
Beyond what I provide for myself
Don't believe the myth that we are all unique
You're just like everybody else

Don't believe the myth

Upon this pale blue dot is everything you know
Among billions and billions, we are but a grain of sand

Life is fleeting like a passing mist
I can't let my life just be meaningless

This life is my own
My mind is my own

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