Dark Lyrics


1. City Slickers Part VI

we were born without eyes
and the sockets were just break proof safes,
read these books and diaries,
that's how they said we could start clean,
but, I would rather staple my own hands to a train,
then pray on knees that judge and blame.

2. Mess With The Best, Undress Like The Rest

If I could better myself, I swear I would,
I swear to god I'd fucking change myself
but the five billion hands of the world are pulling me down.
My veins are turning a dark blue,
I feel like dying, how about you?
Take the coins out from under your tongue
unsew the pockets because I am holding on to nothing.
Drown, drown, I'd fucking drown without you.
If I said you were the only one
who could pull me out of this one
would you think it was fiction?

3. Well Damn if We All Ate the Berries We May As Well Die Together

I don't remember the good ones from the bad,
But it's too late because
I can't hold back from the bucket of bruises.
Brothers and sisters, our lease is way expired now.
Drink the youth.
Drink the youth.
The stomach holds heavy circulations,
Our scariest secrets and pleasures
Fuck us front to back,
Save our teeth and maybe our copies won't melt under the light

4. Slangin' Rocks In The House Of God

We could build a city in a single day,
but in a couple of seconds we would try
to bury our regrets.
They don't make caskets like they used to, with escape buttons.
So grab my chest and slip your fingers
through my ribs, hold on to this blood machine inside
because its all about to end.

5. Remind Me Never To Stick My Hand Out The Window Again

They said we might not come back from this one,
but who fuckin' cares,
at least it will make us into humans.
Shape my legs until they walk on order,
shape my eyes so they wont tear up on command,
shape this heart and make it harder than forever,
but remind me never to stick my hand out the window,
because its worth more than your breath.

6. I Think We're Alone Now

7. Are You Guys Telling Jokes? I Like Jokes

So what if your teeth hold a grudge,
so what if your grinning means nothing,
I bit my own hand clearly right off
I can't keep my mouth busy, I can't back up my spit.
The cursed, no one can change us.
The spells, no one can take us.
I'm tired of your breaking downs,
keep us away from your maybes and your killing downs.
The heavies hearts can keep from breaking down,
churning, grinding itself into slumber.
A plague on both your plans,
but it's too bad that the prettiest smiles can taste so awful.

8. Welcome To Blood Town, Population Buried

Burn the quakers,
don't catch fire,
now, can you make some pictures with your fingers?
What's that father, father?

9. The Trials

It wasn't gravity, it was the witches.
Make your fingers into pillars
hold all the stomachs in this town,
they can't stomach anymore.
The wood on these trees smell like skin now
and old fires are full of carpenter stories,
where they push plastic nails through their smiles.
It wasn't gravity, it was the witches.
Just wait till they cook up a cure for ignorance.

10. I Sleep With My Eyes Open

The last time we spoke, we ended up no where
and it seems like my words
aren't any better than your quotes,
our speeches were reversed
just like the movements of our hands,
with every sentence I became more afraid
I remember every sentence and I remember every word,
because through this mirror
I thought my words would come out backwards
and your mouth is just a reflection of what I can't swallow.

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