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1. Make Me Believe

A call to arms across this golden land.
The hearts of the future are pulsing in your hands.
And it's on me to heal them, and it's on them to need it,
and it's on you to make me believe we stand a chance.
'Cause we are living in a fucking dream,
now let's make this dream a reality.
Make me believe in these fading lights as they dim before me.
Make me believe that this will never end.

2. Breakfast Of Champions

I hope you choke on my fucking heartbeat and drown in my blue blood.
The lonely walks bring out the lonely eyes.
The hunger dies because of the lies.
My stomach asks for something you can't give,
something you can't feed me anymore.
I bet we believed nothing could change us.
Now our limbs have turned into shovels that even out the dirt.
I just like to think out loud.
My ears are tired and mouth is sore
from the life that you can't handle anymore.
If I could give you just one night I would make it last two seconds.
You make me feel so alive but that same love won't let me survive.
So come one, destroy me.
You say you eat hearts for breakfast,
better cook up mine for it's the most important meal you will ever have.
Enjoy tonight because tomorrow
I will force this straw deep into your throat
and take back what once was mine.
I just finished chapter one of "it's not you, it's me."

3. El Padro Macho

dear holy father i have sinned against you
and all around your bloody name.
so you can tear me to shreds
and i can beg for the forgiveness that is so popular now.
i love your name in lights,
so you can tear me to shreds
and the saints can hold me down as i course out loud.
"i can't believe in something i can give up on"

4. The Southern Comfort Smile

this is the last time you will feel me breathe
so while your hands are around my neck
make them into fists and choke this engine.
because every night feels like sandpaper down my throat
and i hate your southern comfort smile.
you can have no fucking taste in life
so keep diving into dives.
you can't say that i haven't tried
to walk in your shoes.
so much emptiness.
they've replaced your spine with extension chords,
tangled up and lost.
when you're off sharing beds, i'm off falling i love.
"this must be home" "no this heart is my home"
and if a couple of days felt like years,
then a couple of years can end in a day.
now i can't make it on my own.
take this skeleton.
burn your muscles.
leave the promises because you've eaten them alive.

5. Sabado Gigante

you're gonna see who owns tonight.
we're dripping from these hearts that love to fight.
we might not wake up tomorrow but that's just fine.
we're done with what we're looking for.
i am living under your skin.
you wear my teeth around your neck and start to grin.
so fuck tradition.
fuck the future.
breathe in these seconds.
lessons and bits of string around your fingers.
we all breathe the same air.
our throats can beat all night together.
the race has ended another marathon.
this is our pace.
this is our last night.
fuck the world.
we are too much for just one night.
this chest is so fucking heavy.
these ribs are zippers so stand close to me and zip up.

6. Blackland Dirt

The scornful face of saturation,
scorn, and heartless compassion.
A fully synthetic being functioning solely on a drive for acceptance,
appeal, absence of thought, corrupting all I hold dear.
A sharp drive through the heart of my conviction,
my heartfelt compassion.
Pull this rusty blade, place it in the ground,
buried next to my fallen hopes.
Level my utopia, flood this perfect world
with cover-up and hairspray, diet pills and vomit.
Starve my siblings.
Turn my child against herself.

7. Hey, Holmes, Slow Down...

There's a smile
hidden in everyone's step
and for every step taken
a piece of us begs to stay together.
Maybe everything I know
is just made up, but I won't give up anytime soon.
Yes, I know my legs are tired and they would kill for some rest,
but my muscles are working to find a perfect cure...

8. ...Naw, You Catch Up

...and it might kill us both.
i've been given all the time and patience this world can give.
slowing down are words i can't define.
i am going to take my time to make sure our heads fit.
our skulls and teeth lock up and our hearts beg for the same cause.
we are all sick of robbing the same banks
and ending up with counterfeits.
my muscles are burnt to shit and this might be all i have left.
but someone once said when you start to burn your bones,
you will find everything you were born to die for.
and if that's true, then consider me dust

9. The Hole In The Ship, SOS

Built to walk the plank,
No wagons this time,
Just sails ships and hearts,
We've crossed the maps of punk rock,
And taken all we mock,
And tied it up with ropes around our hands,
We're going to take this to our graves,
(To our sea graves),
The Pacific Ocean is a lot warmer,
Where the anchors sleep sound,
Our religion is better,
Where we can't preach and hound,
Down here the tombstones are so beautiful,
With such perfect quotes,
Died trying to save this ship,
"Died trying to save the saviors,
Who were out to save the world."

10. Give Me Hell

give me hell. count my bones. break thishex.
let me have this satisfaction tonight and we can share a pulse.
just keep in mind that this could all fall apart
tomorrow and the nights can change our hearts.
but don't blame me for looking forward to running our lives as one.
i've accepted the fact that someday i am going to lose.
the colors on my insides will fade from gold to bronze to rust.
so come on and give me hell.
these nightmares will always keep the real dreams alive.
i've let everything hold me back from nothing
and nothing will always be my everything.
still, we will rebuild and rule the night.
and i am sorry that this heart was born to fight

11. Hit Me Up On My Celly-Cell

our heads are a couple of cases
and i am everything and miserable without you.
three thousand miles can hold so much.
these miles of land.
the land is separation.

how much desperation in between?

like a phone call with no reception,
our heads are a couple of cases
and we're so miserable without each other.
can't wait till we
can see the same sunset
at the same time
can't wait till a phone call doesn't mean
three thousand miles.
i think our heads
are a couple of cases.
hit me up, boy, on my celly-cell.

i think our heads
are a couple of cases.
we are the doctors
with all the prescriptions.
can't wait till our appointment comes.
it's the only medication.

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