Dark Lyrics


1. Hamlets

This is it. The nights that stand on two the morning breakfast blues, we must not hold back what keeps us in tact. Our secret tired lonely eyes, still we keep out necks high. And while your cons and everlongs all sound the best. A plague builds from the space between your shirt and your chest. So save us the phrase "a sight for bored lives" we're just a city of hamlets, minus surprise. So from the end to the start, wolf tickets aside, welcome home a premature suicide.

2. Tannerisms

I am sick of noise, I am sick of toys, I want more. Just like "I want the moon" there's got to be more than just comfort. Feels like we're knocking on all the wrong doors. Give me the gold. I am selling this city that once sold me hope and burning the cash, cuz I've got no room for failure, and rainy days are found in the back of my throat. I am losing again and nothing has ever felt better, give up the chance and call us the poorman's sunsetters [upsetters] but something or someone must be keeping me breathing. This time I am gonna stay in bed with all my mistakes and start to turn off my books and turn on my chest. I'll conquer this world with just my hands full of sheets and these eyes thick with sleep. So please please please please please let me kill what I got.

3. Viva Hate Pt. 1

And how bad luck is my favorite game and how I am better off with stolen smiles, it's ok, you're to blame and I am on fire next to you. Everytime you open your mouth, my throat gets dry and everyone goes numb. I am just waiting to find a face that I can call home, a place to replace birthdays with new days, where no one gets born and these are my friends some pockets full of notes with secrets that could make a bad man worse.

4. Viva Hate Pt. 2

Leave us the unwanted ones, unloved and untamed. Eat all the rest, they're all just the same. I am gorlocked, a salvation, a sound to calm us down, how's this for a breakdown baby?

5. Word Is Bond

6. Grow Worms

Same shit but a not amused. Give us a way to fight these hardcore blues. A simple mind for a world so blind, I give a shit about your so called grind. So give me liberty or give me meth, same guitars are choking me to death. To all the broken up bands we dropped in our hands. Where are you, got hunger, keep dying, like all exlovers best friends you loved more than them, be daring, feel coldness, be true. "Hello cowgirl in the sand, is this place at your command?" Goodbye suedehead in the snow the dance hall don't fit anymore. So make your move. Dynamite, only trust dynamite now. We're not moving. Lovers take not abandon all hope we're not moving. "You'll never die alone," still not moving. If you call your guts a home, still not moving, lesson one. You are doomed, a revolutionary stuck in '72. Lesson two. You are through Marc Bolan died and so will you.

7. King Jeremy

Yesterday I fought the moon and lost. But I am lunar now, so "we got to get out" and today I made a better version of a good diversion, more to keep us mergin'. And get head of the new crowd. The new blood, the new guns, the young sons. You say you got a better plan, well I'd love to hear it for the first time. If great minds think alike then were the hell is the fight? It's found under our shirts, we're bound to find our hands in this mess. Just leave it an open ended question, division. I am missin', the whole point. We set these homes on fire, no dealin with our trails, our secrets keep us admired and with our hands in the dirt out bodies call us liars. Division, communism, I am missin', the whole point.

8. "Suicides May Have Been Pact"

I got this new way to hate, a razorblade and some tapes, here's the ones who love to lose. Now that I've swallowed mistakes some sailor's luck in the way. I am stomaching what I can't chew. I want some blood in the back of my throat, flatline, flatline and "today is a good day to die." Guess where he's staying today, down with the worms and his gin, I am viva hating all my friends, so call in dead just not sick a couple crates full of grins, I'll staple them to your last meal. No guts no story right? Here's everything you've ever worked for and everyone who's ever lost at war. Buried and burned, this ocean you've earned. I've got my way out, a better home, a different kind of throne, where you favorite word is alone and breathing in just tastes like old bones.

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