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1. 61° 43' N 17° 07 E


2. The Invocation

See them drown
Emerge the beauty of the earth
See them drown
Voices gasping so;

Dark is the night, and the veils are drawn of shadows
Dark is the day, while the sun is no longer awake
The sun is calling for your dawn
These words colour countless shades I shall revoke beyond these shores
And drink your fading crimson tear

You see them drown
Bodies abandoned by hopes
You hear them drown
Voices gasping so;

Black is the wind, and death lurks in shadows
Black is your heart, and it shutters every piece of joy

Since, the day that we came up here
When skies turned so dead-pale and grey
This absence, the voices that we can't hear
Every time the blood draws this earth
Every time you shed your crimson tears
This absence, the voices we used to hear
The voices that we used to hear

3. Endurance Through Infinity

The slumber of the winter will return
Weeping sunsets will no longer rise
The pale ghost of a darkening soul
Descending through abstract memories
And lost beyond the time

The tears will endure

Nightingale, weeping and seeking
A fortress to an empty hope
Awaken by the breeze of the dawn
To cleanse when all hope is gone
From above the darkling skies
Will summon and evoke your fears
As moon is weeping and stars will mourn
Then fly away,
Into the vast unknown

From the lakes of the north
Hopeless emptiness now will revive
Broken dreams and stories untold
Ghastly silence will exist no more

From the rivers of the north
Hopeless birth of an unhallowed seed
Serene voices will haunt me down
Damnation will evoke the particles of sorrow

The sorrow will endure

Fly away into the deep unknown
Mere this misery that traces you down
Fly away into the vast unknown
When all the hope is lost, you will find the light

4. The Eminent Light

Through this endless void of time
As I dream this dream of mine
For the memories I've lost
Wide-awake I embrace
My solace and demise
Who shall witness my descent
Tears pour like endless rain

Once behold the void of time
For the dreams that hold you bound
Strained in elegance of life
Hearkened your fading mere soul
In this thick wall of dreams
Harrowing this shattered fears
Sullen heart in vain to try
To dwell away from this world

This cold world

This I've learnt from this time
Duality is all but lie
Vanishing my marred trails
Passing to the eminence of light

Hold my hand we'll dwell away
To starlit shores
Hold my hand we'll fly away
To starlit skies
Hold my hand we'll find a way
To dream again
Hold my hand we'll reach a way
Through the eminent light

5. The Gale

Long are winter's nights; I am longing for it.
Shades of a crimson sky; yet unseen
Winds roar the earth with their insolent reign; upon us; we will crawl
Mist hearken;the heavy burden of my soul; the birth of gale
The birth of gale and the flood will start

The gale may cleanse these waters, that devours this unseen light
As a faceless void on the earth.
The gale may drawn us all, in the bottom of this tranquil sea.
Behold it's might and wrath, behold the gale.

My star is fading away; I can't see
Shape of a dying core; shape of a dying sun
Unsilent winds will show the way through darkness
Unleash the storms; the great endeavour of yours; the birth of gale

Underneath the blood red moon, the gale will strike

Underneath the blood red moon
Shadows covered by hallowed trees
In between of unsilent storms
Down beneath among the mist and wrath of gale

Long are the winter's night; I am longing for it
Shades of a blood red moon; yet unseen
Storms hail the barren soil of the earth
Into this empty shell, into this empty world;

6. My Solace

[Lyrics taken from the poem of K. Karyotakis "Nostalgia"]

My solace will be seen - by scars upon my heart
My solace will be told - by letter of remorse
The bitter greet - a cold farewell
The olden sorrows - that ignite again

From the depth of good times - our love bitterly greets
How long has it been? That you caressed for one night
From the depth of hard times, our shadows are passing by
The old sorrows unfold and ignite again ...

You are not in love, you say don't remember
If your heart has filled; and you shed the tears (of mine)
That you couldn't shed; like you did at first time
You are not in love, neither you remember, even if you cry...

The eyes suspended, pale suns ahead
The light that thaws the frozen heart of mine
The dead loves, that begin to stir away
The olden sorrows that again ignite...

The solace of mine, the sorrows unfold and ignite...
The silent path I walked, towards my doom, towards my end.
The closing words of mine, the swan song, of our love
This bitter tear, will blossom on your eyelid, and will fall.

7. Winters Unfold

From beyond as winters unfold
In this verge of mass damnation
Far beyond in the silent sea
Whilst blood has been spilled
On the name of (a) god

From beyond as memories revive
Beyond the darkest hours memories will fade
The time has come to break these chains away
Roam myself free from this burial instinct of death

Fly far beyond
Fly my son away
Away from this world
When illusions will conquer your mind
Then prevent yourself from the mass damnation

As winters unfold
Your will to live might strain you down
Take every day as your very last one

But remember in the end, we are leaving alone.
From the bottom of the earth
Screams of loneliness are calling your name
Become the one to fly away free
Before the autumn will be swiped by winters

And cold
Darkness will embrace the misery of past
To become the one to fly away free
And break theses chains that hold your spirit down.

8. Shades Of Myself

You will find me

Beneath the icy rocks

You will find me

Between the last glimpse of day

You will find me

While gasping for air

You will find me

As the clouds are swallowing the night

There upon, in the shades of my dull perception

Evoking my ultimate right to live the joy of life

There upon, in the shades of this cold world

As my time over here, runs backwards without the sense of the fear

Without the joy

A bird denies to fly - away

Without the sparkling

A heart becomes home for an empty hope

Without reasons given

Easing the burden of time

Without words been told
Just conclusion drawing a fine thin line

Ignorance my reflection 
And reveal the shades of myself

Before the autumn comes

Abstract rain will cover the wounds

That the life has occurred on you 

Waiting is a virtue

This vigorous sense of time

Always do remember “that”

Living is an act of courage

Living is a great act of courage

Before the autumn comes

Abstract rain will cover your wounds

Always do remember
Living is an act of courage

You will find me 

Wandering through the shades of myself

9. Towards The Weeping Skies

Looking for a shelter
Carving for allegiance
But the time runs backwards
Broken promises
Shouting in a world so vile
To become again as one
From the ashes reborn

Your time here is over
Depart now for a journey unknown
By the night, you will find
The haven of the endless light
To enlighten again your path
To fade and erase your;

Shadows, now unfold
And reveal the spring of bliss (towards the weeping skies)
When the time, will reminds us all
To fade and erase our demise (from this world)

Shadows, feel my tears
Pouring down to the earth
As my time is coming closer to the end
Listen to this gasp of betrayal and sufferings untold
Where am I?
Why the skies do cry?
We dwell alone
Who am I?
As the dawn will collapse
We are bound

Where am I?
Why the blood does flows?
We are alone
Who am I?
As the dusk will rise
We are bound


We are bound

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