Dark Lyrics


1. Hablas En Serio


2. Say Stop!


Look into my eyes, come understand!
Don't take more silliness!
Erase the crap, fuck up matters!
I've lost my tolarence...

This time, you fail, don't try to deny!
Don't wait for forgiveness!
You're allways high, but you never mind...
All the things are insane!

No, it should never be real!
Never be the same before I know...
Before I know, who the fuck are you??

Listen to me, when I say STOP!

There's not enough time to break out
Let's go, and say good bye!
I've regret when I let your mind out
It fade away by drugs...

Listen to me, when I say STOP! Now!!
Don't test me, 'cause I will fuck you up!
You should know, I don't care where do you go!
Search a place for yourself, and stay there alone!!

3. Death Camp Of Ignorance

Fuck That!
Which kind of words are rude enough
To tell this shit a thousand times?
I know a place to be our shelter,
To be my home,
To be your grave!

I've tried to explain contradictions
Tried to cease time to ruminate
No one will revive before
History repeats itself

No need forgiveness
Just brook relentlessness
Keepin' alive

I feel like a fish, out of water
Cannot deicide, it's freedom, or death?
Everything's different in 3D
Dead men remains unnamed

Escape seems impossible
Freedom as far as conceivable
Everything smells like the burning tire
Lamb of God just waits for the slaughter

4. Let You Fall...

Wellcome home, I already missed you!
Listen, there's something, what I want to tell you!
I know your secrets, I know your wishes,
But I don't know, why do you live like this?

Wait for a chance to break the lines,
Disapear in feelings that haunting your mind...
Can not scream, can not fear
There's no more silence against your brain!

Wellcome home, open your eyes!
Leave behind scares and forget the fuckin' lies!
We are your ghosts, who don't let you fall,
Wait for the promise you search, who your are...

I see your faults, and what you've ever done...
It's front of you all, it's too late to run!
Scratch your skin, bleed out your fails!
Emotions (are) allways on your face...

Look in the mirror, see, why you are blind!
Take a long rest 'cause you're down on the ground!
I remember when you loved your own way,
But I'm so sorry 'cause you're not the same!

Your visions will come to be real!
There's no more pain to feel again
Dead souls runin' on the battlefield...

No more fear of loneliness,
Because you'll become a real faithless!
No more hear fuckin' silence,
Because you'll enjoy the deep darkness!
I hear your voice, I see your face,
Everytime I lookin' for embrace,
But I'm still trust, You will end your war!

5. Flowers In The Desert

Where is the end of this ocean, that absorbed us?
How far is the other shore?
One moment I'm drowning
But at the next, I breath the cold air
Everything's frozen
Everything is dead

How long to keep walking?
How to see clear the way?
Who bring me peace?
I know, there's no one to blaim!

Stray lights shines down to the sand
This silence worse than it ever was
Heart shaped clouds watchin' over us
Sear bones creaking below our feet

Dreamland's full of dangers
But I think it's something more
That's how hard to never look back
That's how hard to find ourselves

Dead men helps to step forward
Survivors prolongs our misery
Perheps, we will stay here forever
Till we find salvation!

6. Road Accross The East

Your life is just an evanescent time
Now, You must play another game
Let your angels fly away,
Smell the cold air, feel everything's changed!

Now, your job is only getting faster,
Turn off the sentiments, hold your breath!
Gravestones will stand sentinel
Along the road accross the East

Everytime, the dawn finds You awake,
Reflect on who needs die, or live?
Miles just rollin', life has dropped behind...
You don't miss anything of old stories

That's all You have, the endless time
To escape from your fuckin' past!
I'll give You the sound of a new hope
To make some noise inside your head!

Burn the signs into your skin!
This way doesn't lead You anywhere!
This is (the) Road accross the East...
There's no way out!

Cities, counties, lonely farms...
Forgotten heroes, near the world's end
No one follows You to the otherside!
No one stays alive when the last war's over!

Hostels, hookers, sleepless nights...
Who can guess, where are You goin to?
I just hope, it won't be much deeper than
Any other Hells on the Earth

No one see You at midnight!
No one hear your loudest shout!
It's not the end of everything,
But I let You beilive in this!

7. The I Inside

First of all...
Try to look through my eyes!
Beyond this skin, I've got lost again
How long to see the blackened sky?
How long to wait for the dawn?

Somebody wrote my name to the wall
These letters fucked up my destiny
My face seems sick in Your mirror
It's just a mask
So why can't you see deeper inside?

How long to hold on?
I need to be reborned, just like a hundred times before
Why can't I find a straighter line?
Only deaf ears, blind eyes, and souls becoming numb...

Anyway, I don't think, You can really understand me
The Evil in my head keepin' out reality
Maybe I'm dead, but nobody knows that
The shadows of my past allways following me
I heard a thousand screams, without laughs
I saw a thousand tears, without smiles
I just wanna realize
I just wanna find the I inside...

The I Inside!

8. I Hate Love Songs

I had a dream last night, my babe
You'd got a knife, and stand right above me
I've think about the thing, called "our love"
And just looking at, how you bleed out me

Don't be affraid of all the past,
It was not only yours
2 years enough to make me sick
Just look at, what I had become

I don't want to fall asleep
I fear of dreams about You!
I never thought about revenges,
I just hope, nothing lives forever!

Nothing is so easy, but something can be simple
It's forbidden to tell you, but I don't want more lies
I fear of my wishes, I hate everything You've maked me
No matter, how hard I try to remain sane!

I don't want more dreams, I don't need your charity
Just take your knife, and carve it more times, deeper in me!

Don't missunderstand me
I don't wanna make history
That's all I have inside
This is my 21st century!

I feel, I hate this melody
Feel, I hate this rhyme
It's because of minds, because of thoughts
Because of You, I hate my Love Songs!
It's my own tragedy
It's my own fight
Because of hearts, because of souls
Because of You, I hate my Love Songs!

I hate Love Songs!

I don't wanna hear your lies
I don't wanna disappoint again
Will I ever be strong enough
To let You go as far as the Hell?

I'm the very worst thing,
That could ever happen with You
Will You ever beilive in me?
Will You ever be strong enough to die?

9. Empty Trash

Who's ready to mourn this Era?
Bitterness destroys forgetting
Rain penetrates under our skin
At this night, no one remains innocent

Do not preserve all the old letters
Wicked thoughts makes You nerveous again

Accepted exceptions
To be able to step forward
To reclaim purposes
To forget our common misery

Pull the strings and never look back
Just in case
When every plan's falling
Every ship's sinking
The world's collapsing and say goodbye!

Just give me your best shot
When every plan's falling
Every ship's sinking
The world's collapsing and ask you (WHY?)

Left behind obsessions
To be the last one
To revive this world
Sworn, to be the Keeper of Truth

No one stay, no one pray
No one wants to find damnation
Everyone wants to become on might
Everyone prefers win without fight
I just wants go out there
Do my job, live free, or die hard
The Truth lets You be the last
Let You reing, without compromise


10. Rescue Me!

Now, I'm sittin' in the dark,
Hear something welter far away...
Dim sound of devout's mental wars
I feel like a heretic!
No one hear me when I cry,
It's like the coldest prison ever
I can't rise up to burning stars
I feel like an outsider!

There is no life to fight for!
There is no love or hate to feel...

That time, I took a look around
Told those motherfuckers around here!
Leave out all the doublespeak now!
Let's get ready, to go!!

Our way is the same, deep in the dark, now it's our fuckin' home!
Not alone and not together, bein' adrift on the endless highway

Feel like fallin', since 1988
Search ourselves, create utopias,
Chase rainbows, break all the rules,
Always think about the Forever
It's hard to speak without confidence!
I've never seen it's consequence...
Locked in a cage with requirements,
20 miles down, on the seabed

Now, I'm sittin' in the dark,
Hear something welter far away...
Dim sound of devout's mental wars
I feel like a heretic!
No one hear my when I cry
Inside my coldest prison ever
I can't rise up to burning stars
Rescue me, let me disappear!!

11. Lost Memories

You can't see what I see
You can't hear what I hear
You can't feel what I feel
You can't find me, man!

I think, I knew...
Why should I remember, who I am?
How could it happened with me?
My only question is: WHY?

Monday again, I got to wake up
And didn't want more than a fuckin' cigarette
But I'd got a feeling, there's something wrong
I realized, all my memories are lost...

I thought I've swallowed something
Or beat my head somewhere
I've drove a nail in with my brows
Or that's a dream, and I can't break away?

The picture didn't come clarity,
And I couldn't wait for this
I've just lied on the floor,
And didn't see anything

Monday again, I got to wake up
But I'd got nothing to understand
The only thing, I know surely
It's not a dream, and I can't break away!

12. Social Suicide

Oh God, or something that You are
How can I live without You?
Look at me, my world's still burning
How can I escape from You?

Such a lonely, wasted, sick and tired guy
Divorced parents were fucked up his life
Hasn't got a chance, to got a little change
Just promises, and some pain in the ass
Suffering was his only crime,
Find he guility, he won't give a fuck
He need a new skin, so tear it apart
Now, he's dying, day by day

Hear some echo of gunshots
Wait for another way to die
Secrets are just dirty thoughts
And no one ever listens to me

Such a lonely, wasted, sick and tired guy
Allways got a jackass, who fucked up his life
Hasn't got a chance to got a little change
Just fake smiles, and some pain in the ass
Dady was a drunk, beat him everyday
He heard everynight, Mommy cries in vain
Here comes the drugs, a gun under the pad
Gangs on the streets and dancing on the edge

Such a motherfuckin' feeling, to see that
Stand in silence, let him kill himself
Didn't tell ever, but he were in love
Take it to the grave, just like me!

13. Painful Dreams

Every day, what's begins with a cold morning
You look through the window, and watch the people livin'
You don't really know why, but you wanna feel...
Feel the reasons, or know something, why you had lost?!

Don't beilive the voice, what say you're faint!
You must be harder, stronger, handsome and clever!
You don't know how, and You can trust no one,
And you can't feel anything, except emptiness!

Elapsed years
Painful dreams
Everything is fall into the dust...
You give up
Every night,
You fear your own revolution...

Wait all night long, and disclaim...
Disclaim the things, you can't belive...
You couldn't found peace under the Heaven, or over the Hell, again!

Every day, feel the sunrise on your own face
Walkin' down the streets, and don't know what to think about...
Don't know what to feel, 'cause you've forgotten who you are?
And forgot all the reasons of why you're lost?!

14. At Those Nights

Look at the sky!
Look at the stars, try to see their eyes!
Look at the sea!
Look at the leaves, flying with the wind!
Don't ask me, why?
Don't ask me, why don't I come home!
Don't set me free!
I don't need to know why can't You be mine...

The conclusion is allways the same
The world won't stop to see you and me
The only thing I try to beilive
It's not the end, and nothing's too late!

I'm too dead to love forever you
You're too scared to love forever me
I'm too damned to know what can I do
And the rain still fallin'...
I'm too dead to love forever you
You're too scared to love forever me
I'm too damned to know what can I do
But your light's still shine in me...

In this times, everything is gray
At these nights, the only voice is the rain...

At those nights I just return to You
Can You remember, why did I that, many times?
Where were You, when I needed your arms?
What did you think, why had it falled apart?

15. Stolen Truth

Delusion climbs on people's minds
Tumbling masses creates fake lifes

Actually, no one seems to care
This city's wheel keeps rolling on
They all search for an "american dream"
Feel, they have no place to belong

No one wants to be something more
That's what this whole life depends on

Actually, no one seems to care
They all search for an "american dream"

They would rather turn away from us
Face to the ground, everybody's blind
Stolen truth will leave them behind
Compromise makes emptiness inside

Ascendancy gapes it's hungry mouth
No matter who, no matter how
We're all just screws in their machine
They use our fear as their leash

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