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1. I Am King

Take in what they tell you to
I spit to spit they spew to spew
My aura draws - you follow suit
Finks in packs and bred in twos
Peasant thoughts and peasant dreams
You were born to bow to me
There comes a time to test yourself
When you live a coward that is how you die
Continuously slowed down by our perception of ourselves
But in a world of servants and liars and spies

I am king.

2. Slowburn

[feat. AJ Borish of Path To Misery]

It starts and stops in little things
And as we age and lose desire, the middle line starts to blur
It slowburns to carelessness
The middle man who sinks to stay in grace
Friend to all - loyal to none
But before I walk that rope I’ll hang from it
So instead I’ll bury them
Bring hammers to heads
Plant flowers on their skulls like there was nothing ever there

My choice: your time to disappear

3. Dreams In Inertia

When it’s time for the reaction to come I don’t know
I just stare and pose questions
Until I close my eyes and let pleasantries protect my mind…
But then I hear the animals cry and I know it’s just a matter of time
Hypnotized by double lives but I don’t know
I can’t feel it anymore
I wanna believe there’s a reason to flee but I can’t unsee it
Let me crawl into your stomach
Let me sleep inside your soul
Let me bathe within your water
Let me burn upon your sun
Pretend to be the only one

Lay your head down
Stay at rest
Never let me down again

4. Unclean Spirit

[feat. Scott Vogel of Terror]

There is nothing more that drains me
Than the tasteless contact that the night brings
It is vapid and forceless
Your skin corroding. My morals left me alone here
The pain my body feels brings nothing
The awakening of my spirit means everything
Reflect inward without emotion

My body is conscious
My spirit is unclean
I am no longer fulfilled
Satisfy me

5. Alone In A Room

I hold this banner above my head
It screams in green and black and red.
Scribbled thoughts and pantheons. Write my name in blood.
The same story that reads for years. The same.
Take me from room to room in the dark
Pair me with what I am used to
In their shadow I was secure
Alone in a room

But now the arena of the struggle. It covers my mind in smut.
My conscience has left the building.
I’m alone in a room.
Service slaves. Addicts of apathy. I reject.
The ones I respect will be falsely labeled narcissists. Megalomaniacs
But never cowards.

The fakes they change and crash like waves
The worms come in droves but only when it rains.

Put them back in the ground.

6. My World

[feat. Eric Schaeffer of Unit 731]

To be conscious and to criticize is your animal right
But to pigeonhole and pry is to die in my eyes
When you are so far from the ground that we are nowhere in sight
How can you be the one to dissect? The one to decide?
I’ve waited at the door
I’ve waited too long
To disconnect from the dream. To take your throat and force reality.
But now you’ve stepped too far. Now you’ve crossed the line
Now you are finally inside

My world.

7. Starve

It’s the compulsion that blurs the lines.
This obsession drags you downward.
You talk in circles. You feel the pressure.
When healing is failing you’ll die forever.
Every ounce is a watermark
Every reflective glance tears you apart.
I’ve never felt what you feel. But I know we feel together.

When you starve I starve
We starve no more.

8. Your Body Is Ready...

Is your body ready?
Are your morals unsure?
Are your components complacent?
Are your boundaries secure?
The foundations stand like stone but crack like rubble
Insecurity crumbles who we think we are
You are crippled by fear of uncertain interaction
You are designed to fall apart at a societal social glitch
But now my body is ready
Your body is ready…

9. Thinners Of The Herd

Open your mouth and taste the water
Close your eyes and see the crown
The sheep sway towards the flooded banks
They are the fat that has to drown

Another head on the wrong side.
Another face in the crowd

Be no longer hopeless mission
For everything or none at all
See the world with Code Orange vision
Carve the words into your skull

10. Bind You

I hear your words. But no emotion comes through
I hear your pleas but feel nothing new
Your actions have landed you here
In the heart of the confrontation
In the pit of corrosion.
Drenched in a fleeting loss. You sit and you stew
I felt it hitting hard. You earn what you live.
The rest have left their beds to try and find you
But in the dark in the end…
I bind you.

11. Mercy

[feat. Joe Sanderson of Eternal Sleep]

I will find the mercy in you
To do the things I have to do
I’ve seen the things I have to see to become the man I need to be
So I create a world where I can survive
And you wanna talk about repercussions?
As the enemy in everyone we cleanse ourselves of everlong

I am finally alive.
I have swallowed the sun.
The machine is one with the cog
We are taught to pity and pry from the cradle
I will find the mercy in me

To kill the way I used to think

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