Dark Lyrics


1. Forever

"When hands are caught in my brother's pocket,
I'll burn my gods down."

Within this house of do-it-your-selfishness
The blurred lines we're taught to walk don't suit me
Words out of both sides of broken mouths
The only words that stand to rule me
High brass rings and low glass ceilings
Shatter through the expectation
This kingdom thrives on disappointment
Watch your words and stay complacent
The Words are cut into their foreheads
There's nothing you can do to take it
The ink is stained upon your body
The fear it stinks inside your soul
We walk a path of re-creation
A feeling you will never now
Reparations for the taking
Four VS all

Kings of body, mind and spirit.
Took the crown and now we break it
The freaks will finally have their say
There is nothing you can do to take it.

Code Orange is forever
Code Orange forever

2. Kill The Creator

I'm starting to let things slip
I'm starting to let things slip in
Like water through an open window
Like leeches sucking at our skin
These maggots always have their say
These cowards always have to win
These has-beens love to grasp at straws
They feed the selfish beast within

Out with the old in with the new

You've misused your influence
You've confused our congruence for cluelessness
Now it's your turn to pay for it
Broken bodies to match your six month friendship

Out with the old in with new means

The death of your bully mentality
The death of your mentor hypocrisy
The death of your political strategy

Thinners of the herd
You have nothing left for this world
It's time to shed your skin (show your sin)
The broken selfish scum within
Now you pay for all you did
Gun to head.
Kill the creator.

3. Real

Where do you draw the line?

Shape shifters. Short term thinkers.
Every single one wants to point the finger
No one wants to take the blame
Look into the mirror
You've done the same.

From the machine to the street
What once had significance is now just pestilence
It lays dead at our feet
I don't live in your world of empty promises.
I don't live in your world of zero consequence.

You live to destroy the things I love
You live to feel the pain you've caused
Piling on then begging off
The champion of every worthless cause
Erode the structure of our culture
Just to move on.
I don't care what you have to say
We are not the fucking same.

This is real now motherfucker.
And it's only your fault.
Now this is real.

4. Bleeding In The Blur

You're fighting over crumbs and starving in the shit
Burning in the garden as they watch over it
Put you out to pasture while you're chomping at the bit
The line between art and pain no longer exists

You're bleeding in the blur
You're dying in a ditch
Paint the picture how you want
It's yours to make fit

I'm basking in the black on black
While you're grinding in the gray
A factory of cowards. An army of inane.
Faith in numbers on the paper
The view will never change
Constructed just to fill the void, you oil the machine.

You're bleeding in the blur

5. The Mud

I know that you don't wanna lie.
It's just the demon in your mind
It's just the liar in your smile
It's just the pressure all the time
It's just so hard to fucking fight
When all you feel is pain inside
It's just so hard to fucking live
When all you wanna do is die

Living in the mud.
Dying in the mud.

The chain never breaks
A servant to your broken brain
The cycle never gives in
The devil holds your head a slave

You're stuck

Living in the mud.
Dying in the mud.

You've lost the only things you love
Living dying in the mud

6. The New Reality

You're so weak
A knife to your throat couldn't get you to speak
With my hand on your soul I can feel your lack of anything
Now you have nothing to say?
When your fingers couldn't breathe I took the power away
Actual suffering. Primitive pain.
Wires in blood. Straight to the vein.

Are you the hammer or the nail?
It's a slippery slope from what I can tell
The new reality says you burn in the fire
The new reality says your talks become stale

To the secret circle of a dream long dead
Let silence be your offering
To the old guard drowning in it's own tears shed
Let silence be your offering

7. Spy

Never thought it would happen again
Another smooth talker disguised as a friend
You sit among us but you cease to exist
Soaking it all in to spew from your lips
There's always one of you in the corner
There's always one of you at the door
We stomp and stomp and kick and crush
There's always one of you on the floor


You don't have anyone's back
You aren't on anyone's side
The ends will never justify
The goods that have had to die


Die, spy, die

8. Ugly

Please bleed
Just make it easier on me
Mind in a jar and it's easy to see
That all I want for you is to bleed on me

Green is the color of power and greed
But now blood red is the only thing I can see
Live like a loser and die like a king
Ugly is the only way I know how to be

All that I want is to finally concede
That the way I've been thinking is not the best way to be
That the way I've been living makes it harder to breathe
That my instincts might not be as sound as they seem

Green is the color of power and greed
But now blood red is the only thing I can see
Live like a loser and die like a king
Ugly is the only way I know how to be

Hang me on a cross
Put me to bed
Get these sick sad thoughts out of my head


9. No One Is Untouchable

Blown a wish right in between
Where you are and what you wanna be
The truth spins in dark circles
Can you see what I see?
No one is untouchable

Sometimes it feels just like a dream
Weaving out and in between
The same basic themes
Thoughts. Complaints. Ideas. Actions.

So if you want a reflection, let's go.
Because in my mind it's almost forever
And my patience is a cold hard sliver
So if you fuckers wanna find out
I'm like a ghost that never leaves
Ready to receive

Dreams will die
Blue will burn
But when the cards drop
You'd be the first to go running

10. Hurt Goes On

It sounds like a machine gun
It hits like yellow rain
You're just a rat in a world of snakes
I'm just a dog in a cage
Waiting to pick you to pieces
Waiting for something to change
The next time you use your big boy voice
The next time you choose to speak my name

It just feels right
Spilling out of your head
The only reason I'm alive is to watch your mind go dead
I wanna watch the lights go out
I wanna see you fade to black
I wanna feel you calling out
When no one answers back

Because where does that put you?
Where exactly will you be?
Mentally. I wanna hurt you mentally.
When your roaches scatter. When it's just you and me.

Close your eyes
Pray to god
That this storm will pass
That we will move on
The one thing I know
Is that if you're wrong
The hurt will go on.
The end will never come.

11. dream2

Suck the soul right through the mouth
My family needs to feast
It feels good for a minute. But then it goes.
My sisters need to eat

You wanna see it through my eyes?
You don't.
You can't feel it from the inside.
You had the chance. You won't.

We just aren't there anymore
I don't wanna play pretend
It's even deeper than before

The voice gets louder every minute

I'm just not you anymore
I'm just in a different place
I just want it so much more.
I just can't relate.

Thanks to pascal.sielski for sending these lyrics.

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