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1. Soul Feeder

I used to feel I had no soul, just living without a goal
I envied people who could live with a smile on their face
Walking in the cold damp lands
Seeking for an absent someone

I thought I had no place to go, that I was down upon my luck
I took so long to realize that I should face up to my life
Asking for someone's support
I can barely open my eyes

Feed my soul
Gimme the strenght
I trust you

Can you feed my soul with dreams?
Can you guide me all the way
'Cause I'm scared and all alone
Please just feed my soul

So you just came into my life and held my hands so tight
By the time I looked in your eyes I just could feel
You are the one I can trust
I feel so alive by your side

I feel inspiration running inside me
When I realize the purity of your help
I just wanna grasp you and never let you go

2. Not That Far

When I close my eyes, all fear is gone
And I feel safe at home
The sun is shining again, no pain remained
But the fog is in the backdoor

I have walked away from this pain
But I cannot feel heat again

My mood sways as time goes by day after day
I look around and cannot find that engaging smile

Brightness has gone, I'm alone
Just can't breathe without the gist of my goal
I'll look ahead, guide my fate
There's no way for me not to be there

Wherever you are, it's not that far

I'll stand by at the right time
To raise my head again and face the brightest eyes
Look before you leap, I will just do the same

3. Claim

Starving people claim for food
You don't take a single look
They are not the fucking guilty
You're just acting like a fool

Can't face all these faces
The are all so sad eyes
It's hard to believe that some peolple keep saying
"I don't care"

Harmless parents keep their battle
To stop the cry of little kids
They can see any salvation
Tied up hands, no reaction

Speechless eyes in your mind

4. Screenplay Chase

I got a feeling I can hardly express
I see a fucking tough journey coming along the air

That can't be avoided and it is useless to walk away of it
'Cause it really doesn't matter when it will surely happen

Falling to the void

Enjoy the party while you're a part of it
Clean up the mess, get the fuck out this shit
Start it over again

An empty land full of people everywhere
Disturbed minds looking angels on TV
Tryin to get the sense of life on the screen
Denying your life for stupid things

5. Make It Clear

I cannot make myself clear
I get so damn confused
'Cause it seems I cannot steer
My own ideas out of my mind

What I am seems nonsense
I will not deny myself

Straight words that I try to express
You don't get the sense at all
I know I am not that good at speeches
But you're the best at fooling around

You thought I could just deny
All my goals to please you
I know what kind of person you are:
Whatever you touch it always gets dry

I'll just go on to reach my goals
And I can say I'm proud of myself
Now I trust myself more than I used to
And I'm aware of all the things I can have

6. Hide Out

Can't take me away...
Can't take away!

Getaway is the fucking road you choose
To guide you through your fucking stupid life
Set your eyes to your own life
You cannot hide away from me
You scaring fears are hunting you
The place you're looking for ain't exist

Can't take me away
You want to take me but you'll never be away from me
My inner wishes will never set you free
'Cause I'm a part of you

Wherever you go I'll always be with you
You're trying to hide yourself but you can't really escape
You'd better face your fate and see
That I was raised inside your mind
I'm a kind of your creation
Then I'll start my domination

You're just trying to hide away
You cannot be away from me
I'll be here inside your head
I'll be here until you're gone

Take me away, take me now
Can't take away, Can't take me away

7. Corporate

Can't live as I desireas if I was a liar
But it's not my fault, I'm just following your fucking stupid rules
It hasn't to do with choice, it's just a matter of voice
They got the power so your voice will always be unheard

Try to speak up!

You're not my goal to die for
Can't be in this forever

My pride is all I have, I won't give up on this
I don't give a shit about your thoughts if you can't respect me
You ruined my life, you fucked me up
You'd better watch out 'cause now I'm back

8. Silence Pain

Sometimes I fade away
Cannot disguise what I'm felling inside
And what is real to me
May drive my mind completely out of control

You can't have a clue how I would fell with your silence
Shut your eyes, open your mind, unspoken words can really hurt
Ignore me, beat me up, it will decrease my pain
I just ask what is wrong, please let me try to live

Sometimes I fade away
Cannot disguise what I'm felling inside
And what is real to me
May drive my mind

Release my mind
I wanna feel I'm alive
I am so sure
About what I feel inside

How could you strike back for something I've never done?
My own fault, I assume, to get involved with you
I wish I've never met someone like you in my life
Can you feel stitching in? But I'm sure I'll get through

Take a look at me and tell me what you see
You cannot get away
No matter as fast as you try, no matter as hard as you try
You cannot push me down!

9. Feel It

Things haven't benn the same since then
A cold feeling embraces me pushing me as deep as it can
Even though it's hurting me, I'm not sure if it's time to stand again

Can you fell it? You just cannot deny
I have always been there supporting you

Sometimes you must live the pain
Getting hurt will make you stronger
'Cause even in deep pain you gain
Learning that life can be unfair

No matter what you feel someone will away dare!

Living day by day, trying to heal the pain
That surrounds you, driving your life away

10. Sakya

Bright lines are placed in order
To start your sick mind disorder
Close your eyes and fit your noose
Use your lung to pull the trigger

The bullet has taken its way
Destruction is just beginning
But you can't feel the pain
'Cause you disdain the truth

Do you really wanna sniff your life away?
Being alive without living it's a shame!

When it hits you it seems good
Taking all the pain away
Creating a safe and cozy place
But in a flash it's all gone

Back to reallity you feel how much it hurts and destroys
But you can no longer live for real, kill yourself, no big deal
There's no way out to you!

11. Burden

Cast a spell on my hate - Enchant, transform, modify
Kill me, determine my fate - Stop me, I'll uncover your lies

See where your attitudes have led you
Realize what your system has done

Your artificial world cannot challenge me

Biocentric nations will start to rise
No god will absolve or exempt your allies

Achieve perfection, teach me a lesson
Create your army, empower your clones

I will never say what you wanna hear

12. Alone

You feel you're alone
You see no help, you see no one
It seems a fucking dead place
Because there's no one to face

You feel fucking alone
But you can't help!

Shadows moving all around
I don't feel the fucking ground
You start thinking of your fears
Keep whispering to you

You're fucking alone!

You see someone by your side
But you know they're all aside
You start running on the space
Feeling so fuckin' unsafe

I feel so alone...

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