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1. When Serpents Return

When serpents return,
Sing nothing with a cut off tongue,
and curse me,
into the moment at hand.
With your false love,
see the sky turn slower,
Drink honey and drown
as stars reappear.

I see fire,
somewhere ancient wheels are turning,
Antlers incense burning,
Listen to its humming.
speck of ocean, forgotten tide.
The serpents are alive.

The blood believes!

Cut the tongue, steal the life,
Pull its roots from deep inside.
Pull its roots from deep inside.
path of recluse deep inside,

Paper finger burns waving
Children I never had are crying.

The salt of undrinkable seas,
calls those whose insides bleed.

Whales fuck and call for me,
All eyes of stone are on the trees,
Cut the tongue, feel the phone.
When serpents returned I was alone.

2. Ulcerism

Kill me - Because I'm sick of love...

Joyless master calls, in foul smelling winds,
I delighted to feel blood, once again...
I sacrifice to him. Blood, blood, blood, blood.

You, who has called me, Dark and cold.
Under the sun together, we grew old.
Who washed away and left me alone.
The sun finds no beauty in the shadowless stone.

I am called by hands, that shadows hide.
called by hands, that shadows hide.

May my burning wings be incense to you,
Cold eyed woman shrouded in October hue,
To see you now I must close my eyes,
Across one thousand windless years hear my cry.

I stand and stare over a vast bay,
Climbed a tree and said goodbye to the day,
I watched her sail to the land beyond,
And turned to stone when the sun was gone.

3. Ritual Use Of Fire I

4. Blood Eagle Sacrifice

I follow the shifting shadow of the master,
He never walks any slower and never any faster.
"Drape me in unliving flesh,
And smear shit into my eyes."

His breath smelled like rot,
But I couldn't see his face...
I Believe, I follow the black flame.

I see him whisper into clouds of ash,
From them rise men only to fall again.
Poi che se' si grande,
e per lo 'nferno tuo nome si spande!

Blood Eagle Sacrifice

5. Witherer

Empty shores echo to me,
Arms of quiet tide, unquestioning,
Under an starlit sky open to accept,
The ship I have clung to over dark waters.
I fall crying into the wet beach,
Hands clutching, Mouth filled with sand,
Waves rolls over heel, back and down my nose,
My body sinks with the tide.

Unnatural breath against the enemy.
onethousand strikes of the stone hammer.
Hands plowing dry through clay and soil,
Bellies and fields are empty, they call for storms,
There will be no fires on this beach,
No spears shaped to hunt for a feast,
The man in the sky pulls the tide up high,
My body to the ocean, my tears to the tide.

Every heartbeat pumps your cries into my veins.
They turn to ash and coat my lungs.

I dream of you walking away
through October's cold rays
I see a beach the witherer can't see
standing in the dark listening to waves with me

I open my eyes
sorry to still be alive
his jaw is open wide
memories I cant hide.

6. Ritual Use Of Fire II

7. Invincible Sun

Kiss the sky, and watch the world drown.
Seething blue waves, glistening clear
Deep, Quiet, Drowning solitary

Humanity come to silence
Sounds of world be crushed
Invincible Sun, let it all end!
Machines of the ages- elements, atoms, prostitutes

Slept with the enemy
Felt its embrace
No turning back, much too late

8. Androids, Automatons And Nihilists

Foul man.
Live the dream.
Eat the chemical.
Die inside the giant coma.
Poison on my breath.
Scour the machine whose feelings are dead.
Living life fed.
Living life fed.

9. Cephalopod

10. Ritual Use Of Fire III

11. Eater Of Birds

When desert begins to shift, and sand takes its form
Trees turn with dust, breath like fire
Their skin held their soul,
But cut 'em loose
And watch 'em fly
Way, way up until we're all blinded by the sun
And black is light
And sight is black
Lay 'em out and hold 'em down
No one's leaving 'til I'm euphoric!
I am one with the wilderness!
I stole the sky!
I am the eater of birds!

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