Dark Lyrics


1. Astral Rider

Take a trip out of consciousness
across the great divide,
Astral thought projection,
suspended in time.

Flying high through
plasmic oceans,
supernatural skies.
Leave the Earthbound minions,
so very far behind.

As one with the universe,
beyond pleasure and pain.
Die hard retrogression,
being reborn again.

Nightriders on the astral plain
Nightriders on the astral plain
Nightriders on the astral plain
Nightriders on the astral plain

Frontiers of meditation,
the search for inner light.
Take a look through
the minds eye,
on an endless flight.

Between the gates of forever,
void of and hate.
Life and death have no meaning,
in animated state.

A spectrum of fantastic colours,
Incandescent bright.
Vibrating on a timeless wavelength,
a vision of paradise.

We're gonna take you to a place
where the king of terror reigns,
Carnage and mutilation
degredates your burning remains.

2. Forgotten Heroes

I'm a soldier
born and raised to kill,
Nerves of steel
forged by an iron will.
No heart to run away.

Here where the bullets fly,
There's no one left
to hear my battle cry.
Mine is not to reason why?

Forgotten heroes,
the battle has been won.
No more heroes,
but their memory lingers on.
Forgotten heroes,
too late to count the cost,
No more heroes,
the languid and the lost.

Cheating death so many times,
haunted spirits of the front line.
They seem to have died in vain.

Trenches deep in blood,
The stench of corpses
sinking into mud.
Did the sacrifice do any good?

Help me sweet Jesus,
I feel I can't go on.
Our ranks are falling,
reinforcements are gone.

Mortars are pounding,
it seems this is the end.
A case of death or glory,
What honour to defend?

Oh Forgotten Heroes,
Oh Forgotten Heroes,
Oh Forgotten Heroes,
Oh Forgotten Heroes.

3. D.V.R.

Spectral rider,
screaming out of hell.
challenging all comers,
taken by his spell.

Phantom of the highway,
cruise the speed of sound.
Speed demon on burning wheels
that never touch the ground.

Out of nowhere,
in a blinding flash of light.
Till another rides beside him,
to vanish into night.

...Look out!

Here comes the Death Valley Racer,
The pace is taking its toll.
Here comes the Death Valley racer,
he's out to capture your soul.
...Carry you away.

Revved up and ready,
Now the chaise is on.
roaring to the red line,
like a bullet from a gun.

Chequered flag survivor,
the devil drives within.
It's to the death,
the game is life,
pay the price to win.

There's more here at stake
than your life for the taking,
Breaking too late claim your
Posthumous prize.

...You loose!

4. Jekyll And Hyde

All alone in you're little room,
Tonight you're not safe in your bed.
You'll find me where the shadows loom
I've a hunger and it must be fed.

Cold blooded mentality,
two-way Gemini.
My dark side gets the better of me,
the evil is rising inside.

Jekyll and Hyde.
Calling Dr Jekyll,
meet Mr Hyde!

Got a split personality
when night begins to fall.
Can't fight this insanity,
the beast within us all.

Transformation changes my face,
visions twist my mind.
They seek a killer,
but in my place,
another stands behind.

Woman child you are the victim,
Of my inner battle for survival.

5. 1001 Nights

Salam o' exalted one,
come share a vision with me.
Back in time,
so it is written,
so it came to pass.
So shall it be

Let the centuries unfold,
like the dance of the seven veils.
Before your very eyes

In a 1001,
1001 night of Arabia
In a 1001,
1001 night of Arabia
A Sultans delight,
gemstones bright
On a flight to Arabia
In a 1001,
1001 night of Arabia

Told by queen Scheherazade,
shackled and sold,
into slavery
To stay alive,
by royal decree
That another day of live,
might go free

Bewitching with tales,
when all else fails,
to curb the wrath of a king
So read on and believe,
who knows what you'll perceive?
What fate Allah may bring

In a 1001,
1001 night of Arabia
In a 1001,
1001 night of Arabia
A Sultans delight,
gemstones bright
On a flight to Arabia
In a 1001,
1001 night of Arabia

In a Persian market place,
slave girls sell their bodies for a price
In the city of sin,
that will pacify,
your every vice

Salam o' exalted one,
Now you've shared a vision with me
Precious sights beyond compare,
magic carpets ride the air
The back of a genie will take you there,
on endless fights
On a 1001 nights of Arabia.

6. Silver Surfer

I blaze across the heavens,
Into the great unknown.
Riding the comets tail
with ease I soar.
I've seen the super nova,
star fields to roam.
Here where the winds of Saturn roar.

Born to roam the starways,
glide on solar winds.
To the point where time ends,
and the void begins.

I am the Silver surfer,
Meteors fly.
I am the silver surfer,
Into the eye of the sky.

I wield the cosmic power,
mine to command.
mysteries of the universe unfold.

But still my heart grows colder
away from my homeland,
light years alone no one to hold.

7. Notre Dame

Esmeralda, the bell tolls for thee!

A tortured soul in a twisted frame
I'm the one who tolls the bell.
In a cathedral tower,
that is Notre Dame.
...Notre Dame!

I wave high above
to the crowd down below,
Though heaven help me.
I killed for love
now there can be no Sanctuary.

No-one would weep
as I go to my grave,
Only she who knew me.
The arrows of one betrayed,
life's hollow mockery.

Rings loud in my ears,
the bitter call of there jeers.
Cruel laughter drowns my tears.

On top of the world,
I'm falling to the ground.
hear the bells cry Sanctuary!
On top of the world,
I'm deafened by the sound.
hear the bells cry Sanctuary!

Grotesque, outcast and alone,
they used ropes to bind me.
Broke a whip across my back
to remind me who I am.

She was beauty,
I was the beast.
My Esmeralda.
Bitter sweet she was
caught and released
by this hunchback of Notre dame.

In anger and shame,
bearing torches they came.
this fool was not to blame.

Up here I'm safe
and on my guard.
While bloodlust rules
the boulevard.
These hallowed walls
are all around,
How long before madmen
Tear them down to the ground?

Cry Sanctuary!

8. Mad, Mad World

We are all on a ship of fools,
who make all the rules
It's a mad, mad world

Human zoo were living in,
seems you just can't win
It's a mad, mad world

Big money men,
they got it all
Think they own you body and soul
Line 'em up against the wall,
see how far the mighty must fall

Children starve while others feed,
on their own greed
It's a mad, mad world

Poverty, inequality,
how can it be?
It's a mad, mad world

Religion points to a better way,
tells you that you've got to believe
Jesus saves,
that's what they say
While the devil laughs up his sleeve

There are those with empty hearts,
who try to drag you down
Don't let them turn your head around,
Keep your feet on the ground

9. Highlander

I am born a highlander,
into battle I ride.
With the sword of my forefathers,
And the clan by my side.

In the glen waits my destiny,
mortal wounds I sustain.
Cold steel inside of me,
but I cannot be slain.

Blessed by immortality,
as time marches on.
Take the head of my enemy,
There can be only one.

The hills have eyes
The hills have eyes
The hills have eyes
The hills have eyes
...Oh Highlander!

Thunder in the mountains,
the final reckoning will come.
At the end of my odyssey,
the prize must be won.

Kraken stands between my quest,
evil old as the sea.
Titans clash in a mighty test,
to taste bloody victory.

Blessed by immortality,
as time marches on.
Take the head of my enemy,
There can be only one.

10. Mistress Of The Forest

Moonlight bathes the woodland,
Breathless night on chilled scented air.
Neath mist enshrouded willow,
Stirs a lady ivory white and fair.

My gaze is drawn to that silver hair those
Eyes of ebony bright.
Never have I witnessed such beauty,
as in she who walks alone this night.

But all is deception,
A demon as goddess guised.
My mind is drained of resistance,
Senses hypnotised.

Beckoning me to follow her lead,
Into depths of mystery.
I am bewitched doing as she so bids,
Never to break free.

Mortals have not beheld such wonder,
elemental forces In visions made clear.
I can feel myself free of physical connections,
Ertheral spirit oppressed in fear.

Peer into the mirror darkly,
There's some trying to capture your reflection.
Lines on your palm begin to glow.

Remember that old fortune-teller?
Lady read your future not so long ago,
It all happened,
how did she know?

Ask what fate waits in the stars?
Disaster governs,
your house is in mars.
Ooh you never thought it could happen to you,
But still it will come true... yeah!

She's a bad, bad luck woman.
She's a hell raising crystal ball gazing gypsy queen.
She's a bad luck,
bad luck.
Bad luck woman'll will snatch your soul
and steal your dreams.

Your mind is an open book,
step inside and take a look.
Call it second sight,
call it inner vision.

No one comes near, No!
Her glade is surrounded,
by fear and superstition.
Beware her premonitions.

Destiny is already planned,
signs are forming
to her command.
Take a card,
play your hand.
She'll deal you death,
better understand.

On the eve of the dead
at the forest edge,
thirteen corpses are found consumed by fire.
Shrill laughter came with the fall of the rain,
as the flames danced higher and higher.
Mistress of the forest,
Shimmering into view.
She abides eternally waiting
as the scene is set for you.

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah she is waiting
The scene is set for you

Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah she is waiting
The scene is set for you.

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