Dark Lyrics


1. The Faggot In You

Is it the faggot in you that's doing the talking,
why can't you accept what you see
Could it be you're afraid that you're not quite as straight
as you've been making yourself out to be
Cos' you talk about it like it's a disease
In desperate need of a fast remedy
You keep on telling us all how you feel so damn sorry
For their pain and all their agony

The male that's inside of you
is rejecting the female inside of you, find the faggot in you

Tell me one thing why can't you realize
It's not something a person can plan
It's not like you wake up and get out of bed
And decide to fall in love with a man
It's either there or it's not and there's no right or wrong
And there's no big decision to make
Cos' we are what we are and we feel what we feel
And that's something you'll just have to take


If you're so sure and you feel secure
About yourself and your reality
Then why do you need to reject and refuse
Where other people stand sexually
You've got a problem if you have a problem
With seeing two people embrace
Cos' regardless of sex race colour or creed
It's something you'll just have to face


If you're so certain that you can't fall in love
With a man then what is there to fear
It could well be that the truth of the matter
Is in fact that you're actually queer

2. Hate Yourself With Style

Yes sir, no sir anything goes
Change your looks and change your clothes
Get in where you fit in play by the rules
Masturbating with the fools

Play the game, choose a side
Learn to lose, fuck your pride

Taking no chances making safe bets
Acting like a teachers pet
Making your way but still not climbing
You're too worried about your timing

Shake those hands, fake that smile
Kiss that ass & sit back & hate yourself with style

Photostat copycat imitator
Faker traitor moneymaker
You're not a giver you're just a taker
Good for nothing impersonator


Yes sir, no sir anything goes
Change your looks and change your clothes
Get in where you fit in play by the rules
Masturbating with the fools

Play the game, choose a side
Learn to lose, sit back & hate yourself with style

3. Dirty Lies

You treat me like I'm fucking useless, what makes you think I even care
I think this whole affair is fruitless and it won't lead to anywhere

I never said you had to like me, I never shoved shit down your throat
But you still act like you're above me, with all that heartless crap you wrote

You try to suffocate me, you try to violate me
You try to fill me full with all your dirty lies
You try to ridicule me, but I won't let you fool me
Cos' you're so pitiful and easy to despise

What have you done that might impress me, I can't think of anything at all
Don't even want you to address me, it's not as if you make the calls

You compensate your lack of talent, talentlessly slagging what you hate
How does it feel to kill a debutante, so you can put food on your plate?


I don't know how to rate a failure, so I got nothing more to say
And I'm so sick of your behaviour, so watch me when I walk away

You try to suffocate me, you try to violate me
You try to fill me full with all your dirty lies
You try to ridicule me, but I won't let you fool me
Cos' you're so pitiful and easy to despise X 2

4. The Best & The Worst

18 years since I saw you the first time and I'm still here right next to you
we've had our ups and our fair share of downs that we've both been through
you know I've done wrong but I've tried to be strong and give in to you
if that's what it takes to make everything work out then that's what I'll do
to get through to you

The best and the worst, the last and the first
The love of my life is a blessing and curse

I don't believe that there's more to achieve in this love affair
And I can't just swallow my pride and pretend I'm prepared to be there
If you can't trust me there's no guarantee that I won't disappear
I'm so sick of these mind games, it's time to confront all of our greatest fears
& just be sincere... ....


Every word that I've said has been straight from my heart & ya know that's true
Every road that I've walked down somehow always leads me right back to you
If push comes to shove and I'm forced to fight there's nothing that I won't do
Come sunshine come rain, come pleasure come pain, half of me belongs to you
And I depend on you


5. Breakout (Embrace The Child...)

Embrace the child in you don't hesitate to let him shine
It takes a laugh or two go with your heart and free your mind
Don't try to be adult it doesn't lead to anywhere
It's no one else's fault your own emotions make you scared

Just face the fool in you and let that sucker slip on out
Don't try to play it cool that's not what life should be about
It only takes a smile and suddenly you've dropped your guard
And made another friend it doesn't have to be so hard

Breakout, embrace the child inside you
Take off that mask and show your face
Breakout and face the world around you
Wake up and cut straight to the chase

You're chasing waterfalls instead of racing up the stream
Just make the most of life and live out all your wildest dreams
Just let the fuckers out let go of everything you've got
Instead of wasting time by being someone that you're not

You're place is here and now don't let nobody grind you down
You can't be ridiculed don't be afraid to be a clown
Let go of all your pride and find your way down to the core
A stuck up attitude turns you into a crashing bore


6. Right To Rape

What kind of world is this that we're living in
when a man accused guilty of rape
Is still freed from the charges miraculously
if he confesses that he's made a mistake

Is a woman supposed to just spread both her legs
and let the sexual ritual proceed
If she doesn't say no do you have her permission
to treat her any which way you please

Does the fact that she's wasted somehow make it accepted
That she can't tell what's right from what's wrong
Are the clothes that she's wearing an obvious signal
That the rape is allowed to go on

You take it for granted cos' you've got the advantage
It's a logic that I find hard to follow
It still doesn't mean that the decision is yours
And I find your excuse hard to swallow

He wins the game, & she gets all the blame (you clear your name?)
If a woman raped a man, would the verdict be the same

Tell me what were you thinking, if you even were
When you forced her to go all the way
Did you feel like a big man when you were on top of her
Did you make that bitch pay

You're not a man, you're the scum of the earth
You had the whole thing planned from the start
& you've got the guts to say you feel like a victim
there's not a soft spot in your heart


you make it seem as if she should have seen it coming
as if that was a valid excuse
but whatever you say you still know what you've done
and NOTHING justifies the abuse

It takes two too tango so don't you try and tell us
That you were sure that you heard her say yes
We don't believe you it's your cock doing the talking
So why don't you just fucking confess

7. What We've Got Is What You're Getting

We fake it all & make it real
We sign the line and break the deal
We take it all and give it back
We talk of peace and then attack
Start a war and then retreat
Win the game and then get beat
Break on out and then get stuck
We keep on fucking it all up

Like it, hate it, leave it, take it x4
What we've got is what you're getting

We break it down and build it up
We pick a fight and then make up
We step aside and block the way
Buy you out and make you pay
We love you and we break your heart
Fix it and pull it apart
Speed it up and slow it down
We're just a bunch of fucking clowns


We make a hit and then we run
We shake your hand and pull a gun
We break the charts and then break up
We spill it out and fill the cup
We close the door and let you in
We're guilty and we're free from sin
We're in the game but out of luck
But we don't really give a fuck


8. Sick Of Myself

I'm good for nothing, I'm a fucking bad excuse
The truth is that I just can't be of any use
So show me where the noose is and watch me when I die
I've made so many knots that I don't know how to untie
I've tried every angle, tried to handle my emotions
I'm strangeling myself up to the point of self implosion
I'm drowning in an ocean full of thought so self abusive
It's a downward spiral, it's the hate that hate produces

I make myself, so sick of myself x3 I hate myself

I'm stuck in a corner this is my own private casket
Four walls around me I feel like a sitting target
I can't find the exit without asking for directions
But I can't find it in me, to ask you any questions
I don't like suggestions and I hate to take advice
Cos' that's a sign of weakness, I can't make that sacrifice
The vice is that I'm selfish but I still need recognition
I fear and loathe myself when I'm forced into submission

I make myself, so sick of myself x3 I hate myself

All the hate I hide in me is constantly misguiding me
And all my mixed emotions slowly building up inside of me
It's like an evil guide in me is breaking down the pride in me
I don't know what's right from wrong my feelings are dividing me

All the hate I hide in me
Is building up inside of me
And breaking down the pride in me
It's like something has died in me

9. Hypocrite

It's funny how my title puts me in a position
Where I'm allowed to say I represent the opposition
Like I'm on a mission to overthrow the government
As if my ambition was to try and seem intelligent
I'm not even competent enough to win an argument
Or ignorant enough to be a little disobedient
But I still believe that what I say can make a difference
The problem is I can't hear what I'm sung from a distance

No matter what I say, no matter what I do
No matter what I think, I'm not as good as you

I'm such a hypocrite, I'm so full of it
I'm such a hypocrite, I need another hit

It's funny how I come across as some kind of a teacher
Considering I never even liked my fucking teachers
Now it's reached the point where all the expectations
Are building up a barrier creating limitations
While you're debating if I've got the right to an opinion
Well silly me I thought I was allowed to be civilian
All I ever did was say exactly what I'm feeling
Without filtering my thoughts to make myself appealing


10. Without A Case

Why do I pay you to insult me and make me feel like shit
I can't believe I've worked this hard to let you benefit
For every slice that I get, you get two slices more
You've become my pimp and I've become your little whore
It goes around in circles, the torture never stops
You get all the earnings and all I get is props

Wipe that smile from off your face
You're in court without a case, and you'll get nothing

I do all the dirty work and you make all your plans
You pull my strings and I play right into your hands
What's wrong with this picture, someone's playing tricks
How come I always end up with the short end of the stick
It really makes me question why I go with your advice
You make me hate the job that used to be my life


I end up giving more, but still receiving less
I do all the cleaning up and you make all the mess
Your enemies are useless if you don't have any friends
And all your great connections are just people you offend
I'm sick of being ass fucked, god knows how much you owe
You took more than what was yours but you can't steal my show


11. God Is Dead

There's no god for you to worship, no master to obey
There's not a soul that you can blame for all the stupid things you say
There's nowhere you can turn yo, no words to justify
Cos' no currency is valid for the faith you want to buy
No more excuses, no need for blind belief
There's no one to accuse to break yourself a bigger piece
No books to follow, no quotes to twist around
There'll be no more bending over just to reach for higher ground


There's no need for false confessions, no more feeling guilt
No powerlords to kneel before, no crosses being built
There are no rules for you too live by, no other cheek to turn
Stop begging for forgiveness, there's no lesson you must learn
No future conflicts no opinions that collide
There's not a trace of blood on your hands you don't have to choose a side
No pointless killing and no more feeling shame
No sacrifices being made in someone else's name


It's all make believe it's all conceived in your own dreams
You're painting pictures of imaginary scenes
It seems like you're looking for some kind of confirmation
But you're in desperate need of a different revelation


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