Dark Lyrics


1. Nigger

Goddamn my man you see I can't understand
Why you wanna say Nigger to your brother man
Taking black pride then you call yourself a Nigger
Don't bring yourself down cos it just don't figure
Take a look at yourself and your history
You don't look like a goddamn Nigger to me
It's a negative world and the white man made it
Gave you a name to dominate and trade it
Making blood money of his very own race man
And all of this because the colour of your face man

Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger

Placed and educated in a neighbourhood of crime
Taught from the beginning that you weren't worth time
Liquorstore and gunstore next to one another
With only one purpose so you all kill each other
Leaving one less problem to worry about
That's the way they do it this is how it turns out
And justice for all with the American goverment
I wanna know where all the goddamn money went
We didn't see it and it didn't do no good
I guess you couldn't give a fuck about a black neighbourhood

Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger
You're the real Niggers,
You're the real Niggers,
You're the real Niggers

There's always gonna be fanatical minorities
The ku klux klan and fucked up authorities
Conservative cunts and religious preachers
I don't care cos they ain't our teachers
Living a life they say is free from sin
Then they judge another person by the colour of their skin
I feel ashamed of myself I'm a white human being
Surrounded by suckers to afraid to be seeing
There ain't such a thing called superior race
And there ain't nothing special 'bout colour of your face
You've got a one way ticket to a dead end street
The pressure is on so feel the heat
Media pollution is a very bad solution
Hypocriticat hype is your only contribution
So leave us alone and give your brothers some space
Cos you're a lousy contribution to the human race

Nigger Nigger ...

2. The Truth

Speak the truth don't you dare lie to me
I've seen it all before the way you disagree
The way you always attack all the thing that you say
The way you turn your back and then you walk away
Shut your mouth and open up your eyes
You better take your time and try to realize
That no one's free from sin and when I look at you
I scream within WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
You raise yourself up to the higher degree
And look down in disguise at our misery
You're no better than your enemy
But it's easy to hate what you just can't be
Don't deny the fact that you're a mortal man
You can't escape from death when it's close at hand
Don't sit upon a pedestal and raise your voice
If you're to deaf to listen to the people choice

Truth tell me the truth the truth motherfucker
Tell me the truth
Tell me the truth
Tell me the truth the truth you sucker

You play us out and you take all us for fools
But I never understood who even made the rules
I'll make my stand against supremacy
Cos hypocritical goverments threaten me
I know you ain't blind and I know you're aware
But your ego's to big for you to even care
The doors are wide open but your eyes are closed
You're unable to look any further than your nose
You open your mouth and all I hear is lies
You keep spreading your message that I despise
Because the game you're playing is so easy to see
It's just another repeat of our history
You talk about peace it's a very strong word
It's always being said but it's never been heard
Hi-tec weapons are here to reasure it
But I've never seen a time when they've done a shit for it

Truth ....

Kick it to me now cos I just can't figure
Take a small mistake and make a small one bigger
Equality's a word have you ever even heard it
I guess not and you don't deserve it
Turning your backs on the problems that surface
I get a feeling that you're doing it on purpose
Your mind is SLIME so please resign
You can't control your own life don't try to rule mine

Truth ....

3. Rosegrove

Right from the start you know you put me in the dirt
I never even got a chance to get away
I take all the crap from your drool attack
The years fly and I get nothing to say
You expect me to be happy and to be satisfied
With the offer that you once had to give
You don't try to encourage anybody to develope
That's not the way that I want to live
Do this
Do that
Come here
You twat

I'm still here although I hate it
I wonder why I even care about a place like this
I don't know if I can take it
I've had it up to here with your shit and your piss

I've heard so much shit from the people I hate
That I really couldn't give a fuck
I've been down in the shit for so goddamn long
That everything looks like up
Do this
Do that
Come here
You twat

I'm still here ....

You see I'm sick and tired of been tied to the ground
My lunges they were made to shout
I'm stuck in the middle of a rosegrove maze
And I can't seem to find my way out
Do this
Do that
Come here
You twat

I'm still here ....

4. Don't Get Me Wrong

I know you know I know you know
What is the truth what is the truth who knows
You know she knows they know we know
What is the truth what is the truth who knows
I do do you will you won't you
What is the truth what is the truth to you
Will you won't you do you don't you
What is the lie give it a try won't you

I know nothing you don't know
Don't get me wrong don't get me wrong
Don't get me

Love me shove me kiss me hug me
What is my love what is my love tell me
Fuck me kick me suck me hit me
What is a fuck what is a fuck tell me
Take it shake it bend it break it
What is my life what is my life take it
Thrill me kill me fill me make it
What is the truth what is the truth fake it
See me be me hear me fear me
What is the truth is the truth near me
School me fool me rule me drool me
What is the truth what is the truth full me
Can you can't you do you don't you
Hear my reply don't ask me why will you
Help me leave me feed me bleed me
Need me to lie what is a lie tell me

I know nothing ....

I know you know I know you know
What is the truth what is the truth who knows
He knows she knows they know we know
What is the truth what is the truth who knows
I do do you will you won't you
What is the truth what is the truth to you
Will you won't you do you don't you
What is a lie give it a try won't you

I know nothing ....

5. I Need You

All my disillusions are filling up my head
And all of my frustrations are lying in your bed
All my explanations just don't make any sense
Leave me be babe can't you see the tensions to immense
You just can't understand me so you drag me to the ground
But I don't hear a single word
You just can't bring me down
So don't you dare to criticize the way I think and live
All you get is what I've got and all I want to give

I love you I hate you I kiss you I rape you
I cheat and deceive you I leave you
I love you I hate you I kiss you I rape you
And I cheat and deceive but I need you
And I cheat and deceive but I need you

You say you really need me and then you close the door
You say you want to leave me and then you beg for more
Well I ain't sentimental so don't try to set a trap
Cos everytime you hug me you stab me in the back
If you want my body then just make love to my mind
And don't you try to hurt me cos I ain't the hurting kind
I told you that I loved you but you didn't care at all
I needed you to touch me but instead you crushed my balls

I love you ....

I know I said I need you but that was just a lie
You asked me if I loved you but you never asked me why
So now you've got your answer and I hope you're satisfied
And don't you dare to tell me that you ever even tried
There's nothing I can give you that you ain't already got
Cos even when you've got it all you say that I forgot
To give you all my loving and to give you all my time
There's ain't enough for the both of us and right now I want mine

I love you ....

6. Catch Me

I've been standing on the edge of the roof looking down
I've been looking at the people that are gathering around
I've been here for an hour or maybe even more
Just looking at the people that I've never seen before
Stupid little faces are all I can see
Those silly little suckers are all laughing at me
No wills cheap thrills you're puppets to the master
Your only satisfaction is my lonely disaster
You learned how to creep and you learned how to crawl
But you never really learned anything at all

When I was a boy everything was just fine
I learned how to talk and how to walk in line
I had to learn the rules that build our society
But I could never understand it didn't mean shit to me
Everybody always told me I was out of my mind
But I never did kiss anybodys behind
I'm a lot older and I guess I should know
But I'm standing on the roof just watching the show
Standing on the edge and my step belongs to me
And I'm telling you all I won't miss what I see

One foot over there's no time to turn around
Both feet are over and I'm heading for the ground
I'm flying in the air and I can feel the cool breeze
The people on the pavement have gone into a freeze
No space no time it's like walking on the moon
My heart is still beating but it won't be soon
I can hear myself scream when I hit the street
I can't feel a thing from my head to my feet
I told you I would do it and I didn't even cry


7. Warfair

Do you know how it feels to be down in the dirt
With a bullet in your breast and blood on your shirt
Lying in a bloodpool down in a pit
Covered with a corpse and the blood and the shit
How does it feel to have a gun at your head
When you know that you'd be much better off dead
Looking right down through the barrel of a gun
Don't try to tell me that you think it's fun
Playing for your mercy don't say you see the light
What difference does it make if the good Lord's right
At the end of the war the survivors are none
B'cos a war is a loss a war can't be won
You're just another soldier and you're doing the dying
You're a symbol of a nation so boy stop crying
Hero of a war such a man so brave
A media's worth nothing when you're lying in your grave

Do you know the pain
Marching into history marching into war
Can you feel the shame
Marching into misery you function as a whore

5 o'clock in the morning and they shout out your name
But they don't really care cos you all look the same
Now this is the army and we train to kill
Our job is to give you that fighting will
So get off your knees and stand straight like a man
Do I have to tell you twice to make you understand
Freedom has a price and that price is blood
So chase the motherfucker right down in the mud

Do you know ....

Warfair warfair warfair warfair

Ignore all your feelings just go all the way
If you don't then death is the price you have to pay
This ain't peace and love no man this is war
Don't even dare to ask what you're fighting for
Just search and destroy never question a lie
You don't want to bite the bullet boy you don't want to die
Don't try to tell me that you couldn't kill a man
That's a load of fucking bullshit boy I know you can

Do you know ....

8. Wonderful World

There's a peddler a pusher standing on the corner
There'a a junky on the streets with some crack to warm her
Down and out in the city she's working as a hooker
So the system took the freedom to overlook her
She don't exist that's made her feel the hate
She's just a victim of the world that we create
She didn't have a chance man she didn't want to do it
But she never got the choice so she just said screw it
She took it to the bottom just trying it all
Knowing that nobody even cared at all
Don't deny her needs take a look at yourself
Before you start talking 'bout anybody else

Such a wonderful world such a wonderful world

There's a lower class family they're living in a vice
You know it ain't to bad but it sure ain't nice
Four kids in a flat that was built for two
Cockroaches on the floor so what they gonna do
Rats in the cellar no water in the tap
The kids of today are growing up with this crap
A sweet loving mother she does everything she can
A father with a will he's a fighting man
He's lost his job and all the money's been spent
So tell me anybody who's gonna pay the rent
And you're all talking 'bout equality
This whole fucking world is insanity

Such a wonderful world .... wonderful wonderful

Meanwhile in a suburb on some fancy boulevard
There's a couple in a house with a dog on guard
3 cars in the garage they keep everything inside
Afraid of the violence afraid to go outside
Money ain't funny if you're afraid to use it
You grip it to hard when you're afraid to loose it
Working as a lawyer in some upperclass area
Alone at home his wife going into hysteria
A gun under her pillow to tense to relax
To rich to face reality to scared to face the facts
They stick to what they got and they try to make it pretty
Hiding from the life that's going on down in the city

Such a wonderful world ....

9. Sad To See Your Sorrow

I want to touch you but I don't possess the power
It turns me inside out to feel the pain of your distress
You push the needle deeper in your arm for every hour
I know your life was so beautiful but now it's turned into a mess
I've tried to understand you but the thought seems so unreal
That a person would forsake herself and try to break herself with pain
Just like a child you're so innocent and you long so much to feel
But instead you push the needle deeper down your vein

Sad to see you sad to see your sorrow

You know I've see you in so many different ways
The reflections of your agony are scared upon your face
You warm the spoon just to numb yourself from much much better days
And you hope that someone else is there who might want to take your place
Everytime you scream I hear you thought you scream so silent
And you're longing for your babychild to be in a much better place
So addicted to your loneliness full of self destructive violence
You still try to love your child and see the smile upon it's face

Sad to see you sad to see your sorrow ....

Take away the pain and take away the sorrow
I cry in silence hoping you'll come through
Take away the pain and could be dead tomorrow
I wish that I could help you but there's nothing I can do
I feel as if I'm by your side even though you're far away from here
The poison mingles with your blood and slowly satisfies you
But what I wonder most of all is if you really want to disappear
You keep struggeling with emotions mixed inside you
Please don't disappear you know to many people love you
But you see you're still the only one that can ever dry your tears
So don't you rely on anyone below or up above you
You better grab your life and then get a grip before it disappears

Sad to see you sad to see your sorrow ....

10. I Don't Care

You're all so fucking hostile you're all so fucking mean
With your triple K complexion screaming keep our country clean
With your triple K superior picknick and your burning cross parade
You're all dressed up in white boys you're real American made
Hypocrite that's the name wear
But I really don't care what you say
No bullshit you're so full of it
It comes out of your mouth every day

I dont care what you say I don't care what you say

I want to be somebody special so you take it to the extreme
Waste a jew a black or two and wipe their race out clean
You practice on a target but your guns still full of lead
You hunt them down ten or one and you aim to hit the head
Repulsive you really make me hate all the things you deny and you fake
Primitive you show no respect for all the lives you take and forsake

I don't care ....

Your mouths are so enormous and your dicks are just so small
You're just to dumb to realize you ain't got no brains at all
There ain't nothing in your deadheads that I could ever even understand
And you've still got the guts to tell us all that we should join the klan
I truly believe you're deaf dumb and blind
I believe you're unable to look
I truly believe you're really out of your mind

Take a look in the history book

I don't care ....


Additional musicians: SCRATCH GUPRA, G and SLEEPY, CELLO

All songs published by: REGATTA PUBLISHING
All songs by: CLAWFINGER
except: I NEED YOU, I DON'T CARE -

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