Dark Lyrics


1. Salvator

Covered in ashes, drenched in blood / Witness this apocalyptic funeral pyre
Covered in ashes, drenched in blood / Of Gods, kings and vagabonds alike
Covered in ashes, drenched in blood / Keeper of the spark of creation, the blade of flame
Covered in ashes, drenched in blood / Hearken the call of the fabled shrieking horn

“This is the moment I ride forth, accompanied by my sons of the barren earth
I wield my sword and incinerate all; casting all worlds back before their birth”

In the chaos of battle shall the heaven be cloven,
and the sons of salvation ride thence:
The Redeemer shall ride first,
and both before and after him burning fire

Redeemer I am called.
For I make the earth shiver,
Empty the oceans on fertile land,
Let the heavens drone,
Resound the horrifying darkness of death!
The star bearing wind I put in motion
With my thunderous call rich with ravenous wrath
And penetrate into the deepest forests
But the minds of young and old I reach
With my steady voice full of malice

2. A Vision Of Exalted Lucifer


An earthly life instilled with strength and honour
Long, mind and soul have left this false humanity
Superior soldier raised to fight for blood and soil
Subservient to none until my dying breath

The human race inevitably must perish
A law which keeps me focussed and prepared
Lay waste the lies and lives of all who founder
And slaughter all unworthy and all weak

3. Of Black Dimensions...


4. ...and Demonic Wisdom

War had begun to rage across the heavens fair
As the seven-headed dragon emerged from its hidden lair
Its rebellion to the clash of angels and demons gave birth
And on that day the stars of heaven fell unto the earth
To reside in this world to dwell amongst lesser men
Yet a prospect to achieve a grand demonic master plan

Standing in the moonlight gleam I reflect on my fate
As the sound of the wind inspires me to contemplate
In awe of the stars shining bright above, I wonder…
What possible force may tear these creatures asunder?
They who were here before and will long after be
When my soul is immersed in a boundless cosmic sea
A coldness in the air stirs a craving inside of me
To overcome mankind by virtues I shall soon receive
I call upon the blessing beyond our own dimension
Pervading time and space far beyond human comprehension

Evil voices echo through my mind, their wisdom makes me whole
As demonic supremacy overwhelms me and penetrates my soul
I invoke the force of Satan and adore his fallen kin
I renounce this world, soiled by countless years of mortal sin
My will to enter complex dimensions (my journey into perdition)
Study the lore of days long past, obscured by abrahamic tradition
Battle the plague that slowly corrupted our brothers’ bravery
The rise of evil in man – a release from such endless slavery

The rise of man to Satan’s throne, a true revolution of the mind
His wisdom revealed as a sword of loathing upon mankind
A wise and mighty force in the shadows shall be bred again
A precious prospect to achieve a grand demonic master plan
Those worthy will dominate as the feeble herd shall comply
And forever worship the novel constellations in the nightly sky

5. Wille Zur Macht

Penetrating the cosmic shield
Letting formlessness seep through
Challenging the artificial need for order
Through Chaos achieving ultimate freedom

I am All, All is Nothing
Let Nothingness Reign supreme

I am You, You are Nothing
Through death You will be free

With claws grabbing hold / With talons running deep
Depleting the massive flock / Of mindless docile sheep
With fangs gnawing through / And mighty crushing beak
We’ll diminish the meek / And destroy the weak

6. Rite Of Purification - Vanished From This World

…As below, so above

Skin is rupturing, black flesh is oozing out
Hate flowing like pyroclastic energy through my veins
Feeding my dark spirit
While bones slowly whither to dust

...Evolving beyond mere mortal men

My life is now totally spent
Though I relinquish it without remorse
So I perform this last ritual
To cleanse and to purge

Loathing increasing, hate growing
As I strayed further from society
Body dissolving, mind solidified
Black sun gaining critical mass

...Thus my Black Flame ignites

Black Flame lashes out
And takes to the skies
Disembodied yet conscious
As I rise higher and higher

...I rise into the endless void

Leaving this cursed world behind
Determined to become its final bane
As it seems without a fight
For this goes beyond comprehension

Loathing increasing, hate growing
As I strayed further from society
Body dissolving, mind solidified
Black sun gaining critical mass

My spirit reaches critical mass

Generating dark energy on its own
Immense spiritual implosion follows
Producing a monstrous shockwave
Destroying everything in its wake
Like minded entities arise from the ashes
Coagulating into a dense black nebula

7. Into The Nameless Void

To escape the dismal Stygian Keep / Rise above the flock of woeful sheep
To know the origin of the appalling Alpha / Aspiring to become the exalted Omega
Confined within a deafening silence / Determined into the nameless void I leap
Gaining arcane Demonic guidance / While rabidly repeating this forbidden mantra

Enduring with single minded determination
Mortal death building up to orgasmic salvation
By carefully applying the alchemystical principle
Ejaculates mind from cumbersome vessel

And in my ascension dispassionately I behold
The truths behind false prophecies foretold
Seeing all truths to its subatomic particles / Knowing the errors of arrogant human principles
Restricted to their compendium of assumptions / Narrow minded philosophies within its limitations

Knowing what was, what is and what will be / A labyrinth of variations and possibilities I see
The vastness of the Cosmos in its infinity / All its complexities and dimensions a certainty

Elevated far above the Empyrean Throne / False upon his children it shone
Elevated far above the burden of human live / Observing its desperate ineffectual strive
Detached contemplating the path I am to take / The True Light of Lucifer is finally shown
To abolish Elohim and His hosts in the heavens / A holocaust from which none shall survive

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