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1. The Gates Of Hell

[Music and Lyrics by Marchosias]

Shadows of the past fade before my eyes,
There are evil voices in the air,
I sense a presence in the darkness around,
Pervading every sound and every shadow,
The moon is full; the horned messenger
That has guarded this world for aeons
Yet now only beckons to those who still
Bear strength in their hearts,
The strength to fight, conquer and kill,
The ones that have raped this earth
For so many years,

I am drawn towards the woods again,
Where trees whisper of a storm to be awoken,
Of powers that were asleep for many years,
And a glorious past that was forgotten,
It is true that many of us had grown ignorant and weak,
Whilst the world around was slowly declining.
Fools! Unaware of the infernal wrath
That waits to be unleashed upon them,
They fell to the liars' words and bowed
Before the cross of the dead one.

With my every thought the dark enhances thousandfold,
When suddenly I emerge from the shadows into a clearing
A gruesome silence in the light of the moon,
The ground breathes pure evil,
I know I have reached my destiny in this world.

Four others I distinguish,
Grim and pale faces with empty eyes,
Now the pentagram is whole, words are spoken,
And steel gleams in the dark.
The roar of a thousand storms approaches,
The earth trembles and the moon turns bloodred,
As we cut our flesh in honour
Of our forgotten Lord's return
Demons start emerging from the abyss,
The legions of hell are set free at last,
As a vast black shadow leaves the gates now opened wide,
Our mortal bodies lie scattered and dead.
But we shall be reborn in His fire,
And our deaths will not have been in vain,
For our sacrifice will wrap this world in endless darkness,
And tomorrow shall know the blackest dawn,
For we have opened the Gates Of Hell,
This will be the final holocaust of the human race.

2. Degeneration Of Mankind

[Music by Marchosias - Lyrics by Nimroth]

I have been wandering the ages
Felt the pain, injecting my heart with misery
For we are particles of matter
Throughout the centuries,
Evolving to each other's agony,
The evolution of the human mind,
Causes the degeneration of mankind,

I want to float among the stars,
Between a composition of light and darkness
Gifted with powers of future times to come,
Released from a race, which drowns in vain,

For my transmission to the stars,
I've been travelling the desert of my mind,
With eyes frozen by the Eastern Wind,
Forever gazing into the Stratosphere,
Surrounded by imperceptible phantoms,
Astral guardians, which never last

Experiencing the transmission to the macrocosm,
Into a world where my spirit flies free,
Make me rise like a Phoenix again,
Guide me through the halls of eternity

3. Arcane Illusion

[Music by Marchosias - Lyrics by Nimroth]

On the wings of imperceptible creatures
I'm dwelling through a myriad of stars,
Innumerable dreams are weaved as one,
No destination, an arcane illusion

With a supernatural elegance,
Oscillating through future times to come,
Hold in the horrible jaws of deformity
All I see goes beyond my receptivity,

Heavens are swallowed by the darkness of night,
Another world now opens wide,
Is this real, an arcane illusion
A dim fantasy, which leads to confusion?

Synthetic illusions of dimensions unknown,
Gaze in a cosmic world, which has never shown
It's all-embracing maze of evolution
Abducting the human comprehension

I've seen the future and the past,
The withering beauty for those who last,
Remaining silent in perished oblivion
A phantom-view, illusion or just a horrible conclusion?

4. Prelude To The Final Holocaust

[Music by Atomtrakt]


5. Fields Of Eternal Glory

[Music and lyrics by Marchosias]

Through clouds of fog and ice,
We are gathered under a dark starry sky,
Our pagan fires are burning in the night,
Flames rise high up to the sky; unholy omen of hell
Riding with the winds, we have come
With the strength of one thousand swords

The old man mutters words of hatred and grief,
His face scarred by traitors,
Eyes gazing into nothingness,
Shadow of a once mighty warrior,
Anxiously clenching the hilt of a rusty sword

Now the time of repent is close at hand
The ground with start to open
And hellfire, bright and perilous,
Seething messenger of death and pain,
Will fulfil it's destiny destructively.

For the day is not far when we will
Kill their sons and rape their daughters
We will burn and plunder their villages
Culminating in the destruction of their cursed churches
Symbols of oppression and humiliation.

The glowing ashes of which they will behold
Before we finally cut their throats
Smoke will rise from the ground
The triumphant roar of our hoard
Condemned and mocked for so many years
Will fill the air with a victorious rage,

Ride along my faithful comrades,
And feast upon their rotting corpses,
And curse their poisonous blood for eternity,
For our race has sworn an oath to earth and elements
The sermons of liars we despise,
The prayers of weaklings we hate,
Their bodies will rot on the soil
They so eagerly tried to flee
Eyes picked by the ravens, their souls
Will wander the battlefield evermore
The fields of retaliation where the Christian race
Will meet it's final doom,
No mercy for the weak, by Wolves' teeth
The Sheep will be slain.

6. Perishing Nights

[Originally released on the "Mystic Legends..." demo 1997]


7. Eternal Damnation

[Music by Marchosias - lyrics by Lord Mystic]

Listening to the wolves in this cold winter night,
This night we start our battle with pride,
Their time has come...
Return to where you are from,

Them, the ones we despise,
Will soon be at their end,
They will suffer for their own (believed) lies,
For all eternity they are damned,

Filled with a sense of hate, we burn and kill
Driven by our might, we fight
Their destruction is what we must fulfil,
Power given to us by the moon in the midst of night

We will accomplish our desire,
We fight with sword and fire.

Eternal Damnation,
Infernal Devastation

We will destroy them by fire
It is the will of him, they serve
The ones we were always told to admire,
Being burnt is what they deserve

The battle will last long, they will be strong
But we will fight for our victory, forever will be
One by one we will watch them die,
For the life they live for a lie

We will accomplish our desire,
The time has come for him... the liar

Eternal damnation,
Holy termination.

8. Firestorm Apocalypse - The Coming Of A Greater Era

[Music and Lyrics by Marchosias]

We stand at the dawn of the battle of ages,
And proudly raise our heads towards an endless blood red sky
Our heathen hearts are filled with melancholy and hate
For on this day the cursed ones will finally prevail

Fire in the sky - humanity will die
Cosmic winds of hate - sealing mankind's fate
The feeble race stands frozen - realising they're not chosen
Their dreams will end in pain - through universal bane,

A ferocious yet majestic storm slowly rages on,
Consuming the pathetic mortal's realm of light
Celestial clouds are spitting astral flames without end
Reducing pitiful Christian souls to blackened dust
Not a shadow nor a memory survives in this dimension,
And even time itself is doomed to perish in the flames.
Behold this day's grotesque obliteration of mankind,
A monumental tribute to the rise of utter darkness.

A thousand silent centuries have passed,
Still equilibrium is once again regained,
Our heathen hearts are filled with melancholy and honour,
And as we proudly raise our swords to hail the dark of night,
A distant light marks the coming of a greater era ...

'Firestorm Apocalypse' was recorded and mixed at SAE Studios and Q-sonic Productions in Amsterdam in August and September 2003
Produced by CIRITH GORGOR and Alex
Sound engineering by Alex and Remeo
Intro composed by Jean-Marie vd. Laar
Interludium by ATOMTRAKT
Calligraphy by Jolein, photography by Mine
Design and layout by Marchosias
Lyrics and music © CIRTIH GORGOR

Thanks to gardnerjohng for sending these lyrics.

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