Dark Lyrics


1. E. Coli Surprise

Mad Cow disease, diabetes, heart attack, cancer
Jack in the box, covered in raw putrid meat
Jack's in your ass squirting blood on the toilet seat
At this value price it's worth the risk your kids may die
Who needs a toy when you got e.coli surprise

Decorated with death from your feet to your head
Your stomach bloated from the meat of the infected
You only eat what's safe and inspected
But the stamp on the package, it don't mean shit
Another outbreak occurs, a few more dead
Isn't it funny how things come around in the end?
The USDA doesn't give a fuck about you or me
They only care about the constant blood flow of money
Pushed aside by politicians and the industry
Get whatever they need in Washington lobbying
It's not about the health and welfare of all living things
It's strictly money, power, torture, and exploiting poverty

They know people are stupid
That's how they have been trained
They will eat themselves to death
Much like an animal's way

Mira, el jefe!

Hurry up and get those cows killed we need more money
I don't know boss, this one kind of walks funny
Who gives a shit, hack the bitch, mix it with fresher beef
Hope to god it's not the 1% the inspector sees
Grind up the maggots, the bones, the hair and manure
Throw in some stomach bile for a little added flavor
Nutritious goodness for the school lunch cafeteria
Burn the shit out of it to kill off the bacteria

En coli (ketchup and fecal spill)
Served with fries (a hefty medical bill)
The e. coli surprise (be sure what you consume)
The delicious way to die (moo moo, moo fuck you!)

Don't fret little green spoiled meat
With a little red dye you will do just fine

Decorated with death from your feet to your head
Your stomach bloated from the meat of the infected
You only eat what's safe and inspected
But the stamp on the package, it don't mean shit
None are sacred here, no disability
She will be dragged to her feet, she will spread her disease
Served to the selfish pricks who never give a shit
Until it's on their plate and they are feeling sick
Pushed aside by politicians and the industry
Get whatever they need in Washington lobbying
It's not about the health and welfare of all living things
It's strictly money, power, torture, and exploiting poverty

They know people are worthless
Easy to control when they are sick
I'm out of this fucked up system
So you can pucker up and kiss-a my dick

Now you mothers show concern
Your kids are a-puking and their assholes burn
You never cared before that cows are skinned alive
But now the bus is arriving, wave your last goodbye
Teach math and science and feed them like they would a dog
French bread pizza topped with meat dripping piss-shit'sauce
Native Americans, extinction of the dinosaurs
It's naptime now so just pass out on the fucking floor

Hey Kids, come and get it before the insects do!
Don't drink the kool-aid! Don't eat the beef!

E. coli (ketchup and fecal spill)
Served with fries (a hefty medical bill)
The e. coli surprise (be sure what you consume)
The delicious way to die (moo moo, moo fuck you!)
For just 99 cents you can get onion rings instead

2. Mesmerized

3. Laboratory Lust

Ooh baby, you're making me sweat
You're driving me crazy
I just can't stay away from you
It's like you're wearing big slabs of bacon or something
Oh God, I want you so badly
I don't know what's wrong with me
I can't control myself
Your red lips look like' like rabbit's blood
It's turning me on
You smell like a' like a dead rat
Oh you know what a man wants

Maybe it's loneliness
Maybe low self esteem
Maybe insecurity
Maybe false hopes and dreams
Maybe it's all you see
Maybe celebrities
Maybe its magazines
(Maybe it's Maybelline)

Welcome to 2010
Read the fucking label, there's better options
You want to look good, well that's great
Does hate define your taste?
Burn your skin and seal your eyes
Make you feel how rodents die
Fuck your wants and fuck your needs
You careless, superficial queen

She's so beautiful, she's so fine
The way her lips shine make rabbits blind
Eye shadow in the darkest tone
Makes lust and love from shrieks and moans

Here come colognes and creams
Fantasies and wet dreams
Here comes Herbal Essences

Orgasms, soapy finger sex
Here comes Eva and Beyonce
Advertising whores, they'll do anything
Here comes Jack and Kate Lost with Ben Affleck
Here comes the science (rabbit'screams)
Ulcerated bleeding eyes
Tube-fed toxins, half should die
Irritated, itchy flesh
Paralysis and convulsions
Place their heads into restraints
Snap their necks to avoid the pain
No relief, forced open eyelids

You don't care about anything except yourself
Buy anything packaged by L'Oreal
No concern at all about behind the scenes
A one track mind just me, me, ME
Before Botox goes in your face
Try first on rats, make sure it's safe
But torture has its side effects
Makes you a freaky, frown-less, fucking mess

He smells so musky, isn't she lucky?
Sets wild fire through a mouse's insides
The scent of aftershave turns women into slaves
Enough to make any animal die sexually

Hey how we feeling tonight?
How about you there, sexy young lady?
A girl like that makes me feel like the moon and a
Piece of pie in a freakin' eyeball in the sky
You fellas know what I'm talking about
Here's a little ditty for you honeymooners out there

She's got the fake, perky tits, luscious collagen lips
She needs a man with white teeth and a ten inch dick
Don't ask me how they got to be this way
I don't want to spoil your dinner, folks
Take it away!

Nowhere near perfect but I have a good heart
My nose is big, my head is balding, teeth are spaced apart
Sometimes there's bags under my eyes, sometimes my face breaks out
But it's never an excuse to bring another species down

4. Familiarized

5. What We Deserve

Man and Nature
Man and Animal
I know God can be so absurd
But sometimes we get what we deserve

Mankind will never know peace with itself
Until it first finds peace with everything else
The negative energy makes the earth react
There's nothing natural about it, just a way to fight back
And sometimes even animals choose to attack
And I love it when they do
It makes me feel so relaxed
I meditate, I ask the lord to grant them the strength
To kill and rectify the ones who steal my faith

And I pray, that the bullfighter dies tonight
Oh yeah, throw him around and get a few in the crowd
And at the end of the parade the bull will pay the price
But at least now he can take a bow with some pride

Destiny (Fate)
Love and Peace (War)
Innocence (Guilt)
Happy Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?
The killing of the tribes, are turkey's metaphors?
We eat then watch the horses race on TV
May the best horse win, the one zapped with batteries
Then together we can go hunting for deer
We pop 'em and stuff 'em, hang taxidermy chandeliers
We sleep with duck feather pillows, wool blankets peacefully
Until a prowler in the house murders entire family

Performers mauled by cats on stage
Fear fights back with unforgiving rage
In the crowd there's a lesson to be learned
That'sometimes we get what we deserve
A Harley Davidson man, a leather vest
The pain it cost to make, he could care less
And on the highway one day he crashed and burned
Well sometimes we get what we deserve

Lions and tigers and bears oh my!
Little boys and girls, a show of justice for your eyes
Grab some popcorn, grab a beer
You won't get in trouble; your parents soon won't be here

I want to watch you die
I want to watch you fucking die

Train dogs for killing, chain a coyote up
The coyote breaks free and chews the hunter's guts
Guns, drugs, and scum at the cockfighting pit
The roosters freak out and stab their handlers to death
A bear on a bicycle with burned paws
The bear rips the trainer's face off with its claws
A snake charmer tries to sew a snake's mouth shut
The snake bit's, injects venoms into his blood
An elephant screams as a bullhook is sunk
Into the elephant's side, breaks the man with its trunk
A rodeo clown likes to bullshit around
The bull sends him spinning like a merry go round

A poacher sneaks into the zoo at night
The rhino puts up a fight for its life
The horn pierces, it twists and turns
Cuz sometimes we get what we deserve
Timothy Treadwell should not have been killed
When people wrestle bears for comedy films
Make a joke of what'should be preserved
And sometimes we get what we deserve
Scold and criticize savage fools
But their broke machines can't work without tools
Can't just ignore all that you've heard
Cuz sometimes we get what we deserve

Depriving animals of their basic needs
To play our shallow, petty games
Is it too much to ask of you stupid assholes
(Let's have some fucking water for these animals)

Tsunamis and earthquakes (Come on Christ-man)
Volcanoes and tidal waves (Hurt us!)
I know God can be so absurd
But sometimes we get what we deserve
Floods and Blizzards (Come on Allah)
Tornadoes and hurricanes (Hurt us!)
(I want, if there's a god, to kick some ass down here)

6. Desensitized

7. Chickenshit

Where I see God, you just see green
What you call product I call a
Cheap shot violation
Brute abomination
Domination in vain, blessed with the brains to find better ways
Stand up to it, chickenshit
Don't lose yourself to corporate gain
Let them fall and crumble

Don't sleep through the alarm
The sweet dreams are over, wake up

Fun lovin' silly ones at Tyson bless their heart
With a goofy, toothless smile and a stench like a fart
Rich, white, fat fucks sit
Push insane objectives
Fifteen minute break; squeeze the chickens 'til they spew
Get to act like a caveman, yabba dabba doo
No time to use the bathroom
Piss on what they consume
I work hard on the line all motherfuckin' day
Bust a cap in yo feathered ass if you hurt my brain
East coast chicken choker, so insane
Don't hate the playa, hate the game BITCH!
Cash stackin' killa, pimpin' hens and hoes
I got blood and guts all over my clothes
No fuckin' chicken gonna peck my crew
Full of backwoods hicks and illegal foos SHIT!

Down in Hell, Chef Hitler rolls your balls in batter
Sam Walton sells your frozen thighs at a low price
Loose skin Jared from Subway devours your congealed flesh, eat fresh
Bobby Flay grills and marinades your breast and legs

What kind of man slams an animal into the wall?
Were you molested?
What kind of people buy their food from Neanderthals?
The whole goddamn place does; united land of morons
What kind of country lets this happen without even a fee to pay?
The good ole USA
What kind of God do you believe in, is it like you, fat cheap and lazy?
Crucified for fast food

Slave master Sanders and his famous fried chicken
Antibiotics and arsenic a-make it finger lickin'
Buckets full of corpses
Piss shit'sauce and biscuits
Cute little slogans are the selling points
Not ethics and morals, doing chickens right
Things that'should disturb
Erased by spice and herbs
Travel long distance, got a craving for a blood clot
Look for a shithole, highway pit stop
Fat to the finish
Cuz I eat Popeye's chicks
Visit Chick fil-A witness the bizarre Mormons
Where the Word of God says 'Save the cows, kill more chickens'
Holy Sabbath Sunday
Rest for sin on Monday

Down in Hell, Genghis Khan packs your ass with breadcrumbs
Dave Thomas wants your fat ass as a midnight snack
Some asshole from McDonalds makes chunks of you a dollar menu
George Foreman, your blood dripping, his lean mean machine

8. Tranquilized

9. Saturday Mourning

My Little Pony, killed secretly
Berenstain Bears, lost gall bladders
Mr' Fox poached, rich bitch fur coat
Curious George, brain filled with surge

Saturday morning is a blur

If cartoons are too violent, what about reality
Fuck you and your morals, the deceptions that you reap

We love animals

Ladies and gentlemen, Ringling Bros' and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Proudly presents the greatest animal trainer of all time' SATAN!

The circus is in town, turn that frown upside down
Elephants and tigers slapped around
Off to the zoo where wild beasts are enslaved
Sit around and get stared at all day
We'll go to the farm where there's a petting zoo
Kids can touch and feed what's brewing in their stew
Not stuffed fucking toys, these ones bleed a bit
Real faces, sounds that will fill your pants with shit

Saturday morning is a lie
This is not fucking Nickelodeon
Not a fucking Pixar movie
This is a place where all your furry friends are tranquilized and beat

Sounds of nature
Scream in terror
Mankind is here

We love animals
The talking dogs and singing frogs
Sock puppet lambs, mascots for fans
Fat lazy cats, chimps in weird hats
Behind closed doors
Burn them, beat them, kill them
Fuck them, they mean nothing
Chicken nuggets in fun dino shapes
Trapped in the dark, crowded together in their own shit, they wait
Ultra processed, Disney Princess spaghettios with franks
Five months of hell, can't turn around, stuck in a small metal crate

We love the greeting cards, the fruit snack sharks, and Noah's Ark
But love cannot compete with ugliness and vanity
We're always so fucking hungry

And after all the ways we think we've grown, we're still a nation of hypocrit's
And after all the things we claim to know, we're still so primitive and ignorant

10. Euthanized

11. Puppy Maul Madness!

We interrupt this program to bring you a very special report
I am standing outside the mall which is currently under attack
Here at the scene of the crime is Chief of Police Johnson
Uh yes thank you, what we have here is a hostage situation
That originated at the pet store
We believe that that these dogs were bred in puppy mills
Which would explain their aggressive behavior
Thank you Chief of Police Johnson
Let's see if we can hear what's happening inside

'Mall security, stop or I'll say stop again
Holy Moses, its puppy maul madness!
'Yo dawg, back da fuck up, aight!? Mommy!'
Ooh baby, its puppy maul madness!
'Just trim the bangs or the whole kit and caboodle?'
Puppy maul madness
'Hey Broseph, check out the game last night, bro?'
Puppy maul madness

You know what, honey
We need something to fill up that space in the yard next to the pool
We have two houses, three timeshares, and thirteen cars
We have a yacht and a tennis court, now we need a dog!

There's only one place to get a breathing doll
At the overcrowded, terrifying, septic mall
In the window I see mannequins with wagging tails
Fresh from the puppy mill with cataracts and curled, broken nails
I need a trophy not a companion
Why bother saving one for fifty when I can spend a thousand
I need a purebred not a mutt like me
I did my part, I thought about it like Obama's family, yeah

Leave me alone; don't need a new cell phone
'Who's your cell phone provider, bro? Let me help you out (Fuck off)
Don't offer me lotion from Israel
'Show me your hands (No), show me your fucking hands!(Jesus!)
See clothes for douchebags, punks, and ghetto thugs
'Fuck paying child support, I want some new shoes (Get me out of here)'
See people buy dogs that match their curtains
'Do you have something in more of a mahogany?What about teal'

He cries all night, he wants to walk all day
He doesn't listen to a damn word I say
He's always hungry, he sheds his hair
They can euthanize his ass for all I care

The kids now want a brand new toy
So sick of calling him all night screaming, 'Come on boy!'
He's humping my wife and tearing up the house
His pink thing's slithering and grossing everybody out
Well what the fuck do you expect when he is raised in filth?
Walking on wire, never learning social skills
You're the kind of dipshit that should never get a pet
Thank you for slam packing the shelters, now roll over and play dead

There's never any goddamn parking, does anyone have a fucking job?
Oh what the hell' you're not handicapped, you're just old ('Cocksucker!')
What is this, a gang? Get the fuck out of the way (I cut you mang!) Jesus!

Don't want a custom made cheap ass t-shirt
'You want to buy?Then don't bother me I'm on the phone long distance
Break my life savings to buy a pretzel
'Who's back there baking these things, Jesus Christ?'
Walk by Hot Topic see Emo preteens
'I'm gonna cut myself, oh my god' (Of fuck y' is that a Ghostbusters shirt?)'
See dumb fuck buy puppy for bitch girlfriend
'I don't want one from the shelter, they're fucking ugly! Oh ok

Stacked in the cages the pups, diseased and fucked up
Shipped to the pet stores in town, momma gets put down

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now inside the mall where the hideously deformed dogs are eating people alive
Yes you heard me correctly, folks
Here is a victim now, sir can you explain to the audience how you are feeling?(Ooooooow!)
Thank you, now back to the action

'A medium coffee, do you mean grande, chief?
Boom, headshot, total pwnage n00b
'Oh my god, I haven't seen you in so long, did you get my messages?
I started a new job, I'm living with my boyfriend now, did I tell you my sister got married
'Hey be careful, that floor's still wet!Hey!
Don't ask my nephew to be a model
'Have you ever considered him for modeling?'(Stay away from my family)'
How the hell is Spencer's still in business?
'Would you like to purchase a finger puppet penis?(Fucking nutcase)
Walk by food court, offered a free sample
'Teriyaki chicken, you want sample?(I will shove that toothpick RIGHT up your ass)'
Just want to go and piss off the pet store
'Would you like see him?He's a little nervous right now (Yeah, no shit' There's a bunch of fucking idiots
Tapping on the glass all day' Where you getting these dogs anyway?

12. Brutalized

13. Bible Thumpers

Come on you motherfuckers!I need to get home and beat my wife and kids before church!

Here piggy, piggy get your fat ass on the truck
We know you're hot, crammed, and thirsty but we don't give a fuck
We got this bright, shiny prod that we can shove up your ass
And if you don't want to move we'll beat you 'til you collapse
We'll throw you in a pile outside, half alive
Where you'll lay for days and rot away and slowly fucking die
An intelligent and friendly species but tastes good unfortunately
No one cares which way you die, people love to close their eyes

Here piggy, piggy, now it's time for your death
Drag you by your fucking snout then shoot a bolt through your head
You better pray to god we kill you on the very first try
Or else you're gonna go through the whole process alive
We will never respect the sacrifice that you made
You're just a soulless animal
You don't feel any pain

Can't wait for God anymore
Can't wait for some kind of Jesus
Can't keep living with our fucking fingers crossed
Can't wait 'til everything is dead and gone

Hurry up and die we got thousands more behind you
Need a sausage biscuit in three minutes at McDonalds' drive-thru
Weinerschnitzel, wet my whistle, turn that hog into a dog!
Pupperoni, Beggin' Strips, born again through doggy shit

It's a fast food nation full of slow thinking minds
Where demonic corporations get away with brutal crimes

There's no such thing as too much money in this fucking country

Anything to save a dime, anything will keep us occupied
Born at the mercy of the rich, they march to their death in a line
We're not so different after all, we just pretend all the time

Piggy, are you ok?
Piggy, are you ok, are you ok, piggy?
Piggy, are you ok?
You've been hit by a cruel criminal
Three months of news coverage
Three months of news coverage, a man they hated
Three months of news coverage
But nothing about the meat industry
It's bad, it's a thriller, it's dangerous
It's sad, it's a squealer, it's hideous
Take that piggy and spin him around
Smash him headfirst into the ground
In the bible belt give the devil a nod
Mutilations in the name of God
For the holy men on Satan's factory farm
Judgment's coming in it's purest form
Come join the preaching Jesus, deep south, apple mouth, hog hoedown
I'm coming to fucking kill you, Jeffrey Dahmer motherfuckers!

During your short life here, you'll meet the best we have
Ex-convicts and immigrants inside a corporate plan
Violent offenders that will do things to you
That nobody sane would ever dream to do
But don't think they won't eat you, cuz oh yes they will
They don't care about details, they just don't want to kill
The Humane Slaughter Act shouldn't scare you one bit
You see things look good on paper but we don't have time for that shit
Pump you up with hormones, make you as fat as a republican
Bash apart your fucking brains by God fearing Christians
Cut your balls, cut your tail, without the use of medicine
Lock you up inside a cage, some will cry but real men grin
We will always have more important human issues than you
Like a peanut sized fucking fetus
That doesn't even know what the fuck it is yet

I'm gonna fucking stab you in your face
Or maybe I should take it down to your civilized manner and dump you into a scalding tank
And watch your eyes pop out, you sick twisted fucks!

Bible Thumpers!
Dumb Fuckers!
Bible Thumpers!
Die Motherfuckers!

Join us next week for the divine depiction of Kosher
It's very scary!Fuckers!

14. Hellbound

15. Inferno

Midway through life, I realized I went astray
From things that matter most, a pain that won't cease
Lost in the Dark Wood of Error every day

Need to witness hell before I know true peace
Must embrace darkness to reach enlightenment
Need to know the things that no one cares to see

The first ring of hell, I hear cries of torment
Millions scream in anguish, silenced by the heat
Never cared for what animals underwent

The second circle brings a storm of skinned meat
What's left of people who wore leather and mink
Women with make-up dragged to labs by their feet

Ring number three a swamp of garbage I sink
Fat slobs live below, they ate nothing but shit
A three headed hog eats lard and blood he drinks

In the fourth circle, those who wasted their wit
Disrupting creatures, tomfoolery to sell
Now demons taunt them, starve them for stupid tricks

An eye for an eye
Stripped down of your rights
You make think you're innocent
But ignorance makes you a suspect
Greed and gluttony
Fraud and treachery
You may think you're better than this
Arrogance, a guilty verdict

I descend on a marsh, the fifth ring of hell
Where violent morons wage war with each other
They inflicted rage on those who could not tell

And in the sixth ring those who lived to smother
Animals for speculation, playing God
Cut open, tested on a burning alter

In the seventh circle, a river of blood
Flows to the burning sands where bulldozers run
Over the ones who tore down forests with grudge

Getting close now, circle eight, Bolgias I shun

Where government agencies are sealed inside
Ignored animals while corrupt deed s were done

Who lies within the ninth ring after they die?
Forever frozen in the lake Cocytus
Where Satan himself the Lord of Sin resides

Menacing heads above the ice twitch and fuss
Slayers of innocence by religious rit's
No virgins wait here, just gashed throats, blood and pus

Men struggle to breathe, such a horrendous sight
I recognize Tony Hayward from BP
Smash his face down into the oil and ice

Approaching the center and what do I see?
The ones who made billions in life butchering
Can't cry about it now or their eyes will freeze

I see Ronald, Wendy, and the Burger King
Dangling from the mouths of Satan like cigars
Below contorted CEOs suffering

Arise from hell, once again beneath the stars
Mount Purgatory, dawn of a brand new day
Surrounded now by other penitent souls
Begin the journey that will pave the light's way

Through seven sins of nature I pay my tolls
I am starved and beaten, branded on my chest
I cleanse myself, now ready to reach the goal

Travel the universe, meet the very best
A flash of light reveals the meaning of life
The vision comforts me, finally I rest

I see farm animals roam fields without strife
Horses without reigns wander wide open land
Primates live in jungles, not under the knife

I see nature sleep in peace, untouched by man
Ocean creatures swim liberated and clean
Melodic skies of birds, silent desert sands

I see people shut down their deadly machines
Religions join hands, end this conceited war
A life worth living in a world so serene

I fall back to earth, see who we really are
I lie down on the dirt and stare at the stars

16. Operation Satan

Call it science, call it hate
Call it means to separate
A baby monkey from its mom
To measure what, how bored we are?
Call it research, call it waste
Call it ways to manipulate
The moral codes we're supposed to know
Dissecting frogs, making puppies glow
Call it animal testing, call it vivisection
Call it the advancement of man from the sun
Call it Operation Satan

Godlike men, Operation Satan
Weak specimens, Operation Satan
The results are in, Operation Satan
It's barbaric sin with little correlation

Though never became a movie star
This chimp instead strapped by his arms
With a cocaine habit and HIV
Still lives just like a celebrity
It's Kate Plus Eight, Octomom time
Thanks to the work of March of Dimes
The lambs soon too will get a show
Each week Mom's killed then her brain's exposed

Here kitty, kitty, kitty'
We won't hurt your skull
Just want to drill some holes
Teach us how hard it is
To live life retarded

'Free to good home' read the newspaper ad
The Beagle's picked up and sold, now he lives in a lab
Used to run and play, perform tricks for rewards
Can't even bark anymore, cut out his vocal chords
They will shock his dick to make an old man hard
Pump his lungs with smoke, nicotine, and tar
Inject cancerous tumors underneath his skin
Looking for the cure?
Don't consume additives

Human curiosity killed the cat's getting stale
Disease is on the rise in two shakes of a lamb's tail
Our species is in the doghouse, we crossed forbidden lines
And I'll be a monkey's uncle if Earth lets us survive

So what if all the abduction stories came true?
Is this what you would want them to do to you?

Have you heard enough?
Have you had enough?
New ways exist that would cause no harm
Don't be too stubborn to admit we're wrong

Want money to save humans?
Cut the government wage
Mutilated cancer research
Multiplied fourth stage
So donate your money
To those they blatantly ignore
You know, the ones who keep us alive
Yet die in disregard
Look close at what you eat
Look close at what you wear
Chemicals designed to clean
Stain with blood and tears
Selfishly divided
Together we fall
We can make a difference
You can change it all

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