Dark Lyrics


1. Forward Through The Copper Sun

2. Zero Comfort Margin

Each slap of the club was life affirming
A dent in my lifetime that made more of an impact
Than anything I could have dealt onto myself
Devils and angels devoured
Guzzled pixie dust insignificance
Confession does not necessitate relief
The guilty are not always forgiven
Witchcraft survived
Slanderous eye of the pig... seared shut in flame
The high pitched squeal settle my heart to ease
Screams won't save but please don't stop now

3. No Tears Fall Through Hollow Eye Sockets

Gape down into these brains as brilliant glistening mercury
Shoots through each tender twisting channel
May it roll off and sink deep through the soil's pores
To gag every last worm and trigger Mother Earth herself
Into heaving us all out into obliterated space
All cultures truly melted together into one,
And how we should have lived is how we now will die
Squeeze your every muscle and embrace your every bone as the fear of what is to come feeds
With each heartbeat and pumps and pounds
Like hyper-electric nails battered into every last nerve of your body
(You can hold onto your Faith but I'll try to hold back my laughter).

4. Chemical Goat

Somewhere in the sullen caverns of the mind's fluids intercross
Nerves flicker and the most important things in life are lost forever
The caskets are filled with unrecognizable fossils
Just another cerebral collapse in the crowd
An ultra-violent disease
A prostituted cow
Hallowed be their humbled shame
Smooth as silver, the sky bled blue swan tears over and down the valley
Like thighs stretched open, they will wait

5. Whimper

6. Android (120 Ampere Opiate)

Do not think or question
Do not contribute or insist
Mechanize and integrate within the blue glare of this whored media fist
Static splatters and alpha flickers and with glazed attention
A population slips further away into manipulated paralysis
Brains jarring together like humanoid marbles in boxes of bone
Public opinion and (d)evolution twisted, perverted and possessed by the global elite
Obedient and docile; we are the drones, marching to the narcotic beat of this whored media fist
Advancing into the belly of the Leviathan, content to endure within its bowels
Android consume!
Android consumed!
Your sound bite slogans can burn with your flags

7. Host(Age)

Swell and swallow
Licked by gray tongues of insatiable and greedy wolves
There is no famine, no drought, nor dearth
Many lifetimes away from sincerity, from commitment, from honesty
And yet the wolves still feed and fatten us for abolishment
Covet the seeping fumes as all skull content ferments
Look yourself in the eye and suck it in
Suck it in, suck it in
Spit it out into the green grasses while they still remain that way
Bloodied blemishes in the comatose Earth where your cancer abandoned its host
Rest and ferment, Three degrees from a zombie
A trillion thoughts from a solution
All I can seem to do is sleep and dream of a world in technicolor-green
No better than a limbless blind man
More useless than a ball-gagged scream
Indefinite journeys toward a revolution that will char the soils back to tranquility
Until then its hosts will be held hostage

8. Bohemian Grave

9. The System As The Master Deceiver

The instinctual, rear section of the brain has pushed its way forward and over
Animal over human, Instinct over intellect
Let your teeth rot 'till they drop out and the hairs upon the back of your neck stand tall and ridged
Universal brain altercation,
Dopamine alteration
Sick as a dog, Rehab

10. Born On A Bombshell

We live in a house of cards where cupidity,
Commodity and conformity are shown to be the ultimate resources
From which to build our life's foundation upon
Wolves gloat from platforms of skull and bone bonded with blood and fraud
All free-will sacrificed for the sake of a suit and tie
Hang yourself in front of the tinted windows of captivity

11. Strip Naked For Your Killer

Staring toward the mammoth sky
As harpooning light severs through the clouds
To sear my eyes shut from the illustrated world
Beyond sight
A world of leather against rain
Bathed in conflict
Naked in pain
Pressed face against Mother Earth
As her bottomless moans penetrate the soil
To massage my ears deaf from the thunderous world
Beyond sound
A world of velvet and hate
Rinsed in warfare
Denying my fate

12. A Homage To Tombstone Granite

Black hospital sheets besiege and smell like a child's coffin
This is homage to tombstone granite
Medicamenta non sacant, igrris sanat
The flame cures what medicine can never heal

13. Footprints In Fire

14. Playdumb

[Hideous Mangleus cover]

Serene, like floating
At the bottom of the sea
So warm, so free
Is this heaven, could it be?

But, for this period of time
I know my peace of mind
Will be coming to an end
When they pull me out again

Forget your earthly ties
Stay in heaven, no one dies! [x4]

Hanging upside down
Head towards the ground
Naked and cold
Not again will i grow old

Forget your earthly ties
Stay in heaven, no one dies!!!

15. For Black Eyes Only A.K.A. Depopulate: Tears Of Illuminati

Like an army of vipers we prepare,
Await and become the obscured hologram of civilian and assassin
This is for black eyes only
This is where poisoning of the roots of machination and deception is all we have left
This is where lions dwell and peace hides its secrets in blackened corners
This is for the kill scene
This is for their heads

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