Dark Lyrics


1. A Family Tree To Hang From

Don't bite the hand that feeds you
Rather saw it off at the shoulder and bury the blade
Incinerate the torsos and start a fresh page into the journal of life
Your secrets hold little value when nobody is left to hear them

2. We Wear The Gimp Mask

At the peak of evolution's tower we perch
and glare downward toward the understrappers below
Unable to see all the way to the bottom
Unable to care even if we could
Poverty and disease flourish around the foundation of our creation
And how great are we?
Great enough to lift our noses to the skies
as existence crumbles around us from the ground up
How great are we?

3. Salt Rock Eyes

Salt rock eyes as hard as a swollen diamond
yet as dull as the bottom of my shoe
Fixated on the steel in your hands and the latex across your body
Gagged by rubber through silenced from rapture
This is the cross

4. Bring Her A Mushroom Cloud Pt. 01

Bring her a mushroom cloud to garnish the skylines today
Bring her opulent orange and cringing, beautiful white bellows
Give her the gift of eradication, the gift of cleansing
No screams or sounds,
only the resonation of relief colliding with horror
Trepidation blanketed with the reverberation of godlike slaughter
Tumor mankind
Dug from the roots and burned from the marrow outward
Falling forward into complete regeneration

5. No Tolerance For Silence

Silence is as golden as piss

6. Destiny Of The Slug

Manipulate the slime
and assume supreme control of the mind
The smallest particles of existence
can become the fallen curtains for us all
The show is over for the slug
The next realm has just begun
Sovereign parasites
Flawless domination
Zombie phenomenon has just begun
Fluorescent and pulsing
This is the destiny of the slug

7. Sleepwalker

I am in the center between sound and body
The middle ground
is where ideas and illusions mingle
and new theories are given birth
Sterilize both in fire
I am in the center between sound and body
The middle ground
is where humility and embarrassment repel
and old methods are covered with earth
Suffocate both in fire

8. Harvest At Dawn (Enter Fertility)

Everything around me shrinks and expands
Memories compacted
Fantasies extracted
Suspend me from the floor and push the ceiling nearer
This is just a reenactment of the thoughts projected from your eyes
The faces and names are not real
Only the tears, blood and glass are authentic
We link hands and dreams to become the map of the damned
Found a wound across my ribs, soft and fresh as a ballet shoe
To finger and feed
Memories flaccid
Fantasies reenacted
Finger and feed

9. Corsage Of Fresh Meat And Rotted Pride

Climb the fibrous ladder dear friend
Watch your head
Watch your step
Chained meat-hook your new ally and playmate
Hang yourself from the virginal I-beam above
Hang from your anatomically correct eye sockets
A perfect match for the grapple
Hang like the meat you have been farmed to become
Hang raw and arrogant
Watch the gold-wash
Watch the spin and spit
Sweat, drip, foam and hiss
Hang like meat
Dangle in indifference
Suspend above the spectators
Fresh meat sways
Rotted pride withers

10. Oak And Iron

Forced to scorch at the stake of humanity
Our heavy skulls and cumbersome bodies
fastened by straps of fear and mediocrity
Anchored and confused
Confused and naive
We bled upon the oak and iron and sang songs
of revolution and tyranny
The spitting cracks of ember
harmonized our singing voices
as the scent of servitude left our presence
and scaled through the syrupy air
of a new morning
Together forever
Married to illusion
Together forever
The end

11. Mother Pig

If I knew for sure that I had a soul
I'd sell it right now
for the chance to experience
Mother Earth's last gasp before she sinks
into a perpetual episode of life support
Clung to hope as the bastards of complacency
and decent stand over us
Carved from human bone by human bone
Carved from human bone by human bone
The magic wand of oppression waves above
and occasionally bounces from skull to skull
She's become the pig on the spit
Salvation stuffed into her mouth
like a rotted green apple
We, the eager ants,
wait below her and bask in her dripping fat
No more audience
No more audience
Warm breath rises
Boiled fat falls

12. Rocket

We hide behind what we create,
but this time the product shall consume
and shit us back to what we once were

13. King Cobra vs. Queen Bee

May we be the first to self-incinerate
and may the mustard smoke from our bones be inhaled
and consumed by the king cobras
and queen bees of our world
The stinger is in our hands
A poison sac is in our skulls
The last strike will be made by us

14. The Buzzard Blizzard

Abort the brain fetus
and force-feed it to your teachers and families
The lies they taught you were to be defecated
and spread into the soil
where a new generation of mirror-children would feed
The mind you have is plagiarized
A worm feeds between your eyes
Genetic reservoirs are computerized
Tomorrow the shit will feed upon the flies

15. White Trash Headache

Pull back the hammer
and throw it at me like I was your best friend
For a bulls-eye I'll shut my eyes for you

16. Shadow Of The Narcissist

None of us wish to be our shadow
because we all believe that we are something greater
The figure on the ground
is no less good than what we really are
but more than what we could ever wish to become
The abyss of human nature snagged
upon our deficiency upon of self-awareness
Your shadow is selfish and violent

17. Bring Her A Mushroom Cloud Pt. 02

Bring her a mushroom cloud
trimmed in crazed ire and spite
Feed her the decaying heads
of humanity as clocks tick till silence

18. My Supernatural (Bells Ring Slowly)

This wound cannot be patched
as my blood runs gelatinous, sweet and black
Only to be tasted by the chafed lips of the inflictor, a mirror
The heavy-handed swift punishing judge
whose sentence is lifelong and indifferent
as puddles of stagnant water
You cannot stop the bleeding with patches alone,
as saturation will reject all but infliction
Reparations all slide off into oblivion
The hunter and the hunted have become one
I was borne for self-destruction
Borne to bleed and freeze
Tears used to jimmy dried scabs of blood from these sheets
Pills to control, to redirect, to attempt to unlearn
Unsatisfied with what this world has had to offer
Satisfaction when the heart stiffens and succumbs
to the hunter's hands, gelatinous, sweet and black
No more pills, no more adjournment
The higher the walls around
the more I will jerk them down upon me
It has become easier to bury the bodies
than to bury the memories and impulsive thoughts
that serve only to confuse and burden
One hand on the shovel, the other around my throat
Borne to bleed and freeze
I have broken all the warm hands that heal
Bones snap and shatter
Muscle tissue around the eyes stretch
and quiver like a fish skinned alive
The only honest satisfaction
Cold and weak, I hope none remember
I will be happy to forget

19. Alkaline

As faces crept in from the room next door
to my eyes I let a razor race swiftly down my armless body
towards the clays of hell
Blink to separate desecration from pain
Toward the clays of hell the acrid tears and razors race
The faces become more defined
as the scent of my sweat and vomit draws them nearer
Blink to separate desecration from pain
Blink to separate the face from the name
Another flash
Another face
Blink once for the pills
Blink twice for the shame
In the eyes of the canary these faces (remain)

All material recorded February/March 2003
at Austin Enterprise (www.austinenterprise.com) Clinton, MA
Produced by Steve Austin
Digitally edited and Mastered by Steve Austin
Graphic Execution by Mark and Michael Riddick


All lyrics typed & sent in by: ~Cone~ prowler_inthe_yard
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