Dark Lyrics


1. The Age Of Hell's Rebirth

Total Darkness Upheaved World
Breathes No More
Desecration Unholy War
Wasteland of Flesh

Vengeance of the Wicked
Disease Reigns Absolute
The Collapse of the Righteous
Welcome To Hell

Demon Strength Ignite
Defilement of the Earth
Devil Gods Arise
The Age of Hell's Rebirth

The Innocent Are Slaughtered
By Servants Grim
Death of Mankind
Diabolic Forces In Command

2. Death Metal Maniac

Cut Throat I'll Piss On Your Grave
Shit Eater Sick and Depraved
Dirty Mean Ugly and Proud
Triumph of the Loud

No Defense From My Attack
Death Metal Maniac

Beer Drinking 'til I Can't Stand
Hell Raising Death to the End
Metal Played Heavy and Fast
Women and Children Last

No Defense From My Attack
Death Metal Maniac
Smash Your Skull Break Your Back
Death Metal Maniac

Hellhammer Frost
Slaughter Kreator
Repulsion and Sodom
Venom Bathory

Autopsy Death
Massacre Deathstrike
Morbid Angel
Slayer and Possessed

3. Trust No One

Tyrant Hands Grip the World
In Hateful Unyielding Wrath
Conforming Hordes Bow in Splendor
Raise the Heads of the Thinking Dead

Life of the Enslaved
Trust No One
Decay of the Truth
Trust No One

Eternal Quest for Power
Turns Them Against Themselves
Showing a Hateful Spirit
Undenied in its Strength

Hypocrisy Reigns Supreme
Worship of Forbidden Greed

4. Curse Of The Dead

Damned In Isolation
Repulsive Purulent Souls
Grievous Redemption
Inflamed Eternity

Curse of the Dead

Silent Impatient Immortal
Stench of Undead Flesh
Never Ending Loathsome
Blood Vengeance

Curse of the Dead

Tyrant of Hate
Impure Soul
Unholy Massacre
Dark Age Unfolds

5. Fires That Consume

Shrouded In Eternal Emptiness
Blackened Hearts Gods of Unrest
Screams of the Might
Outweigh the Weak
Death of Morals Damnation Seed

Judgement Beckons the
Soulless Scourged
Slaves to the Decayed Withered Earth
Ageless Temples of the Fallen
Mortal Demise Creation Curse

Darkness Captures All I See
Relinquish Divine Prophecy
Ashes To Dust World of Scorn
The Vile and Wicked
Souls Shall Burn

Destroy the Body and the Soul
Forever the Fires That Consume
Shackled Irons of Their Torments
Forever the Fires That Consume

6. World Abyss

Enter the Dying Age
Absence of Thought
Shattered Dreams of Peace Endtimes
Spread of Fear
Seething Hatred Intensified
Mortals Forgotten Never to
Rise Again

Warring Nations - Crime Disease
This Age of Terror - World Abyss

Moral Corruption God Turns His Back
Enemies of Life Proclaim Triumph
Violence Breeds Chaos Passion
Mortals Forgotten Never to
Rise Again

7. Powerhead

Smashdown Your Race
Humanity Must Die
Annihilate Domain
Devour Insane
Sworn To Your Death
Absurd Remorse
Engulfed In Flame
Gods World Enslaved

Fury of Strength Lethal Dose
Wardrives - Powerhead
Those Who Remain Unconquered
Endtimes - Powerhead

Power and Wisdom
Delivered From the Weak
Glorified Cleansing
The Burning Flames of War

Associates of Hate
Opponents of Life
Destruction Remains
Swallowed in Shame

8. Sickened To Behold

Punisher of Flesh Kill You Where You Stand
My Aggressive Hate Goes Unchallenged
Beware My Sinful Misery
Unholy God of Agony

Murderous Deathlunge Into Prey
Enemy Conquest Takes Control
Soul Destroyed Denied Mercy
Nothing Left Sickened To Behold

Die A Shameful Death Nothing For Your Life
Drowning in Your Own Blood
Choking Black Death
Punishment Sadistic Control Torture
Defy Degrade Your Pathetic Self

Steal Your Face

9. Wormfeast

Gnawing Through Mortal Lives
Shameless Release
Blackened Blood and Dirt
Consuming Death
Lifeless Rotten Flesh
Decayed Depraved
Torment In the Grave
Godless Demise

All Things That Are Hidden
Nameless Existence
Cold Walls Spiral Lost
In Eternal Centuries
Cold Embrace
Maggot Hordes
Coming Full Circle
I Live Again

Feasting On Drops of Blood
Sweet Decay
Injected Seeds of Hate

Slaughter Race - Fiend Easts Fiend
Breeding Inside - Parasites
Feasting Worms - Sacrifice

10. Infernal Death

[Hidden Track]

[Death cover]

Piling the bodies
Burn them in the night
Skin grows black and withered
Decayed smell will rise

Existence fading
Into ashes
Burn those bodies
To Infernal death

Human coals are burning
Repulsive yet so true
Open graves are scattered
When the work is through

Existence fading
Into ashes
Burn those bodies
To Infernal death

Mike Perun : Bass / Vocals
Scott Carroll : Guitars
Andy Kuizin : Drums

2005 Displeased Records

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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