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1. Rage War

With burning eyes we shall defy
Draining your fucking lives
Crush those who stand in our way
You're dead now, too late to pray

Time is now to rage war

You think you're deadly
You say you're true
We just shit all over you
Time is now your eyes to see
The face of death - reality

Time is now to rage war

Time is now - take your stand
To rage war - across this land

Maim to please, we shall destroy
Taste the Cianide and fucking die
Final straw you shall be dealt
Piss on you, watch you melt

Time is now to rage war

2. This World Will Burn

Human tears fall to hell like rain
Feel the power of everlasting pain
Scenes of death ache your weary mind
No escape, struggle to survive

Hell spitfire
This world will fucking burn
None shall remain
This world will fucking burn

Death has come from beyond the skies
Sun collapse, star demise
Disintegrate radiation mass
Collision course annihilation

Molten melted twisted mass
One thousand times the sun
Destination target: Earth
Nowhere you can run

3. Metal Never Bends

Years have past
Metal will last
Forever growing strong
As we crush the cowards

Destroying the trends
Killing the false ones dead
Headbanging 'til the end

Metal never bends

Hail to our friends
Drinking until the end
Playing Metal from our hearts
Hitting the stage in a

Death Metal rage

Metal and leather bound together
The war has begun
Axe swung low, fists held high
The battle has been won

4. Envy And Hatred

Succumb to me, surrender my woeful one
Whose cries of grief echo everlasting

Worship me and the ground that I walk
Bound and chained, tools of pain
Hate is my king, blood is my queen

Envy hatred I will gain

A kiss of death, a vision of life
Laid to waste your body
Blood and your soul

For lust and pain, innocence lost
All we are is hate
Burning insane, final embrace
Flower of flesh and blood

5. The Power To Destroy

I have been awaiting - Since the dawn of man
To regain dominion - To seek my revenge

From the day which I fell
Darkness has been my slave
In the name of Hell
I remain the betrayed

Fallen angel of light, condemned to rule
Grant me the power to destroy

I shall send forth my legions
To plague across the earth
Death Doom and Destruction
For all souls to burn

I care not for your feeble mortal lives
A divinity of soul destruction
All of my hatred and desires
Live within the hearts of man

I am the god destroyer
Damned to be eternally
I am the lord of chaos
Creator of sin, praise my name

6. Salvation

As I fall away, immortal visions reign
Gateway to the unknown successor
to former lives
Bring to me the stench
of burning hate
Slaves of revelation call
final warning, final fate

As I fall away
Rejects me

Blood stained salvation
handed down with faith
Eternal fear a just reward
something for revenge
I hear the voices cry
beckon to be told
An ancient truth unveiled
a fortress of deceit

Seasons of decay, harvest of souls
Faith condemned
Shamed once again
Emptiness fills my void

7. Deadly Spawn

Doomsday plague for a modern day Sodom
A deadly spawn of origin unknown
Like a flame burning deep inside
Infected blood of a dying world

All life dies
All life must bleed
Killer deadly spawn
World suffering

Doomsday plague for a modern day Sodom
A deadly spawn of origin unknown
Explosive strain spreads
through the population
Dawn of death, pain grips the world

Rotting contagious infection, no hope, no cure
Hunted by an unseen enemy
no chance to survive
Will this be the final judgment, the end, the last
Extinction for the human species
As foretold Armageddon

8. (We Are The) Doomed

I've seen the future, I've known the past
So come now and join us and death will last
March now my children, let's rule with pride
There is no future, nowhere to hide

We are the doomed
We are the doomed

Bound by your chains, you try to break free
Dreamworld deception - false liberty
Open your eyes, feed off the blind
Nothing remains but death inside

We are the doomed
We are the doomed

Hatred and fear, our lives are secondary
Rage and power, the roads to genocide
Deny, divide, sustain no life
Eat it, burn it, fuck it, you kill it all

We are the doomed
We are the doomed

9. The Truth

[Bonus Track]

[Master cover]

The Truth
Mannequin, Mannequin
They're all the same
Plastic faces
Plastic faces
Society's to blame

Open your eyes
Clear your fuckin' mind
Remove that disguise
Deep in your mind

Replicas of today's world
Commercially programmed
Plastic faces
Plastic faces
Society's to blame

Posing bodies
Unclear minds
Posing bodies
Society's crimes

10. The Dying Truth '96

[Bonus Track]

Truth in lying, dying in truth
Flesh for flesh, lying in death
Feel my pain, God's gift to you,
Words of the Savior, the bringer of pain

Thousands of souls, I have claimed,
Giving new life, to the ones I have saved
Gives you a hope, in which you will see
There is no life, only blasphemy

Gather my slaves,
worship the priest,
I preach the words,
words of this feast

Believe in the truth,
through people I claim,
prey on the weak
who need to be saved

Blood that is shed,
I give to the priest,
you are the people
who drink at this feast.

Jesus my Son, the Holy One,
Return to save the souls who gave
Mortals draw near, believing this lie,
time has come, fools must die

Church of God turns to blood,
raping the souls holy ones,
Gather my slaves, worship the priest,
I am the words beginning this east

Heaven is now your eternal hell,
Fooled by your god prophet of doom
Religion is lost by an ongoing lie
Truth is dying, Dying is truth

Mike Perun : Vocals / Bass
Scott Carroll : Guitars / Backing Vocals
Jim Bresnahan : Guitars / Backing Vocals
Andy Kuizin : Drums

Additional backing vocals on "Metal Never Bends" and "(We Are The) Doomed" by Nick Hernandez and Brice Dalzell.

All songs written by Cianide, except The Truth (Speckman, Middlebrun,Schmidt).

Produced and engineered by Mike Sheffield
Executive producers - Warren D. Slocum & Ken Escobedo
Recorded and mixed at Sheffield Studios, October/November 1996.

1997 Lost Horizon Records

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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