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1. Purgatory II.


2. Reborn

She gave me a new body and soul
Touched my shoulder with her soft wings
Stared into my eyes with her own two eyes
and through i saw a world no one comprehends

I see and hear
She's humming a lullaby
A teardrop's running down her cheek
She must be thinking of the war

On the day of my death when I look back
A deep doubt passes through my soul
And my quivering voice speaks with her words
Will there be someone to bury me whole

The wind it wirld the ashes of
The remains of a stake

It takes the blood of all young aznd old
Paints a prayer on the wall

I saw a mountain of skulls in her eyes
A bloody Gholgota in her mind
And I saw the temple of peace burning
Cheated among it's suffering

3. Silentium

May your body and soul be silent
Let God's hand slowly lift you out
His touch will be terribly painful
The secret of darkness will leave you in doubt

I'm the lovechild of dawn and its dew
And I proclaim silentium
Three hundred thousand gates of widom
Have opened themselves to me

The flesh of my body has become
Burning fire Metatron
When the keeper of the world of souls has spoken
No ash or bone is left unbroken

You hear the sound of unheard prayers
And sin starts to dominate your heart
You must burn up the earthly realm you have left
And open the gate to a new existence

You will forget how to laugh forever
And you will learn to hate your tears
You feel your unredeemed heart filling
With the ice-cold blood of all your fears

Everyone of you will undergo
The skinning of a human being
You'll chew your tongues through the unbearable pain
And drink one anothers saliva

They'll rip ypur peregnant mother's womb apart
With your broken bones and bloody heart
Then take the innocent body of your onlu child
And get every madmen and animal ready to fertilize

4. Again and again

I'm slowly being blinded
By the unfastened hand of this planet
The anger of God is the anger of man
And the well of suffering is also man

My dream keeps hounting again and again
I see my childs eyes are full of this pain

A freezing cold breath swirling around his head
Seduces him to follow the dead

Every time I open my eyes, they bury some other
Another child and another mother

So many people cry and run away
But I will not, because because the problem will still stay
Life cannot hurt me anymore
I've seen every dark shadow in this world

Choirs shall always praise the music of the past
Just as the ice-cold wind plays a frosty tune
The bed of our love is an empty grave now
I'm left with empty memories to wound

5. World Erased

Above everything, within my
knowledge but against my will
A new God controls me, he who
Sees my blood soul, cold and still

Above everything, an infallible,
True feeling awaits
A world full of hate, a world
That God has put to it's fate

Above everything, my tired
Soul's being picked at by birds
At least i won't have to hear the
Last true human being's lying words

I'm not driven by passion
Not even passion of life or of love
I'm not driven by my anger
With the purpose of my evil words

I see my pretty wife
In a broken mirror
She's washing her dress
From bloodstained to snow white

A naked child within the ruins
Standing here in the fresh, white snow
His tearful eyes just can't conceive
That they have left him all alone

His trembling lips speak unfamiliar words
Questions accuses no one hears his say
He sees no one's left to guide his way
I'm so ashamed my living body rots away

6. No Tomorrow

A transfigured congregration
That have come to name themselves after faith
But faith also means loyalty,
Which has always been very far from them

Force me to live in a depraved body
And confiscate every charm from this earth

Come and keep your soul with me
And I, like the mute willl stay silent
Don't let them show you what to see
Don't give them any more sacrifices

You're the one to speak there lies
And if you're weak you will beleive
Please hear my voice from the depths
Only the truth can bring you releif

This is modern barbarism
Where the sorce of fear is the way of future
Building a forgotten cathedral
With the hands of the others they can nurture

7. Consecration

I don't just see but
Understand this living earth
Not only people
Even the omnipotence

No body, no soul
No disrupted alliance
My body's just meat on bones
That fulfills my suicidal dreams

And when the moment has come, for my life to be
thrown away by my own to hands
My sin will spit in the eye of God
And my bitter heart wins eternal peace

I see the eyes of my executioner
I sanctify my sinful body
the filth of sins are a false reverence
Finds a new path and washes my hands

This posessed world makes an outcast of me
there is no hope without ethics
On an earth where the church protects its belief
From every throught with the blood of man

I put my hand upon my heart
As a memory overpowers me
How many vibrations of my life
Have stoped others in there stuggle to be

Awaiting the moment of peace
For I know I only can be happy
When the inhumanities of life
Are changed to the silence of cemetaries

8. Souls of the Dead

A crystal clear, cleansing single flame
Must come to burn our ball of shame
It brings us peace, so the souls of the dead
Can finally have their glory

The dead that have seen everything
Death on a cross an every war
Brothers and sisters that many have lost
And children left all alone

They've seen babies eyes excavated
the scar of death starving
Whirpools of a millions tears
Blood on the crosses of nameless graves

They now you well soaked through by blood
A killing soldier of Jesus
Holding a cross and murdering at will
Your soul is caressed by a crown of thorns

they see you falling upon your knees
They see you make the sibn of cross
They know you're ready to kill
Everyone falls into disgrace

9. The Prophet

Our temple made of course,
In the forests of pentagramms
Hell awaits, we'll sit on
Baphomets right
We don't need a hypocrite God lying goodness
Angels will serve,
Stars will protect
We have the feast, drinking
Jesus blood

In the eye is the mirror of the soul,
In your I don't see anything else
Than christian epidemic

The answer insides every question
And when the fire embraces my body
The purgatory's sweet touch
Gives the final answer
I don't care for Jesus wrathful fist,
I don't pay for excuse
If everyone fears the power of God,
I don't

Let's step through every frontier,
The devil's charm is mesmerized.
I feel the pain and torment
Every day promises new pleasures

I slept in the dust with the devil's daughter,
I saw my face's mirror in the eyes
For me she is the idol,
In the place of my heart the ice is burning
I rather be the first, in hell than
The last in heaven
Twin monn is raising,
And black stars are shining above me

I shout Judes's innocence, and
Deny Jesus's Kingdom
That word is a lay which says
The blessing on the last supper
Die on the cross who love with it,
An believe blindly in Jesus's promise

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