Dark Lyrics


1. The Spear and the Crocodile

This is where the light left you
Naked, raped and devoid
Of the symptoms indicating
A soulful life

Receive the blessings you did
Of the one who rode at dawn
Yet stained mercury with sulphur
And turned upside-down the law

Through the blackest will
A son of Lilith you have become
Put on a robe of matching colour
And hung the world around your neck

Crowned you were with the
serpent of sunrise
Having caught its head in your spear
Little we knew that it was you as wise
The abyss-beast of wisdom and fear

With the shape of a crocodile
As a mystic creature of the sea
Marking melancholy's reside
It binds us and sets us free

To take up a path of a magician
Is to see possibilities beyond god
To expand and overwhelm like Pleiades
Injected to the tissue of aditi

2. Das Leiden

The bodies smeared with ashes to
Come before Teitan
And manifest the working laid
Out in the very blood of ours
Carriers of seed, dogs of typhôn,
So saturnine and bleak

A thousand curses were sent forth
To violently dissolve
All stagnant forms
Devoid of meaning

For is
A most
In the knowledge of dissolution?

Like some imperial birds of prey
We circle towards the vast
Infinity of space
Upon us a wound heavier
Than all those
Of their ragged Christ
As it is self-inflected

3. Chained Kûmara

What was the feeling so intense
I couldn't see, I couldn't hear
It revealed a secret to my sense:
Everything's already here

Like the chants of the dead
Or the boom of the winds
Thus produces gold from lead
Lifts the world from it's sins

It flows in through your ears
Let it shine, let it rend
Mortal weaknesses it sears
Or brings to the bitter end

Who is the akasic king
His palace under desert's dome
With constant state of solitude
Guards the passage to plerome

Nothing on this earth transcends
The working of his brotherhood
For he is the light of sense
Master Satan understood

4. Assembly

O, the flame-tongue, kumara
Gathered are we, the brethren
In the light of the early star
On our long journey sent

To the sacrificial pit of the old
Under all-seeing, fiery eye
As your mysteries do unfold
We shear the blood of lie

For our master appeared to me
As a sinister viceroy sent to rule
Instead of an incapable king
Now: who's the king, who's the fool?

Give the king what's justly his to claim
Tomb of thought, so frail and low
And a sword directed to the skies in blame
In exchange for his dominions woe

Would you shine, O' Azazel
With all the truth there ever may be
When you from heights thus fell
You armed us with the eyes to see

The traces of the lie
Fed to us in the dawn of world
Indeed you are, in your defy
The loftiest kumara of those of the old

5. Shadow

The impotent beast drowns
In the vomit of it's dying creation
The realm beyond gave meaning to agony
Beyond torment. Beyond everything and all.
Over blackened landscapes to bring ruin and bring death
The gestalt moves with the night wind

The endless funeral night
Ignorant creatures welter
In the blood of their own kin

Destruction from the stars that shifted in aeons
Primeval darkness. The first and only salvation!

No dawn!
The sun of hope forever eclipsed
Eternal worship. The funeral rite.

And the gestalt moves
With the night wind

6. Purification of the Sacred Black Heart

Thou violator of perfection!
Verily, your creation was in vain!
Enjoy the melancholy and the pain

Behind the masks of agony
Behind all that is good or foul
Over blackened landscapes
In the dark night of soul
The shadow rides the night wind

For the sake of this
Disgust of conscious
The ultimate wound I grant to myself
And thus, to the others' selves
Those ignorant of their heavenly race
Clinging to the flesh not of their own
Waste of seeds by seven sown
The dying sun they face

Towards primeval darkness
We ride the beast of depths
Master sign mark your chests
And sacred asps our feet

No dawn but its star so bright!
In the bosom of ....
Through sacred vows of the funeral rite
In masters truth - our truth - we burn

7. Die Extase

I lie wounded stain with ash and blood
Crossing my pale furrowed hands
As I hurl down into the caves of my black heart

Mournful creatures of the moist earth
I witness their circling descend
Into the streams that separate gods from men

I've set to seek and destroy
Mirages, hungry apparitions

Thirsty shades, fetters of the self
That hold my fiery essence in these rusty chains

They must return, they must drown
They must be thrown into the (dark) waters below

As I descend deeper into hell
And cross the gnawing, gaping abyss
Many vain things leave my being

I behold at the dreadful Kali spreads her arms
The starry gates open wide as the
Ascent though the spheres beings
The wheel turns again as the
Lord of the mountain starts to cross
The thresholds of the daylight darkness once again
With rectifying virtue I stand again
And take my place amongst the beings of pure fire

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