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1. Birth Of A Vampire - Lullaby

And the huntress embraced the night
The fever, the heat, the lifeflow
All around the starlight sky
A creature born of nightmares

2. The Scarlet Queen

Buried under the sand she was
Bounden by the seal of Ra
Curse the deserted of the gods
Mistress of the great serpent

For aeons and centuries
Stealing the dreams of mortals
Fueling her astral inmost self
Unlocking the grand secret

She broke the binding spells
Set free her luscious body
The earth became her hunting plain
and blood became her nectar

She ruled the lands with cruelty
An endless blood red orgy
Feeding on lovers, women, slaves
She made the world her playground

Offspring of sin and deviance
Spawned in her immortal womb
She gave birth to a new breed
The breed of the vampire

3. Crimson Order

A quest for the supreme grace
The highest and most refined
Form of precious lifeforce
The blood of Jeshua the vampire

The holy grale of immortallity
Unholy relic of our race
Filled with the occult elixir
From the veins of the renegade

The glorious templar knights
The mighty sons of Baphomet
Into their vaults the guarded it well
Keeping it safe from the profane

And finnaly now I posses
The grail of grails
Bought from an arabian merchant
The blood of the kings

I shall reign the undead race
Invicible and mighty
They 'll bow their heads before me
and they will serve my will as dogs

Law and order under my fangs
I will establish here on earth
By the power of the dragon rouge
My vast crimson empire

4. Embrace

Do you feel my sin
My warm breath upon your skin
Your world is pain
But I am the life
I will seal your fate
(with) Neverending joy

I can wipe away your tears
With one fatal lethal kiss

No words escape my blood red lips
And yet I call to you
I will out your last breath
For you belong to me
Slowly I will drink your soul
The dark engulfs you into my world

My movements make no sound
My touch is swift and soft
On blood is what I thrive

Your skin is white and smooth
Like a snowy desert
With rivers of red
You'll be transformed
And you will rise

You'll roam eternally the night
Under the wings of darkness
You are absolutely mine

5. I Am... The Assassin Of God

They created me as their sword
And clothed me in chaos
So my form may be ever hidden
In the shadows

I am the mask, the will,
The punishment
Of those that were
When time was not
Of those who breath beyond time

I am the priest of the ether
The knight of the astral
The assassin of dimensions
Punisher of the renegades
I am the dweller in the air
I have many faces that non shall

The waves breeze before me
Even my creators dread my call
In men's dream I whisper
On the souls of the rebels I feast
No one knows my form
I am the assassin of gods

6. The Soul Of The Dephts

Connected by ancient bonds
In the deepest howling night
I have lived a thousand years
And crossed thousand years

(the) Lust for power
Is a deep desire
So deep as the darkest sin
Which fuels my veins with life

Time and space are all one
Dimensions melt into my blood
Transgression through the gates
Of the sacred Sigurat

Part of a draconian mind
I watch the world
Through infinity
Civilisations come and go
As the scars on my eternal soul

7. Vampire Renegades

The pst was done long time ago
Signed in blood by the nine tribes
The lords of everlasting life
Would live in peace with mortals

But now three of the beastly tribe
Have broken the oath of violence
They fed on living mortals
And damned their souls forever

The punishment must be severe
By the claws of Leviathan
Granted to us aeons ago
Through the oracles
of the Snake-god

The astral death the final step
No second chance to godhead
So the moon tribes of the undead achieve the final harvest

So it is done
And shall be the whole of the law

8. The Pleasure Dome

Restless bodys clad in black
Allien faces dressed in shadows
Their eyes fixate upon her skin
Her skin, her neck, her figure
The smell of womanhood

(the) Hunger unites with lust
Her heart beats on demon-speed
Exitment flows like a wild stream
Her nipples hard, her loins a flame
The tie her softly onto the bed
Naked in heat, she lies in wait
Their kiss, their touch, their entry

Suddenly fangs enter her flesh
Pain and pleasure becomes one
As life deserts this mortal shell
She explodes in countless orgasms

9. The Arab Merchant


10. Rex Mundi

O thou that Lieth
Dead but ever dreamth
Hear me o Mighty Dragon
Hear me Lord of Dreams
For the dream life is the only life
In the depths of the mind they have sealed ye

But those who have risen
Shall break the accursed Bonds
And thy Kingdom shall rise once more

The Risen ones knoweth the Secret Name
The Hydra knoweth the Lair
In the depths of the Primal Self

11. Vampire's Illusions


12. When Death Dies

When death dies, thy time shall be
And thou shalt sleep no more
The darkness shall be eternal
And all shall bow before
The scarlet throne

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